Charlie the Cat


1st Day in this new Home
NOV 19, 2012
Charlie goes into the house with the carrier placed on the prepared bedroom floor. Roy runs out to get some more supplies for Charlie to get by for a couple days. Harriet gave a bag of his favorite dry food. Overshooting PetSmart, Roy picks up a huge litter box, shovel, catnip ball at Walmart, while Charlie resides in the carrier about 20 mins getting used to surroundings and staying out of trouble.

Roy lets out Charlie to sniff out very corner and investigate very cautiously. There are no other pets here, and it is fairly quiet most times.

First he has to check out the corner

Checking out under the bed.

Roy gets dozens of rubs against him from Charlie. Here he actually tucks in his paws.

Ahhhhh Nirvana!

Charlie starts to enjoy his cardboard scratcher. He takes a swipe at Roy at one point just to keep distance. Never has his claws been out. So Roy gives him his space.

Then up onto that dresser to test Roy's limits on places to go. Charlie stands up to go straight up the dresser mirror.
A firm NO and has not atempted the climb.

Then Charlie tries to move the curtain and Roy pins it all back for him.
Now the dresser leads to a High Boy and naturally he jumps onto it.
Then explore the ground area.

Charlie is adjusting fine. He has his moments when he just wants no petting.

My First King Size Bed
Tuesday, November 20, 2012