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Fantastic news! I decided before I continue research on my dads side, I would again try to find the parents of Ernest (Emily's Mother, Mary Jacobina Sigvaldson's father. As you might remember, I found Ernest's homestead (160 acres),
Where I suspect the farm was
Original map
Map 1 with SAT overlay and land in Red

deed, historical town info, cemetary based off what Em gave me. For the lineage, I kept hitting dead ends. I may have found another Sigvaldson family in Colorado (still researching). I spent the whole morning and got deep into this website and found these few pages of GREAT detailed info on Rootsweb on the son, father and great grandfather. Then after scouring the internet found nothing until I came across Frank Sigvaldson's wife. Not positive, however feel confident Frank and John went to Colorado and his wife died of TB there. If the same, they opened a Garage.

Franks wife, her parents (Greggar & Alice Marie Amundson), 12 Siblings and Grandfather are all listed with great detail. The census even covers Greggar from 1880 to 1930 whereby he died on the same farm in Lyon, MN. Detailed info on Frank was not on Alice's info page so still verifying relationship

Found the youngest Sigvaldson, Vigfus and 3 brothers of Arni's.

Suspect Arni’s two children Frank and Paul left for Colorado. Found this
811 5th Avenue, County: Boulder, City: Longmont
Historic Building Name: Heinz House; Basey House; Sigvaldson House
The property's next owners and residents were John and Emily Sigvaldson. Members of the Sigvaldson family
lived here from the early 1940s until sometime in the 1970s. John Sigvaldson had been born at Ivanhoe,
Minnesota on May 16, 1869. He and Emily were married at Cyprus River, Manitoba, Canada on June 15, 1920
where they made their home until coming to Longmont in 1934. John, and his brother Frank, established a
successful service station and wholesale oil company at the corner of 5th and Main, which they operated for
many years under the name "Sig's Service Station." John later became president of Western American
Enterprises, and was a member of the Board of Directors of Rockmont College. He died suddenly, of a heart
attack, in August 1959 at the age of 69. Emily continued to live in this house for several more years, until
sometime in the 1970s. The Sigvaldsons had at least one child - a son, named Arnie, who was attending
Colorado University in the mid-1950s.
Longmont city directories indicate that this house sat vacant during much of the 1980s and 1990s. It is presently
(in 2005) owned and occupied by Scott A. and Diane Thorne. They have held the property for at least five years.
36. Sources of information:
"John Sigvaldson Dies Suddenly of Heart Attack." Longmont Times-Call, August 13, 1959, p. 1.

Em, I would be curious if this was relating to them. They mention a university student in the 50’s, wonder iff that is Arni in Walnut Creek, CA? Franks Birthdate is 20 years too early, unless a typo.

Frank’s wife, Alice Gustina Amundson

her Norwegian father, Greggar Amundson from Notoden, Telemarken, NORWAY
Alice’s mother: Anna Marie Furgeson, borrn in MN

Suspect Paul’s wife was Emily, whom lived at Historic Building Name: Heinz House; Basey House; Sigvaldson House, now Thorne House.

(Em and Pauline's Grandfather)
Ernst SIGVALDSON . A.K.A. Arni,
b. 12 JUN (?) 1847 in Vopnafjord, Iceland.
d. 10 JAN 1901 in Lake Benton, Lincoln County, Minnesota of cancer of lower lip
see above website for more details.

(Em ad Pauline's Great Grandfather)
Sigvaldi JOHNSON, 28 NOV 1820 in Iceland, 20 DEC 1903 in Limestone Township, Lincoln County, Minnesota of old age
Sigvaldi Jónsson from Fremri-Hlíd in Vopnafirdi moved to Minnesota in 1880.
from the Minneota Mascot (Local newspaper?), December 25, 1903:
Sigvaldi Jonsson died at the home of Mrs Gudrun Sigvaldson, Limestone township , Lincoln county, last Monday. The deceased was 83 years of age, and for the last year or more had been bedridden. He was a native of Iceland but for many years a resident of Lincoln county. Three sons survive him; all are well known in this community: they are: Prof Sigurdur Sigvaldson, of Buffalo Lake, John Sigvaldson, of Marshall, and Paul Sigvaldson, who a part of the time makes his home here. The late Arne Sigvaldson, who at his death held the office of Clerk of Court of Lincoln county, was also a son of the deceased. The funeral took place from the Icelandic church in Lincoln county last Wednesday, Rev B B Jonsson officiating.
His parents were Jón Jónsson and Sigurbjörg Árnadóttir. Sigvaldi lived in Lincoln County, and moved to Minneota in 1902.

(Em and Pauline's Great Great Grandfather)
Jón Jónsson and Sigurbjörg Árnadóttir
Might have found all their relatives going back at Halfdan Helgasons WebGen tree ... pending

Surpassed 2500 direct relatives in the Family tree. I would guess 40% were lower or high Nobilty familes and going far enough back, most Icelanders are related to ones like Ingolfur. I was surprised to find out going up from my dad to Ingolfur Arnason (1st settler in Iceland), I am a direct male descendant. His son married Rollo of Normandy's daughter (pending research) and they are related to Kings and Queens of England. Still very sketchy. Confirmed we are related to just about evry well known Icelander, except the Witches. Ingolfur, Snorri, Jon the Bishop, Egil, Grimur, Pora Magnusdottir (Christophersons), she owned largest Icelandic farm. Have hundreds of children (cousins) to enter and many wives which mean more of our great grandparents.

Someday I'll have all of the family tree, maps, hundreds of pages of text compiled into elecronic book for everyone. Maybe I'll learn how to make Bronze statues.

As always you could go to www.christopherson.com/genealogy for latest updates.
And still need Flo's youngests info, B-date, etc...
Just emailed Longmont, CO Historical Society.
Em, if you have Arni's email, please fwd link.

Big hug from your American cousin