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Revided: July 26, 2012

Meet our Relatives - Oddstad Branch

Gudjon 'Guy' Sveinbjörnson

Gudjon 'Guy' Sveinbjörnson , b.30 Jun 1882 in á Oddsstöðum í Lundarreykjadal, Iceland . Died 20 Oct 1967 at í Vancouver,B.C. Kanada [8]
Jon married in
Death of one spouse Bet. 1910–1980
Guðjón is one of Andy Oddstad's 1st cousins. Jon Sveinbjornsson Oddstad is the father of Martin's grandfather, Gudjon (Guy) Jonnsson Sveinbjornson, who was born in Iceland and settled in Kandahar, Sask along with two of his brothers (Jon and Svenii). These were the three sons of Jon Oddstad who used the Sveinbjornson last name. Martin's, Sigridur V. Sveinbjornson was Gudjon's daughter. Born May 24,1918 in Kandahar. Martin's grandfather was born on June 30, 1882 in Iceland and died in Vancouver in 1967.

Gudjon 'Guy' Sveinbjörnson Link to Surname pages
Son of Jon Sveinbjornson and Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted

Married Guðrún Katrín Jónsdóttir

Gudjon Jonnson Sveinbjornson

Courtesy of the
John 'Martin' Johnson Collection
Gudjon Jonnson Sveinbjornson one of Jon Oddstads son's.
John 'Martin' Johnson's grandfather.
Father of Thorbjorg (Tobba), John, Thor, and Sigridur.  Martin only knows Sigridurs birthday which is 24 May 1918.  She is the only one living. Thor died in Vancouver in the 1980's. John in Sacramento in the late 1980's, and Tobba in Oregon in the 1980's.

Martin's mother, Sigga (Sveinbjornson) is "very" sure that both of her grandparents (Jon and Gudny) lived on a small house located on her uncle Sveni's farm in Saskatchewan and her grandmother didn't die in the Blaine, Wa. area but instead in Elfros Sask. Roy needs to recheck this same information - TO DO. Sigga is pretty sure that they were "both" on the farm.

Sigga is still pretty sharp. She said they both moved back to Sask when her grandfather was going blind and that Uncle Sveni build a small shed next to his house and one of the reasons they didn't live in Kandahar with her father is because her (Sigga) mothers parents were living with them. All hree of the sons (Gudjon (Guy), Jon, and Sveni) pitched in to help the "old folks"

1. Þorkell Charlie Oddstad, b. 01 May 1877
2. Jón Jónsson Sveinbjörnsson, b. 21 Jun 1878
3. Guðjón Jónsson, b. 30 Jun 1882, Iceland
4. Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson, b. 17 Aug 1886
5. Jonina Oddstad, b. Abt. 1890
6. Sveinbjörn Swaini Sveinbjörnson, b. 1882

1. Thorburg 'Tobba' Sveinbjörnson, b. 22 Oct 1910
2. John Sveinbjörnson, b. 11 Feb 1912
3. Thor Sveinbjörnson, b. Sep 1914
4. Sigridur 'Sigga' Sveinbjörnson, b. 24 May 1918

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The following Family Tree Chart was created
to give a visual inter-connection between the families.


Family Tree showing Stoneson to Oddstad connections Click to Enlarge

On 7/15/2012
Martin's mother says there were 5 boys and she believes on daughter. Doesn't remember much about the daughter other than ...redacted

All the children were born in Iceland and three of them settled in Saskatchwan. Gudjon Jonsson Sveinbjornson known as "Guy" had four children. Thorburg (Tobba) born: 10/22/1910 died in Oregon on 5/12/1993. John: 2/11/1912-died Sacramento 3/1994. Thor: 9/1914-died Vancouver, BC in the 1990's. and finally Sigridur (Sigga) born 5/24/1918. Tobba had one son: Douglas Burns 1947-died in Hawaii in the '90s, John had no children. Thor had 4 Girls, ...redacted....

Two stayed in the Blaine/Cresent/White Rock area. Andres (Andy) and Charlie.

My mother also has a copy of a "Family Tree" made for Leona Henrietta Oddstad for her birthday. Redacted...

This "family tree" shows her father Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad as being born on 8/17/1887 in Kalastadarkoti, Iceland and her mother Stephanie Ingebjorg Maria (Stoneson) Oddstad as being born
in Winnipeg on 8/23/1889. Hope this helps. This tree takes the Oddstad side back to mid 1700's and the Stoneson side back to 1832

Posted By: John Johnson at GenForum
Email: Subject: Gudjon Jonnsson Sveinbjornson
Post Date: December 11, 2002 at 21:07:52 Message
I am trying to trace my grandfather's family back as far as possible. He is Gudjon J. Sveinbjornson, born: 30 June 1882, in Kalastadarkoti Borgakjord, his parants were Jon Sveinbjornson born 9 Nov.1852, died in Canada. Mother was Gudny Fjeldsted born 12 July 1839 in Hvitarwollum, Borgaffirdi. Jon's father was Sveinbjorn Arnason born 7 July 1820 in Oddstodum, Lundarreykjadal.