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Meet our Relatives - Arason Branch

Guðný Aradóttir Johannsson

Guðný Aradóttir, b. 11 May 1840. Died Oct 1901. Gudny married Sigurbjorn Johannsson.

Father: Vigfússon, Ari
Mother: Ásmundsdóttir, Guðrún

Guðný Aradóttir Story
Gudny Aradottir b. 11 May 1840. She "came to Canada from Thingeyarsyslu, Iceland with her husband Sigurbjorn Johannsson and their three little daughters. They lived in Winnipeg for only a short time, when her husband died. She was faced with life in a new land and the upbringing of her little girls on her own. She moved to Argyle and settled on property close to that of her brother, Skafti Arason.

She suffered much tragedy in her life, but she was a brave and courageous woman. Skafti was most helpful and kind to her. Gudny’s daughters, Herborg, Kristbjorg and Sigrun, all died of tuberculosis; Herborg in October of 1893, Kristbjorg in December of 1895. The year of Sigrun’s death is uncertain.

Gudny spent the last years of her life in the home of Skafti Arason and his family. She died there in October, 1901 and was buried beside her daughters in Grund Cemetery. The beautiful light fixtures in Grund Church were donated by her. The original kerosene lamps were later converted to electric lights." [1]

IMG_SCAN_3397 Inside Grund Church - Light Fixture Circled in Red

[1] "Come into our Heritage" book, 1882, Page 281 12.
Proof-read OCR against original

Gudny Aradottir Postcard
Gudny Aradottir Back of card
Possibly Gudny Aradottir,
sister of Gudrun, circa 1885
MG_SCAN_1730 - Back of Postcard
Back of photo, written after 1945, found in Pauline's cupboard made for her by her son in 1976.
"It could have been Aunt Pauline Sigvaldson who gave that picture to Pauline." E. Enns
Gudny Arradottir
daughter of Ari Vigfusson, b. 28 May 1803 at á Þverá í Reykjahverfi and Guðrún Ásmundsdóttir, b. Abt. 1772 at á Skútustöðum [Iceland]

Married Sigurbjorn Johannsson

Gudny Aradottir Postcard
Gudny Arradottir
Courtesy of the Pauline Christopherson Collection

Ásmundur Arason, b. 10 Nov 1836
Benedikt Arason, b. 13 Oct 1837
Vigfús Arason "elsti", b. 18 May 1839
Guðný Aradóttir, b. 11 May 1840
Vigfús Arason "yngri", b. 03 Sep 1842
Vigfús Arason "yngsti", b. 19 Dec 1844
Ari Arason, b. 25 Sep 1846
Gudrun Sigvaldson, b. 04 May 1848, Near Thingeyjarsysla, Iceland
Guðfinna Aradóttir, b. 27 May 1849
Skafti Arason, b. 10 Sep 1850, Pioneer
Sigfús Arason, b. 24 Jul 1852
Kristjana Aradóttir, b. 29 May 1857

1. Herborg, d. Oct 1893
2. Kristbjorg, d. Dec 1895
3. Sigrun

Sister of Gudrun ARRADOTTIR Sigvaldason
Roy's GGM

Lilja Kernested Collection- See Photo Main Page

Posted: FEB 2013
RE: Question about Gudny Arradottir image
Sorry Roy, I just managed to get at the right side of the page and so saw the note you were looking at.
Someone must have given the picture to Pauline at some time after she was married and wrote the note
so she would know who the lady is. Unfortunately the older Arasons are no longer with us ...[redacted]
It could have been Aunt Pauline who gave that picture to Sis.
Bless, Em

Referencing Palina 'Pauline' Sigurbjorg SIGVALDSON Armstrong. I would believe she would know her aunt, if what Em says is accurate.
If I come across same person, will let you know. Roy

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