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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Halldór Eggertsson Briem
Halldór Eggertsson Briem was born September 5 1852, and immigrated to Canada in 1876. He graduated from the Priest School in Reykjavík in 1875 and had also learned English. His decision to leave Iceland was sudden. His father Eggert was sheriff and needed do some administrative work on a ship sailing from Stykkishólmur to North America. He rode with his son Halldór to the ship, they realized that none of the emigrants spoke English and would need a translator once they reached their destination. Halldór spoke with his father and decided to go on board and was hired to lead the group.

Once he came to Canada he met John Taylor right away. Halldór liked the work he was doing with the immigrants and staid until the following summer. He told people that he wanted to go briefly back to Iceland to properly say good bye to his family and then return to Canada. He kept his promise and returned right away to Canada. He was editor of Framfari from 1877-1880, the first Icelandic newspaper in Canada and an indespensiple source of information about immigrant live in New Iceland. He stopped editiong the paper in early 1880 to take part in an unusually bitter religeous argument among the immigrants, and was ordained as a priest in 1880 in New Iceland.

Halldór later served as a priest in Minnesota and in Winnnipeg. John Taylor had raised and adopted his brother William´s daughter Susie Taylor and she married Halldór in September 1880. He was offered a teaching post at the new school at Möðruvellir in Iceland and accepted the offer. Susie and Halldór left Canada on August 21, 1882 and arrived in Iceland on September 17.

The couple had two sons, Haraldur who died in early August 1883 and Sigurður H. born May 16, 1895 in Reykjavík. In 1920 at the age of 25 Sigurður moved to Copenhagen and to study the violin, guitar, Mandolin and Cello. Sigurður returned to Iceland in 1929 and began teaching student´s on those instruments. Sigurður died January 19, 1968. Because of Susie´s poor health they moved to Reykjavík in 1887 where it was easier for her to receive medical attention. Halldór worked as a teacher until 1908 and published three books on How to learn English, wrote books on Geometry, Nordic Mythology and History of Iceland. His most popular book, on the Icelandic Language was reissued in five editions. He became assistant librarian at the National Library, when the University of Iceland was founded he became the first librarian at the University Library a position he held until 1925 when he retired in poor health and with poor eyesight. Halldór died on [the morning of] June 29, 1929.
From Susie Briem Obituary

1 Source: Morgunblaðið January 7, 1938 Obituary for Susie Briem nee Taylor
2 Source: Morgunblaðið January 7, 1938 Obituary for Susie Briem nee Taylor
3 Source: Þjóðviljinn may 16, 1945 Fiftieth birthday celebration for Sigurður H. Briem
4 Source for the biographical information about Halldór Briem: Lögrétta July 3, 1929 Obituary for Halldór Briem
5. Learned from Roy's trip to British Columbia. Add exact source
Halldór Eggertsson Briem
Son of Eggert sheriff Briems (1811-1894) at Reynistaður Skagafjörður,
and Ingibjörg Sverrisdóttir

Halldór married Susie Taylor

1. Eirikur Briem 1846—1929
2. Gunnlaugur Briem 1847—1897
3. Valgerður Briem 1848—1884
4. Kristin Briem 1849—1881
5. Halldór Briem 1852—1929
6. Páll Briem 1956—1904
7. Elin Briem 1856—1904
8. Sigurður Briem 1860—1952
9. Eggert Briem 1868—1936
10. Vilhjálmur Briem 1869—1959
11. Jóhanna Briem 1872—1962

1. Haraldur Eggert Halldórsson Briem,
b. August 1893, Age at death: 4 months old

2. Sigurður Halldórsson Briem,
b. 16 May 1895
Halldor Briem
The picture above is from the web link below [Note: click link to view Halldór Briem].
Child 1. Haraldur Eggert Halldórsson Briem
, August 1893, Age at death: 4 months old
According to Kormakur, Susie and Halldór published a notice in a paper in August 1883 thanking people for the expression of condolences on the occasion of their infant son´s death. He emailed additional corrections of dates Roy had, which have been fixed. [added by Roy]
Citation by Ryan Eyford:
"115 Susie's infant son Haraldur died on 4 August 1893 at just less than five months of age." Caroline Christopherson’s letters to her sister in Iceland Susanna Taylor Briem, 1880-1921, [33]

Child 2. Sigurður Halldórsson Briem,
b. 16 May 1895, musician, married and was living in Reyjavik, Iceland [5]
[added by Roy]

Research Jón Sveinsson
Susie and child
Susie with one of her sons
Various findings on Halldor
Halldor wrote books mentioned here Plus
"Briem’s textbook was indeed an ambitious textbook for its time; and no comparable textbook intended for the non - college - bound general public, and reaching that level of complexity, has be en published since in Iceland. " pp 9 of 10 Source

Susie Briem mentions in a letter Johann Briem, a brother of Halldor's
"GEOMETRY BY HALLDÓR BRIEM The Reverend Halldór Briem (1852 - 1919) published his Flatamálsfræð i / Plane Geometry in 1889. Briem studied 1865- 71 at Reykjavík School, where he benefited from the controversial mathematics teaching described above by Jónsson. Briem stayed during 1876 - 81 in the Icelandic communities in Manitoba and Winnipeg in Canada, where he was editor of an Icelandic journal and was ordained as pastor to the immigrants. He may have become acquainted with school mathematics there, but there is no record of this. H. Briem wrote textbooks on geometry, English, Nordic mythology, Icelandic grammar and Icelandic history, in addition to plays, and made various translations into Icelandic, e.g. of the story of Robin Hood. "pp 5 of 10 Source

"...the Reverend E. Briem, was also a textbook writer. His Reikningsbók / Arithmetic (1869) was a dominant textbook for adolescents, also at the Latin School, from 1869 to the 1910s." pp 6 of 10 Source

Johann Briem
"...the New Iceland Printing Company was established. The three individuals mostly responsible for the project were Sigtryggur Jonasson and Johann Briem at Icelandic River, and Fridjon Fredericksson at Gimli."
'Icelanders in North America: The First Settlers' edited by Jonas Thor pp 111. , [60]

He is also mentioned here in a book on Riverton. pp4 "The lutheran church is located on the south- east corner of "Modruvollum"t the quarter- section taken by Sigtryggur Jonasson on November 1 st, 1876. To the south is Grund, the home of Johann Briem, the first reeve of this district, when regular municipal government was established in 1887. " , [61]

A photo of a Johann and Gudrun Briem is on page 50 in this PDF, titled '
It states his father was Olafur Briem.
Oddly, Margret Gudrun Briem is not on the Riverton Cemetery list here, "she is buried in the family plot in the Lutheran Cemetery" near their home.

Books by Halldor

Laufásvegur 6 Reykjavík
Kormakur Högnason just sent another PDF in Icelandic

Laufásvegur 6 Reykjavík, Halldor & Susie Briem's home, and Sigurdur's until 1968
Courtesy of Google Maps

Home of Susie Briem (nee Taylor) and Halldór Briem from 1887 until her death in 1937. Their son Sigurður Briem (1895-1968) lived there his entire life
Unfortunately a loose translation by Google shows the house was completly renovated and not original. Cool that we have the address in Iceland.
Family Tree
Going back further, both of our 29th great grandfather would be Grímur Kamban (Settler - Related to all Icelanders)
Malmfríður Jónsdóttir, b. Abt 1535, of, , Laufás, Suður-Þingeyjar, Iceland. Father unknown, Mother of Illugi Guðmundsson
Illugi Guðmundsson, Prestur, b. Abt 1530, of, Hólastaðir, Múli í Aðaldal, Suður-Þingeyjar, Iceland, d. Abt 1590, Father of Jón
Jón Illugason, b. Abt 1566, of, Hólastaðir, Múli í Aðaldal, Suður-Þingeyjar, Iceland, Father of Guðmundur Jónsson. [Roy's 10th GGF from GGM Gudrun ARRADOTTIR Sigvaldason through 3 maternal GGMs]
Guðmundur Jónsson, b. Abt 1592, Father of Jón Guðmundsson
Jón Guðmundsson, Eldri, Male b. Abt 1620, d. date unknown, Father of Þórður Jónsson
Þórður Jónsson, Male b. Abt 1642 - 1703, father of Sigurður Þórðarson
Sigurður Þórðarson, Prestur, Male b. Cal 1689 - 1767, Father of Guðbrandur Sigurðsson [Date not verified]

Guðbrandur Sigurðsson, Prestur, b. 1735, of, Brjánslækur, Vestur-Barðastrandar, Iceland , d. 4 Mar 1779,
married Rannveig Halldórsdóttir, b. Abt 1737, Staður í Steingrímsfirði, Stranda, Iceland, d. 1768

1. Gunnlaugur Guðbrandsson Briem, b. 13 Jan 1773, Brjánslækur, Vestur-Barðastrandar, Iceland, d. 17 Feb 1834, Grund, Grundarþing, Eyjafjarðar, Iceland.
Married Valgerður Árnadóttir, b. Cal 1779, , Breiðabólsstaður á Skógarströnd, Snæfellsnes, Iceland, d. 15 Jul 1872

2. Sigríður Guðbrandsdóttir, b. Cal 1774, Brjánslækur, Vestur-Barðastrandar, Iceland , d. 8 Jul 1842, Kálfanes, Staður í Steingrímsfirði, Stranda, Iceland

3. Einar Guðbrandsson, Prestur, b. 28 Mar 1775, Brjánslækur, Vestur-Barðastrandar, Iceland , d. 21 Nov 1842, Auðkúla, Austur-Húnavatns, Iceland

Gunnlauger Gudbrandson Briem and Valgerdur Arnadottir
  • Kristjan Briem
  • Johann Briem1845-1938
  • Bishop Valdimar Briem1848-1930
    The author was a prolific and well known writer of hymns in Iceland.
    Born: FEB 1, 1848, Grund, Iceland. Died: May 3, 1930, StóriNúpur, Iceland.
    Briem attended the Theological Seminary in Reykjavik, was ordained in 1873, and in 1880 became pastor of the StóriNúpur parish, where he served for three decades. In 1909, he became vice-bishop of Skálholt. The 1886 Icelandic hymnal has 102 original hymns by Briem, and 39 of his translations.
    Not sure if this is the one listed under C? Source
    YOUNG Iceland.

    Valdimar Briem
    4 amenities . month 's poet sjera Valdemar Briem sixty years old , and express Our . I. Now picture him on the occasion of it. He was born in the Grund
    Eyjafjörður son Olaf carpenter Briem . Misti his father when he was Ten-year-old went into foster care with sjera his uncle John Briem prófasti crashing into Árnessýsla . learned him under the school and joined the skilled school , graduating in 1869 but from clerical school in 1872 , and took Shortly after the dedication . In 1883 moved he Big Nupur in Árnessýsla and has been there ever since , but the last 11 years he has been dean of ar- nesprófastsdæmi . He is exceptional poet and understood all of the populace their literary works and Parliament awarded him honorary salary. he is ljúfmenni and chief loved and respected by those who know him .

    Ú . Isl. now provides skilvísum bid providers an opportunity to get two publications His low prices. ( See first this happens . 1908 ) .
    Young 0G old. PU young friend , with the alt your animation, œ in moderation you should be glad , it soon feels your micro œskan and become once you're an old man .
    Pu -old friend, who 's lost power , you may be glad fgrir it. Pu know you have gngjast back and get your œskublóma ng .

    Valdimar Briem . the ^ parties .
    ii .

    Unga Ísland (Young Island)-Poem

    '| BMM Valdimar Briem . 1848-1873-1808 . Yfii'standandi years will merkisár i liii poet - priest of Stóratlúpi . At that fills Hanu 50 age in , 25 the priesthood, in , 25 hjúskaparáriðj and 4 it will be completed with the publication of poetry stónnerkilegu head out of the holy ritnmgu , where " Davidic psalms ," which has no basis console auu -be but one part " Biblíuljóðauna " will be printed in full this summer. Sjera Valdemar cerebral let monthly publication was in tje its goodwill since it started walking síua , with the promise to the reader , or her still contro of the spiritual songs of his that ópreutuð were , and with the support the young mánaðarrit and increased popularity among our nation . Oss is therefore only fitting that " remains clear " remember sjera Valdimar sjer especially this year marks his practice , and we may have to let the skj'ni create the image of him that graces this issue , truth about í'ærðir to be accepted with thanks the many friends of the riches poetry sjera Valdimar among readers máuaðarritsins . naturally , is it the poet sjera Valdimar Briem , most of which is kuunur hjer country and by most loved among our nation . APTUS against identify much fewer priest sjera Valdimar Briem and it is only natural , since he mestallau priest - mood siuu has lived among hiuna quiet in Lauda in hiuu small and rather remote part síuu parish . , there is no doubt that, the church office did not have many better or exploit þjóua 4 this century eu Haun , do not have many employees who consume more samvizkusemi operational vocation work both in and UTAUT church and Ijetu sjer in ölluiu greiuum aunara to benefit ' safuaða which they were entrusted , larger S6M most floral , on exactly priest sjera Valdemar , as has hadnt in fylsta scale enjoyed the love and respect of all his parish . ** that does not help but hear Rapes, ö Men minuast on sjera Valdemar v " to sauufærast about , how large it is rated among Pursuit " insurance accepted and what opinion they have of him as the pros. they consider not eius love uni , the þj'kir straightforward to honor , to organs or ^ hJian Maun for sókuarprest and may enjoy prestsþjóuustu header .
    2nd Story on Valdimar [Bad Google Translation]

    In Iceland, for a long time, the hymn-book consisted of translations of the earlier hymns of the Danish hymnary. It was published under the name of Graduale which was explained to mean Messu-saungs bok (The Mass-song Book). The last edition was issued in 1773. A new hymn-book, of the first rank among modern Lutheran hymn-books, appeared in 1886. The Bible Poems of Valdimar Briem (b. 1848), have placed him in the first rank among modern hymnists.
    See ICELAND 3/4 way down. Valdimar and Graduale are mentioned Source
  • Sera Eggert Briem1850-1894

    Born Grund Eyjafjörður.
    Parents Ólafur Briem Gunnlaugsson construction of Grund and kh Colby deformation. Priest Hoskuldstead 1871-1890. Farmer on Gili in Rural City 1890-1891. Skáldmæltur and well read in history, genealogy and grammar. (Source: Skagf. Æviskrár 1890-1910, I, p. 46)
  • Sigridur Briem1850-Unknown
  • Olafur Briem1852-1930 married Domhildur Thorsteinnsdottir
  • Rannveig Briem1853-1916
  • Jakob Briem1857-1934

Halldór Briem and Susie at, never trust an internet family tree.

Found old newspage on the Briem family. While all in Icelandic, Roy spotted Susie and Halldor via their son´s name. If you stare at it long enough, you will see a pattern.
It appears to be a very detailed family tree here on a few generations. Pall´s photo might be that of Halldor´s brother? Below the names below, you will see 1.a, 1.b, 1.c, etc.

Here the intention is to trace Descendants Eggert sheriff Briems (1811-1894) at Reynistaður Skagafjörður, but he was one the many Briem siblings, children ættföðurins, Gunnlaugs Briem on the ground. Eggert magistrate had a wife Ingibjörg Sverrisdóttir magistrates in Rangárþing and they had neither no less than 19 children together. Only 12 of the laborers, however, adults, and will be here BAD TRANSLATION

Translated by Google - 70% of the words are wrong. Just trying to comprehend the family tree

Disclaimer: Roy not speaking or able to read Icelandic is re-assembling this 1982 page from this publication.
Images might be with the wrong name.
[ ] = Roy's notations

20 StÐA - Thjódviljinn newspaper weekend 11 and 12 Apr. 1981

Eggert Briem og afkomendur hans


Ættin Briem er mikil embættisog stjórnmálamannaætt. Hennar var litillega getiö I öðrum ættfræðipistli Þjóöviljans 17. ágúst s.I. er nefndist "Briem I kvenlegg". Einnig hafa greinar úr henni komiö inn i ýmsar ættir, sem raktar hafa veriö i Þjóöviljanum. Hér er ætlunin að rekja afkomendur Eggerts sýslumanns Briems (1811—1894) á Reynistað i Skagafirði, en hann var einn hinna mörgu Briemsystkina, barna ættföðurins, Gunnlaugs Briem á Grund. Eggert sýslumaður átti fyrir konu Ingibjörgu Sverrisdóttur sýslumanns i Rangárþingi og áttu þau hvorki meira né minna en 19 börn saman. Aðeins 12 þeirra náðu þó fullorðinsaldri og verður hér sagt frá afkomendum þeirra.

[Briem Briem Briem
Sheriff amtmaður linens last Jori Clan Briem 's high officials and stjórnmálamannaætt . her was slightly getiö I other kinscholarly article Þjóöviljans 17 August s.I. is called " Brie heroines suggest . " Also, articles from it arranged into the various tribal, attributed Verio i Þjóövilj -phase.

This looks at Descendants Eggert sheriff Briems (1811-1894) at Reynistaður Skagafjordur , but he was one Briem of many siblings , children ættföðurins , Gunnlaugs Briem at Grund . Eggert county-man had a wife Ingibjorg Sverrisdót magistrates in Rangárþing and they had neither no less than 19 children together .
Only 12 of the laborers , however, adults will be said here of their descendants .
Translated text from 1st paragraph]

A. Eirikur Briem (1846—1929) prófessor i guðfræði, átti Guðrúnu Gisladóttur. Þau áttu tvö börn sem komust til f ullorðinsára:
1.IngibjörgBriem (1875—1900), ógift og barnlaus.
2. Eggert Briem bóndi i Víðey, átti fyrr Katrinu Thorsteinsson frá Bildudal, en siðari kona hansvar Halla Sigurðardöttir. AtKomenda Eggerts og Katrinar hefur fyrrveriðgetið (31. ág.) en meðal þeirra eru

Eirikur Briem forstjdri Landsvirkjunar, og Pétur J. Thorsteinsson sendiherra.

B. Gunnlaugur Briem (1847—1897) verslunarstjóri og alþingismaður i Hafnarfirði, átti Friðriku Claessen. Þeirra börn sem upp komust:
1. Ólafur J. Briem (1884—1944) skrifstofustjóri SÍF i Rvik, átti Onnu Valgerði Claessen frændkonu sina. Börn þeirra:
1a. Margrét Briem (f. 1912), átti Egil Kristjánsson stórkaupmann i Rvik. Synir þeirra:
1aa. Óiafur Egilsson (f. 1936) lögfræðingur, sendiherra, giftist Rögnu Ragnars lögg. dómtúlk og skjalaþýðanda.

1ab. Kristján Egilsson flugmaður, formaður FIA, giftist Margréti Sigursteinsdóttur.
1b. Guðrún Briem (f. 1915), átti Arna Björnsson frá Svarfhóli, kaupmann i Borgarnesi. Dóttir þeirra:
1ba. Ragnhildur Björnsson, gift Arnbirni Kristinssyni bókaútgefanda.
1c. Gunnlaugur Briem, giftur Unni Thors. Börn:
1ca. Unnur Briem, starfsmaður Flugleiða.
1cb. Richard Ólafur Briem (f. 1950) arkitekt, giftur Guðrúnu Birgisdóttur.
1cc. Anna Jóna Briem (f. 1952) hótelstarfsmaður.
1cd. Asta Briem, gift Úlfari Agnarssyni lækni.
1ce. Helga Briem, gift mexikönskum laganema.

1d. Valgarð Briem lögfræðingur, forstjóri Innkaupastofnunar rfkisins, giftur Bentu Margréti Jónsdóttur (Gautlandáætt). Þeirra börn:
1da. Olafur Jón Briem (f. 1953) skiþaverkfræöingur, giftur Eddu Jónsdóttur.
1db. Garðar V. Briem lögfræöingur, giftur Aslaugu Björk Viggósdóttur.
1 dc. Gunnlaugur Briem (f. 1960) viðskiptafræðinemi.

C. Valgerður Briem (1848—1884) ógift og barnlaus. [No children]

D. Kristin Briem (1849—1881), átti Valgerð ('laessen kaupmann á Sauðárkróki, siðar landféhirði i Rvlk. Börn þeirra:
1. Eggert Claessen (1887—1950) lögfræðingur og bankastjóri i Rvfk, átti fyrr Guðrúnu Soffiu Jónassen og voru þau barnlaus, siðar Soffíu Jónsdóttur (systur-
[Start Col 2]
dóttur Hannesar Hafstein). Börn þeirra:
1a. Laura Frederikke Claessen (f. 1925), giftist Hirti Péturssyni hagfræðingi og endurskoöanda i Rvik. Börn komin yfir tvitugt:
1aa. Soffia Kristin Hjartardóttir, átti fyrr Odd Þórðarson starfsmann Rannsóknastofnunar byggingaiðnaðarins, siðar Hörð Barðdal endurskoðanda.
ab. Hjörtur H.R. Hjartarson (f. 1949) skriftvélavirki I Rvik, giftur Margréti Svafarsdóttur flugfreyju.
1ac iíalla Hjartardóttir gjaldkeri hjá Flugleiðum, gift Kristni Valtýssyni skrifstofustjóra hjá Bifreiðum og landbúnaðarvélum.
1b. Kristin Anna Claessen, gift Guðmundi Benediktssyni ráðuneytisstjóra forsætisráðuneytisins. Börn: lba. Ragnheiður Margrét Guðmundsdóttir háskólanemi, gift Birni Ragnarssyni tannlækni.
1bb. Soffia Ingibjörg Guðmundsdóttir skrifstofumaöur, gift Þorsteini Einarssyni laganema.
1bc. Solveig Lára Guðmundsdóttir guðfræðinemi i Bandarikjunum, gift Hermanni umhverfisfræðingi Sveinbjörnssyni ráðuneytisstjóra Dagfinnssonar.

2. Ingibjörg Claessen, átti Jón Þorláksson forsætisráðherra og borgarstjóra. Þau voru barnlaus en tóku tvær kjördætur. önnur var Anna kona Hjartar Hjartarsonar forst]óra J. Þorláksson og Norðmann.

3. Maria Kristin Claessen, átti Sigurð Thoroddsen verkfræðing og yfirkennara. Afkomendur þeirra eru raktir i Thoroddsenætt, Þjv. 18. jan. sl. en meðal þeirra eru Gunnar Thoroddsen forsætisráðherra og systkini hans.

4. Gunnlaugur Claessen yfirlæknir, átti Þórdísi Björnsdóttur af ætt Jens Sigurðssonar rektors (sjá Þjv. 8. mars s.l.).

D. Ólafur Briem 1851—1925) aiþingismaður og bóndi á Alfgeirsvöllum. Kona hans var IIaIIdóra Pétursdóttir af Valadalsætt. (Þjv. 15. mars s.l.) og eru afkomendur þeirra raktir þar en meðal þeirra voru Þorsteinn Briem ráðherra og Þórður Björnsson rikissaksóknari.
Halldor Briem
E. Halldór Briem (1852—1929) bókavörður I Reykjavlk, átti Susie Taylor. Sonur þeirra:
[1. Haraldur Eggert Halldórsson Briem]
1. Sigurður Briem fiðluleikari. Átti ekki börn.

Halldor's Brother in Iceland
F. Páll Briem (1956—1904) amtmaður og alþingismaður, átti fyrr Kristinu Guðmundsdóttur og meö henni einn son, Kristin, slðan Alfheiði Helgadóttur
lektors Hálfdánarsonarog með henni nokkur börn:
1. Kristinn Briem (1887—1970) kaupmaður á Sauðárkróki, átti Kristinu Björnsdóttur. Börn:
1a. Páll Briem útbússtjóri Búnaðarbankans i Mosfellsveit, giftur Jóninu Briem. Börn þeirra:
1aa. Kristin Bjarney Briem lögfræðingur, gift Sigurjóni Olafssyni tannlækni.
1ab. SigrUn Briem hjúkrunarfræðingur, gift Jóni Viðari Arnórssyni tannlækni.
1ac. Jóhann Briem ritstjóri (Frjálst framtak), giftur Ingibjörgu Haraldsdóttur. lad. Jdhann Björn Briem háskólanemi.
1 b. Björn Briem, rekur fjölritunarstofu, ókv. og barnlaus.
1c. Gunnlaugur Briem (f. 1922) sakadómari I Reykjavik, giftur Hjördisi Kvaran. Elsta barn þeirra:

This MIGHT be the same Gunnlaugur - Gunnlaugur Eggert Briem Gunnlaugur Eggert Briem was born on 8 Sauðárkróki November 1922. He died 1 January 2014 at a nursing home in Hrafnista Kópavogi. Gunnlaugs funeral took place from 9 Bústaðakirkju January 2014 Source , More Obits

Anita Briem Journey To The Center of the Earth 3D
Páll Jakob Eggertsson Briem Branch [7]
Anita Gunnlaugsdóttir Briem. Actress in the movie 'Journey to the Center of the Earth', released 2008 [8]
Anita would be the 2nd great grand niece of husband of great grand aunt of Roy [7]. Páll's Great Great Grandaughter [7]

Sorry, we do not know her, so please do NOT ask for her autograph !

Singing is a common trait in the family. We have Eileen Christy (also an Actress),
Eileen's sister Dorothy and all her brothers,including Lorne, who never sang professionally, he was an Architect in L.A., yet had a great voice, along with all his other brothers, and Lorne's daughter, Indira (also an Actress) Leona Gordon, to name a few. The entire family across all the branches are talented and intelligent people, after all, we're Icelandic! Even this website is born out of our centuries of writing Saga's.
Only this WebMaster wishes he had the talent of Snorri's writing ability.

Start Col. 3
1ca. Valgerður Margrét Briem bankamaður.
1d. Elin Briem (f. 1923), gift Sigurði Sveinssyni borgarfógeta i Rvík. Börn þeirra:
1da. Sveinn Sigurjón Sigurðsson lyfjafræðinemi. ldb. Kristin Sigurðardóttir, starfsmaður Lánasjóðs Isl. námsmanna.

2. Þórhildur Briem, átti Theódór Lindal prófessor i lögum. Þau áttu þessi börn:
2a. Páll Lindal lögfræðingur, fv. borgarlögmaður, átti fyrr Guðrúnu Evu Úlfarsdóttur og 3 börn með henni,
siðar Guðrúnu Jónsdóttur arkitekt, forstöðumann Borgarskipulags Reykjavikur og 1 son með henni. Börn yfir tvitugt:
2aa. Þórhildur Lindal lögfræðingur, gift Eiriki Tómassyni lögfræðingi, fv. aðstoðarmanni ráðherra (Hánefsstaðaætt).
2ab. Jón Úlfar Lindal (f. 1952)'.
2ac Björn Theódór Lindal (f. 1956) laganemi.

2b. Sigurður Líndal prófessor i lögum, giftur Maríu Jóhannsdóttur.
2c. Alfheiður Birna Lindal, gift Hans Otto Jetzek umsýslustjóra hjá tslenska álfélaginu. Dætur þeirra:
2ca. Agnes Jetzek (f. 1957).
2cb. Helga Jetzek (f. 1959) læknanemi.
3. Eggert Ólafur Briem (f. 1898) skrifstofustjóri hjá Eimskipafélagi íslands, átti Sigriði Elinu Skúladóttur læknis Arnasonar. Börn þeirra:
3a. Steinunn Sigriður Briem (f. 1932, látin fyrir nokkrum árum), átti Kristmann Guömundsson rithöfund.
3b. Ragnheiður Helga Briem (f. 1938) menntaskólakennari, gift Guðmundi Eliassyni lækni.
3c. Gunnlaugur S. Briem (f. 1948).
4. Friede Ingibjörg Briem (f. 1900), giftist Asgeiri Guðmundssyni lögfræðingi frá Nesi. Synir þeirra:
4a. Eggert Ólafur Asgeirsson (f. 1929) framkvæmdastjóri Rauða krossins, kvæntist Sigriði Dagbjartsdóttur.
4b. Páll Þórir Asgeirsson yfirlæknir, átti fyrr Hólmfriöi Rósinkrans, siöar Láru Ingólfsdóttur.

5. Helgi P. Briem ambassador, hans kona Doris Milfred Parker og tóku þau eina kjördóttur.
6. Kristin Þórdis Briem (f. 1904).

G. Elin Briem (1856—1904) skólastjóri Kvennaskólans á Blönduosi, átti fyrr Sæmund Eyjólfsson guðfræðing,
siðar Stefán Jónsson verslunarstjóra á Sauðárkróki. Barnlaus með báðum mönnum.

H. Sigurður Briem (1860—1952) póstmálastjóri i Rvlk [Postmaster at the Capital], átti Guðrúnu tsíeifsdóttur. Börn þeirra:
1. Kara Briem, átti Helga Skúlason augnlækni. Börn:
1a. Skúli Helgason læknir (f. 1926).
1b. Sigurður Helgason (f. 1927) prófessor I stærðfræði viö MIT i Bandarikjunum, giftur bandariskri konu.
1c. Sigriöur Helgadóttir, gift Páli Sigurðssyni starfsmanni á Keldum.
2. Gunnlaugur Briem (1901—1971) verkfræðingur, póstog simamálastjóri, átti Halldóru Guðjohnsen. Börn þeirra:
2a. Sigurður Briem rafmagnsverkfræðingur, giftur Þóru G. Möller.

2b. Stefán Briem eðlisfræðingur, giftur Guðrúnu Friðgeirsdóttur kennara.
2c. Sigrún Briem, gift Sigurði Jóhannessyni prentara.

2d. Gunnar Briem (f. 1951) giftur Sigriöi R. Jónsdóttur.
3. Asa Briem, átti Jón Kjartansson sýslumann og alþingismann i Vik. Börn:
3a. Sigurður Briem Jónsson sýslufulltrúi á Húsavik.
3b. GuðrUn Jónsd., átti fyrr Jón Pálsson flugvélavirkja, siðar Olaf Agnar Jónasson flugvélavirkja.
3c. Halla Oddný Jónsdóttir, átti fyrr Skarphéðinn Bjarnason flugumferðarstjóra, slöar ólaf H. Egilsson.
4. Páll Briem, dó i æsku.
5. tsleifur Briem verslunarstjóri I Rvik.

6. Sigrún Briem læknir, átti Friðgeir ólason lækni, þau fórust ásamt börnum slnum með Goðafossi á striðsárunum.
7. Tryggvi Briem (f. 1916) skrifstofustjóri i Rvfk.
1. Sigrlður Briem (1862—1913), átti Helga Jónsson bankaritara í Rvík. Börn þeirra:
1. Ólafur Briem Helgason (1895-1971). Ókv. og barnlaus.
2. Sæmundur Helgason deildarstjóri i Rvík, átti Jórunni Kristjánsdóttur. Þeirra börn:
2a. Helgi Sæmundsson vélaverkfræöingur i Þýskalandi. Ókvæntur.
2b. Elln Sæmundsdóttir (f. 1937) starfsmaöur i islenska sendiráðinu i Osló, átti Finn Finnborud verkfræðing.
Tvær dætur og er sú eldri komin yfir tvitugt.
2ba. Lajla Finborud, meinatækninemi i Rvik.
2c. Sigurlaug Sæmundsdóttir arkitekt, gift Johannes Hamte prófessor i MÜnchen [u].
3. Helga Helgadóttir bankaritari I Rvik. Ógift.
4. Páll Helgason framkvæmdastjóri I Rvik (f. 1904).

J. Eggert Briem 1868—1936) lögfræðingur, átti Guðrúnu Jóns dóttur. Börn þeirra:

1. Sigriður Briem kennari, seinni kona Magnúsar Sch. Thorsteinssonar iðnrekanda. Þau barniaus.
2. Gunnlaugur E. Briem ráðu-
Page 20, Column 1
neytisstjóri i atvinnumálarábuneyti, átti Þóru Garöarsdóttur stórkaupmanns Gislasonar. Börn:
2a. Guðrún Briem (f. 1932) gift Þráni Þórhallssyni prentsmiðjustjóra (Viöey) i Rvik.
2b. Eggert Briem (f. 1937) læknir, giftur Halldóru Kristjánsdóttur.
2c. Garðar Briem tæknifræðingur, giftur Hrafnhildi Bergdisi Egilsdóttur.

K. Vilhjálmur Briem (1869—1959) prestur, átti Steinunni Pétursdóttur af Valadalsætt. Afkomendur þeirra raktir i Þjv. 15. mars sl.
K. Vilhjálmur Briem (1869—1959) prestur [possiby his photo here]

L. Jóhanna Briem (1872—1962), átti Einar Pálsson prófast i Reykholti. Börn þeirra:
[Family Tree is here Jóhanna Katrín Kristjana Briem]
1. Eggert Einarsson læknir i Borgarnesi, átti Magneu Jónsdóttur og þessi börn:
1a. Jóhanna Eggertsdóttir (1924—1970), átti Boga Þórðarson kaupfélagsstjóra á Patreksfirði (nú aðstoöarmann
sjávarútvegsráðherra i Rvik). Börn:
1aa. Hróðný Bogadóttir (f. 1953) fóstra, gift Jóhannesi Zóphaniassyni bilstjóra i Rvik.
1ab. Jóhanna Bogadóttir (f. 1954), nemur málvisindi i Bandarikjunum, gift Arna Snorrasyni nema I vatnafræðum.
1ac. Þórður Bogason rafvirki I Grundarfirði.
1ad. Eggert ólafur Bogason (f. 1960).
1b. Jón Eggertsson (f. 1925) kaupmaður i Borgarnesi, átti fyrr Veru Siri Righ frá Noregi, siöar Guðrúnu Þórðardóttur.
1c. Ester Eggertsdóttir, gift Þorkeli Jóhannessyni prófessor i læknisfræði. Hún átti áöur dóttur með Karli Jónssyni.
1ca. Gunnvör Sigriður Karlsdóttir, gift Armanni Jóhannessyni verkfræöinema.
1d. Anna Gunnvör Eggertsdóttir, gift Jóhanni Friðrikssyni forstjóra i Rvik. Börn komin yfir tvitugt.
1da. Magnea Jóhannsdóttir (f. 1949), gift Sölva Sveinssyni Islenskufræðingi.
1db. Eggert Ólafur Jóhannsson feldskeri.
1dc. Friðrik Jóhannsson (f. 1957) háskólanemi, giftur Hildi Guönadóttur rektors Guðmundssonar.
1dd. Guðrún Jóhannsdóttir.
1e. Einar Eggertsson stýrimaður, giftur Sigurlaugu Kristinsdóttur. Börn yfir tvitugt:
1ea. Eggert ólafur Einarsson nýlistamaður.
1eb. Magnea Einarsdóttir, gift Þorsteini Sverrissyni vélfræðingi.
2f. Eggert ólafur Eggertsson bryti, giftur Brynhildi Matthiasdóttur.
2g. Halldór Gunnlaugur Eggertsson flugvirki i Bandarlkjunum, átti fyrr Sigriði Brynjólfsdóttur, siðar Elísu Valdimarsdóttur. Elsti sonur hans:
2ga. Guðmundur Jón Halldórsson sjómaður.
2. Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir, átti Eyjólf Eyfells listmálara. Börn:

2a. Einar Eyfells verkfræðingur i Reykjavik, giftur Unni Nikulásdóttur. Dætur þeirra:
2aa. Ingibjörg Eyfells fóstra, átti fyrr Geir Viðar Vilhjálmsson sálfræðing, siðar Gisla Pálsson verkstjóra hjá RARIK. ,
2ab. Margrét Kristin Eyfells, gift Karli Daviðssyni gleraugnafræðingi á Akureyri.
2b. Jóhann Kr. Eyfells arkitekt og myndlistarmaður, prófessor i listum i Florida, giftur Kristinu Halldórsdóttur sálfræðingi. Sonur þeirra:
2ba. Ingólfur Helgi Eyfells verkfræöingur, giftur Hrafnhildi Guömundsdóttur.
2c. Kristin Ingibjörg Eyfells kennari, átti Hjálmar Olafsson bæjarstjóra, siðar konrektor. Dóttir þeirra:
2ca. Dóra Hjálmarsdóttir háskólanemi.
2d. Elin Rannveig Eyfells, gift Þór Jóhannssyni bolstrara. Börn þeirra:
2da. Anna Kristln Þórsdóttir arkitekt I New York.
2db. Jóhanna Sólveig Þórsdóttir kennari, gift A. Tome rafvélavirkja frá Spáni.
2dc. Ingibjörg Eyja Þórsdóttir, gift Bent Quist flugvélavirkja frá Sviþjóð. bridge

Page 21, Column 2
2de. Eyjólfur Einar Eyfells Þórsson.
3. Gunnlaugur Briem Einarsson (1879 — 1929) guðfræðingur.
4. Hróðný Svanbjörg Einarsdóttir, átti Arna B. Björnsson gullsmið I Rvik. Börn þeirra:
4a. Haraldur Arnason ráðunautur hjá Bunaðarfélaginu, átti fyrr Herdlsi Jónsdóttur og með henni 4 börn,
siðar Ernu Erlendsdóttur og með henni 2 börn. Börn af fyrra hjónabandi eru uppkomin:
4aa. Arni Björn Haraldsson búfræðingur, tilraunastjóri I Finnmörk i Noregi, giftur Solveigu Ingebrichtson.
4ab. Jón Ingi Haraldsson tæknifræðingur, giftur Sigrlði Erlendsdóttur hjúkrunarfræöingi.
4ac. Svanbjörg Helga Haraldsdóttir Hffræðingur, gift Reyni Böðvarsáyni verkfræðinema.
4ad. Hildigunnur Haraldsdóttir arkitekt, gift Asgeiri Sverrissyni tæknifræðingi.
4b. Kristln Arnadóttir, átti Stefán ólafsson verkfræöing. Börn yfir tvitugt:
4ba. Arni Björn Stefánsson læknir, kvæntur Gunnlaugu Stefánsdóttur.
4bb. Olafur Már Stefánsson tæknifræðingur, kvæntur Kristinu Pálsdóttur.
4bc. Björg Stefánsdóttir, gift Sveinbirni Garðarssyni vélamanni.
4bd. Auður Stefánsdóttir hjúkrunarnemi.
4c. Einar Arnason lögfræðingur, giftur Sigriði S. Lúðvigsdóttur.
4ca. Bergljót Sigrlður Einarsdóttir (f. 1956)
4cb. Páll Lúðvlk Einarsson.
4d. Björn Arnason verkfræðingur, giftur Ingunni Agústsdóttur. Börn yfir tvitugt:
4da. Kristin Björnsdóttir (f. 1956).
4db. Arni Björn Björnsson (f. 1958).
5. Kristin Valgerður Einarsdóttir hjukrunarkona, átti Stefánj Olafsson bónda i Kalmanstungu. Börr. þeirra:
5a. ólafur Stefánsson lögfræðingur i fjármálaráðuneytinu.
5b. Kalman Stefánsson bóndi I Kalmannstungu, giftur Bryndisi Jónsdóttur.
5c. Jóhanna Stefánsóttir (f. 1936), gift Robert Ibarguen.
6. Páll Einarsson framkvæmdastjóri i Rvik, átti Gyðu Sigurðardóttur. Sonur þeirra:
6a. Gunnlaugur Briem Pálsson vélaverkfræðingur, giftur Ingu Guðmundsdóttur. Börn yfir tvitugt:
6aa. Páll Gunnlaugsson (f. 1954)
6ab. Ánna Gyða Gunnlaugsdóttir (f. 1956).
7. Vilhjálmur Einarsson bóndi á Laugabökkum i ölfusi, giftur Jórunni Guðmundsdóttur. Börn.
7a. Gunnlaugur Briem Vilhjálmsson lögregluþjónn á Selfossi, giftur Asgerði Jónsdóttur.
7b. Sverrir Vilhjálmsson verslunarmaður i Rvik, giftur Þórunni Karvelsdóttur.
7c. Hulda Vilhjálmsdóttir gjaldkeri, gift Eggerti Vigfússyni brunamálastjóra á Selfsossi. Börn:
7ca. Guðrún Eggertsdóttir, gift Kristjáni Friðgeirssyni kennara I Þorlákshöfn.
7cb. Helgi Eggertsson búfræöikandidat.
7cc. Vilhjálmur Einar Eggertsson simvirkjanemi.
7d. Asa Vilhjálmsdóttir, átti Guðna Vigfússson verslunarmann.Dóttirþeirra:
7da. Helga Guðnadóttir, gift Hilmari Antonssyni trésmiö á Akureyri.
7e. Margrét Sigrlður Vilhjálmsdóttir, gift Magnúsi Gústafssyni framkvæmdastjóra Hampiðjunnar.
P.s. Tvö af börnum Bolla Gunnarssonar af seinna hjónabandi voru ekki talin með siðast i Kvaransætt.
Það er Arthúr Bollason kennari við MH og Linda Bolladóttir sem gift er Mike Thomas frá Hawaieyjum.
Þá er Helga Bolladóttir gift Hjalta Gunnlaugssyni.

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2. Print out copies of the 2 pages to match line by line the unlisted order and OCR typos (about 2)
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Many thanks to the group that converted thousands of these old Icelandic/English papers for online. You put the biggest and best Museums to SHAME!

Through GOOGLE


Prestafólagsriiiö .
SERA Eirikur Briem PROFESSOR .
F. 17 July 1846 . D. 27 November In 1929.
Memories transferred to the Cathedral .
After Reverend Thorstein Briem .
Teach us to number our days we a8
our hearts to wisdom . Psalm . 90.12
I speak here not as an employee of any agency . I
I stand here only as one of my friends , here 's to come
say goodbye. My words are therefore no speech format, but I
as mind is on the head of my family , as a young
disciple of the teacher, or the son of his father .
The first time I remember Pastor Eric Briem , then I sat the
little boy on his knee , and he wrapped me in and taught
me and told me stories .
Since our meetings has hardly brought together so that he
has not taught me anything, and I did not find in
him the same love and devotion , then , when I sat in his lap .
I have applied to his fatherly advice on lífsssöðu my job
mine and that I could have never told anyone , except those who
had all my confidence . And the matters he has always
resolved, after careful and thorough reflection of the næmasta
understanding and djúphygni , so each has his advice
been valuable to me .
I have what I always seem to be a little boy on his knee .
And I do feel my powerlessness to speak when silence with him .
To me it is clear that when measuring the gaming transaction the man who
Here is advanced to dust , it is also for the period

Page 177

178 Thorstein Briem : Presiaféiagsritiö .
measure , which has been eiii the most important in the country's history .
The period during which our nation awakens from centuries of sleep and
see and feel , that 's the day .Glæstust history will be the memory of the famous captain who
then call upon our nation forward . But behind him was again concentrated
group of hikers shoes and his co- end , the following
him faithfully and brought out the mark, after his death .
And if we literature back in time , then we see that homeland
has observed in later centuries towards utilizing the same number and excellence sons
as in those years .

Among them will be the Rev. Eric hidden .
Name Kendra local antique century thanked Providence for
there , he was raised in Greece . Reverend Eric thanked
God , that He was raised on Icelandic soil . And I think that he
have also been thankful for his God , because he
was born on the morning of life , and got to work with them
am men of recovery The country. He was certainly not
except , to some extent, a contemporary of those who paved the path -
tions and walked ahead . He did , however, act
with them, and keep their work going. And I think ,

The jobs have suited him better . It was not
said by Pastor Eric , he was endowed Iundarfari their
men who pave and plow unbroken forest lands. he
Indeed, rather made ​​to the fluid and saw.
And I think that it is and is not known how widely
He has , with his hygni and versatility , healthy Sow seed .
Youth chose it has its own sáðmannsstarf
within the church . Will it his choice not to have been designed
his parents, but had a history of Christianity advised him ,
that man desires good works that would preach ideas
Arfa and teachings of Jesus .

Then he had a lifetime love of the book, had hired
By his choice . A couple years ago, and the æfisaga Oberlin
priest who had been alt term , spiritual father and leader
Attack of the children and their consultant and leader in bjargræðis -
their struggle . Reverend Eric went out in ministry work with them...
Page 178

Five more pages online
Ends on Page 183

[1] ?
[2] By ALLA JOHNSON, 'WHERE ICELAND'S MILLENNIAL CELEBRATION IS HELD', Retyped by Karen jarvie and Roy Christopherson, ref: DOC_0086_SusiBriem_textfrom newsclipping
[3] Kormakur Högnason
[4] Special thanks to Nonni Jonsson for supplying the information.
[5] thfs Book
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