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Meet our Relatives - Briem Branch

Sigurður Halldórsson Briem
Sigurður Halldórsson Briem, born 16 May 1895, musician, married and was living in Reyjavik, Iceland [5]
[ ] = added by Roy

Sigurdur H.Briem
Courtesy of Ismus
Searching for musicians and artistically active people among first generations of Icelandic-Canadians
Bjarki Sveinbjörnsson and Jón Hrólfur Sigurjónsson
"Private use of all material found in Ismus is permitted. This includes distribution to friends and relatives, use in presentations, educational settings or for research purposes. Any distribution that involves sale or lease is prohibited without a cooperation and permission of those that store or safekeep the original material or data presented." 
Sigurður Halldórsson Briem
Son of Halldór Eggertsson Briem,
and Susanna 'Susie' nee Taylor Briem

Sigurður married ?

1. Haraldur Eggert Halldórsson Briem,
b. August 1893, Age at death: 4 months old

2. Sigurður Halldórsson Briem,
b. 16 May 1895

1. None

Susie and child
Susie with one of her sons

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99% sure this is our Sigurdur
A GREAT photo of him. Same site as below.
Sigurdur Briem: 25 anniversary. Musica. 1 Arg. 1 Vol. 1 April 1948, p. 8
Picture from the estate of a deceased Ingibjargar Andrésdóttur from Skðumúla.
Large Version of photo of Sigurdur H. Briem
Received approval to post long as credits are placed.
Appears some of this is from Tí 01. 04. 1948. Again, all Icelandic. Source

Here is a large front photo of Sigurdur.

Here is a whole page on possibly Sigurdur's career
Mandólínhljómsveit Reykjavíkur
Sigurður H. Briem fæddist í Reykjavík 16. maí árið 1895 og voru foreldrar hans Susie og Halldór Briem. [Sigurdur is mentioned throught this long article]
Article in Icelandic

Mandolin-Kennslubók, possibly written by Sigurdur?

From Newspaper Visir Sept 9, 1938
FIÐLU-, mandolin- og guitar-kensla . Sigurður Briem , Laufásvegi 6 , sím i 3993 . (216 (Source in Icelandic)

Mímir: Icelandic institutions, with addresses. MCMIII. By Willard Fiske

Sigurdur Briem was NEVER a Head Postmaster in Iceland. There is another fellow there with the same name and time period.
This looks like it is about this other Sigurdur. Read more if looking for him. In Icelandic. Looking over their tree, I see this was probably Sigurdur's uncle, brother of Halldor, borther-in law of Susie.

Sigurdur wrote this book

Songsheet by a Sigurdur H. Briem.
Various findings on Halldor

Laufásvegur 6 Reykjavík
Kormakur Högnason just sent another PDF in Icelandic

Laufásvegur 6 Reykjavík, Halldor & Susie Briem's home, and Sigurdur's until 1968
Courtesy of Google Maps

Home of Susie Briem (nee Taylor) and Halldór Briem from 1887 until her death in 1937. Their son Sigurður Briem (1895-1968) lived there his entire life
Unfortunately a loose translation by Google shows the house was completly renovated and not original. Cool that we have the address in Iceland.
See Sigurdur's Uncles & Aunts in Iceland

The Little Boy with the Striped Outfit
There were two 100 year old photos in the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection featuring this little boy. With help from friends below,
Roy noticed the boy was wearing the same outfit. Possibly a coincidence...not.
In 2160 he is jumping off the boat on the Iceland Dock. In 3206 he is in front of a book. This is a photo of a dock in Iceland from over 100 years ago.

It is now believed he is Sigurður Halldórsson Briem, son of Susie and Halldor, photographed by Halldor..
Image 2160
Image 3206
Uncle Dorie could be Halldor Briem Christopherson, b. 17 Jul 1882
or Halldór Eggertsson Briem
Back not available - Check with Hank
2160 boy

Back of Image 2160 of the Iceland Docks is marked as follows 'K.C. [Kjartan Christopherson] and 'Rikajik Iceland picture taken by Uncle Dorie". Reykjavik [bay of smokes] Iceland
Both show a square pattern on the boys collar, which at first, Roy thought was a boys sailor outfit.
The Little Boy was NOT Halldor Briem Christopherson, b. 17 Jul 1882. If this photo was taken in 1900, he would be 18 years old or so.

CLUE 1. IMG_SCAN_2160_R._IcelandDock
Vern Austman,
Looks like Reykjavik; looking north, Kjalarnes in right background; taken in 1880's, sailing vessels and lots of them.
> So it would not be taken by Halldor Briem C., but more likely by Sigurdur on one of his return trips??

Sigurdur and Caroline's Halldor 'Dori' was born 17 Jul 1882.
Hmm, this would put him at 18 if this trip was 1900?

That breakwater was built with some pretty big pieces of granite, that would have been a back breaker to build!

CLUE 2. A great author, Nelson Gerrard points out that it is Susie Briem in photo 3206, at the beginning of Vol. 2, Sig & Hank Christopherson Protected Album.

CLUE 3 . Ryan Eyford transcribed Caroline Christopherson's letters referencing Halldor, son of Sigurdur went with his father to Iceland., [33]
Ryan Eyford confirms that Halldor Christopherson went to Iceland with his father Sigurdur, to see Susie and her husband, his namesake.

'I did have some thoughts of sending Little Halldor to stay with you while his father was in Iceland.' page 29, [33]
Halldor would have been about 10 in 1892.

May 11 1900 , 'I [Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson] was glad to hear in your letter of Mar. 26th that you and Dori [Susie´s husband] were in good health and I hope you are still well', Page 37, [33]
Grund, Man Aug 29th 1900, 'Sigurdur had a good voyage out except that they were delayed by floating ice near Newfoundland and both he and Dori were quite well. I was glad to see how much Dori had grown. How did Halldor like his little namesake? You know it was his proposal to give Dori his name. I hope that little Dori will never bring dishonor on it. Dori has not been home yet to see his brothers and sisters. He commenced college at once when he got to Winnipeg.
', Page 38, [33]

The above quote states they were in Iceland before Aug 1900 and possibly 1989. Before July 1900, and possbly leaving Iceland before March or April of 1900.
Roy believes he has two of these very photos taken by Halldor.
Aug 29th, 1900, both Sigurdur and Halldor arrived back and the way Caroline writes the following, Roy believes
the photo below of the Ice was taken on their way home from visiting Susie Briem as they entered where Leifur Eiríksson Norse settlement at Vinland, tentatively identified with the Norse L'Anse aux Meadows on the northern tip of Newfoundland in modern-day Canada. Travelling down the ST. Lawrence River.
´Sigurdur arrived in Winnipeg about 16th of July and I went there to meet him.´, Page 38, [33]
´Sigurdur had a good voyage out except that they were delayed by floating ice near Newfoundland and both he and Dori were quite well.´, Page 38, [33]

LEFT: Sigurdur Christopherson holding up possibly ticket(s)
and possibly taken by Halldor, his son

Image 3212
Floating Ice possibly in the ST Lawrence River. Now compare to map below. It all seems to match
More on Newfoundland (island)

Let us ponder one more thing. Could this Little Boy in these two photos be Siddie, son of Susie and Halldor Briem?
'120 This is the first reference in Carrie's letters to Susie and Halldór's son Sigurdur Valdimar Briem, who was born 16 May 1895 in Reykjavík', [33]
The boy appears to be 5 or 6 years old.

CLUE 4. Roy and Kormakur Högnason have been mulling this photo over.
Kormakur Högnason finds an ad in the old newspaper in Icelandic which might be the very same buildings.
Perhaps a back or side employee entrance with a motto over the door next door.
"The sign behind the women says Kornið fyllir [mælinn] the third word is hidden from view by the fourth woman. This is an old icelandic expression that literally means the grain that fills the meter, today you might say the straw that breaks the camels back
Map of the St. Lawrence/Great Lakes Watershed
Image 3206 Cropped view of just the sign on the building

Kornið fyllir mælinn was the motto of Thomsen-Magazine (or Thomsen-store). This was a store in Reykjavik, with many different departments that occupied most of the houses between Hafnarstræti 17-22. Thomsen-Magazine was established in 1837 and by 1907 it had become the largest store in the country. The end of the Thomsen-Magazine occurred during World War one, it had to be dissolved because of its strong relationship with Germany.
Perhaps a better translation of Kornið fyllir mælinn would be Every little bit helps (to reach a goal)

CLUE 6. Roy just added the dock photo to the beginning slide of Vol. 5. LOW & BEHOLD the shirt the boy was wearing matches photo 2160!
Roy now believes the following photos are same time, taken of Sigurdur by Halldor, Sigurdur on Boat and Ice (Test Album), Image 2160 (S&H Vol. 1)
Vol. 2 Susie Image 3206, The clue, the Boys shirt!

Nelson believes the boy is the son of Halldor and Susie Briem, Sigurdur Valdimar Briem, who was born 16 May 1895 in Reykjavík, [33], also referred to as Siddie in transcribed letters by Ryan Eyford. It is possible based on Siddie´s age that it might be same time period. More probably is the two photos were taken by Halldor Briem as written on the back of one, and mailed to Sigurdur´s family. That Halldor Briem was the photographer of the Dock photo and the Little Boy and Susie with the open book.

Nelson Gerrard refers to one of the photos as Susie Briem, so Roy does a compilation of Susie to compare the others to this 4th photo. Possibly image 3206
Compare for yourself the 4th photo below (3206) to the others that are positively identified as Susie Briem.
Susie Briem

[1] ?
[2] By ALLA JOHNSON, 'WHERE ICELAND'S MILLENNIAL CELEBRATION IS HELD', Retyped by Karen jarvie and Roy Christopherson, ref: DOC_0086_SusiBriem_textfrom newsclipping
[3] Kormakur Högnason
[4] Special thanks to Nonni Jonsson for supplying the information.
[5] thfs Book
S& H = Sig and Hank Christopherson

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