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Meet our Relative - Jonsson-Christopherson Branch

Ranka JONSSON / JOHNSON Christopherson

Ranka JONSSON/JOHNSON Christopherson Ranka Jonsson [1], in Iceland

"Dori was the third child of Sigurdur and Carrie, born in Argyle in 1882. In 1912 he married Ranka Johnson, only daughter of Sigmundur and Sophia Johnson of Argyle. Dori entered the business world soon after his marriage and moved to Vancouver, B.C. He was the manager of Martin-Senour Paints department at McLennan and McFeely’s in that city. Ranka and Dori had one son, William (Bill). Ranka died in 1929, and Bill stayed with his aunt Veiga Dawe until Dori re-married Leslie Cole. Dori and Leslie lived at Crescent from the late forties on, and Dori commuted to his work in Vancouver. Dori passed away in 1954, and Leslie in 1962.", [12]
In 1902, the Johnson family moved to Baldur to farm 12-6-14. Kari, Ranka's brother worked for the R.M. of Argyle from 1923 to 1961. Kari and Anna Johnson's 4th daughter is also named Ranka.
Hilla, Bjorn's wife played the Grund Church organ for 45 years.
Source: Come Into Our Heritage

is lasted until the wee small hours.

Bertha Samson was Ranka's cousin source: IMG_SCAN_2350_PC_Easter_CousinBerthaSamsonToRanka

Residence: 1909 May 10 - Baldur, MB
Residence: 1910 AUG 1 - 2731 Quebec ST, Vancouver, B.C. according to postcard - IMG_SCAN_2352_Back
Residence: 1911, APR 14 South Hill RD(?), South Vancouver, B.C.
Residence: 1912 36-6-?, Vancouver, BC

According to image 2378 of a postcard send from veiga at Christmas time, Dori Christopherson as at Kamloops, BC, postmarked Elgin.

There are at least 64 photos of Ranka in the Souviner, Black and Loose Sig/Hank Christopherson Collections.

Roy finally wraps his head around the whole connection.
Sigmundur Johnson and Soffia Bjornsdottir had 5 boys and one girl - Ranka.
One son, Bjossi married Hilla, they had daughters Ellen (I knew I had heard the name Reg and Rawlings as a child),
and Margaret Johnson HELGASON Bjarnason.
Margaret 'Mugs' married Robert Hegason, who is connected to cousin Erla. Mugs as she was called was Pauline Einarson's best friend.
Margaret moved to Vancouver, and Pauline to San Francisco, yet they always stayed in touch. After Pauline passed away,
Mugs sent wedding portrait of Pauline & Ted to Roy 1 year before she passed away.
Roy has many photos of Margaret's children, Roger, Susan, and Catherine.
They farmed right next to Grund church NW 12-6-14. The parents passed away in 1903.
Source: Come Into Our Heritage, pp489-491

Ranka JOHNSON Christopherson
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Image3257, Ranka Johnson
Image 3257
A very young Ranka on the right.
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Johnson Family of Argule Dist., Manitoba
Courtesy of The xg Collection Place Image

Two Johnson Brothers of Grund
Rabka's brothers; Hilla, Bjossi Johnson front and center
On the back of this small snap said "Taken in front of Jack's place in Bellingham
Hilla, Bjossi, Sigga, Our Manitoba relatives
Might be Caroline Gudrun Humber's writing
Left to right Veiga Christopherson Dawe, unknown, Billy [Wm James > Christopherson], unknown, unknown Aunt Leslie Cole Christopherson - Billy's step mother
Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection

Here is a very interesting postcard from a Martha M. to Ranka talking about where they went to school together. So the Johnsons lived in North Dakota.
Postmark MAR 31 4 PM 1909 N DAK Be
Franklin 1cent stamp
To Miss Ranka Johnson, Baldur Man Canada Easter Post card Edinburg, N.D., 3-31-1909 Dear Ranka;- I'm thinking it is time you or I sent a line. Don't know whose turn it is to write but will send you this card to remind you that I am alive. Am teaching now, and like it fine. Our old school looks very much like it did when we were here. Our desk is gone. It was taken to some of the other schools in the district. Steini came home from Fargo last Friday. Ranka is in Edinburg. She's coming home to spend the Easter vacation. There will be confirmation next Sunday. I've just finished sewing Bogga's dress. It's of white Suesine [sp] silk. margret's dress is of the same material.
Drop me a card sometimes. Will you?
Sincerely, Martha m.
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