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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Sigurður S. Christopherson
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Sigurður S. Christopherson , born April 22, 1876 in Iceland. Died

Come Into Our Heritage
Sigurdur, their son, was born in Iceland on April 21, 1876. He came to Canada with his parents. He attended Hecla School and then Wesley College in Winnipeg. ln 1905-1906, he attended the Theological Seminary at Chicago, Ill. Upon his graduation in 1909, he became a field missionary on behalf of the Icelandic Lutheran Church, serving primarily districts in northern Manitoba. About this time, he met Thorbjorg Jonsson, daughter of pioneer homesteaders Methusalem and Asa Jonsson, who were in fact the first Icelanders to settle in that area, and named their new home ‘Ar-Bakki’, later to become Arborg. Sigurdur and Thorbjorg were married at Arborg in 1916, and took up residence at Langruth, Man. They had one son, Luther, who was born on Jan. 30, 1920. Thorbjorg died two weeks later on Feb·. 10. Around 1928, Sigurdur received a call to Churchbridge, Sask. to serve congregations at Concordia, Thingvalla and Logberg. Sera (Rev.) Sigurdur retired from the ministry about 1941.

He moved to Winnipeg, where he passed away in January, 1955.
Thorgerdur (Gerda) was born in Iceland on April 22, 1882. She attended school at Hecla, and then took a dressmaker’s course in Winnipeg. She set up a shop above Rollin’s store in Baldur. Gerda accompanied her parents to Winnipeg in 1918, and helped with their boarding house and did dressmaking as well. When Luther’s mother died in 1920, Gerda more or less ‘adopted’ the child. About 1921 or 1922, Gerda, along with her mother Helga and Luther, took up residence in Glenboro, Man., where she became
seamstress and dressmaker. Here they resided until 1926, at which time they moved back to Arborg, where Sigurdur had built a new home for them all.
Page 341 Source: 'Come Into Our Heritage' book available at the R. M. of Argyle, Baldur, Manitoba

Events during 1909
On June 27th, 1909 during the church convention the following theology candidates were ordained: Guttormur Guttormsson (previously mentioned in this Almanak), and Sigurður S. Christopherson. His parents are Sigurjón Kristófersson and Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir from Ytri - Neslöndum at Mývatn, now living at Baldur in Manitoba . Both have graduated from the Lutheran theological college in Chicago during the same year." Source

Gerda is mentioned here.

According to cousin Miriam, Luthers middle name is Augustine.

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Sera Sigurður S. Christopherson,
Courtesy of The Christine Smith Collection

Sigurður S. Christopherson
Son of Sigurjón Christopherson and Helga Jónsdóttir
Sigurdur Christopherson
Sera Sigurdur S. Christopherson
Not to be confused with the one that married Caroline Taylor

Courtesy of 'Come into Our Heritage'
and The Kardal Collection

1. Rev. Sigurður S. Christopherson, 1876-1955
2. Þorgerður 'Gerga' Christopherson, 1882-1955

1. Luther Christopherson 1920-

The Hernit and Helga Christopherson Page

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"Come into our Heritage" book excerpt
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Christopherson Clan Page

Luther Christopherson born January 30, 1920. Luther's aunt Gerda mor or less adopted him.
Luther married Marjorie Clayton from England in 1950. Marjorie died 1979 in California.

Courtesy of the Sig/Hank Christopherson Collection

Google Translation
21 February 1955
Highly elected MPs and guests: "The members of the national assembly council for our security are blessed language and cultural heritage. "Another Icelandic language was lost The weekly paper here in a city a year ago, it is a bold- a second exclamation on the front page, encouraged men to meet and parliament- session. The same words, spoken, or only conceived, have stirred your minds who have come here to sit here 36. National Congress of Icelanders in the Western Hemisphere.

I offer warmly welcome you to scraps and counsels, and I hope, for the perfect construction. When people rally a team will It is usually done for the advancement, or in defense of something good affairs. So it is also here and now. Team collected steering As before, these assemblies were called for security Our tongue and culture are the same. The lack of security amar that in many areas. I think not to be welcomed because it is recommended that many things are safer, less than inheritance our Icelanders here west of the sea. Due to lack of security purchase Men see various kinds of insurance. Can not we have that? some versus purchased life insurance for our tongue and cultural heritage here west? Probably the premium would be Such insurance is quite high, even higher than others believe would match the profits that come with it. We are Together to discuss these issues in brutality, so that review what has happened in the past year, and that glances over the road. The issue we are working on is great, the battle that we hate is unbearable, and. the team, who We rely on the poor and the dispersed.

As the collaborators decrease, work- the substances on their shoulders are left. Many good works- Men in the vineyard of our national politics have completed their spell in the spring of this new year, and few have been noted their job instead. These are unmanageable laws of life and the development to which we are dependent. These have died during the year, because the President is aware: Honorary members: Einar Jónsson sculptor and dr. A. H. S. Gillson University Director. Þorsteinn Sveinsson, Sveinn Pálma- son, Jóhanna Hólm, Böðvar Magnússon, George Cooney, Hjörtur Brandsson, Einar Thomson, Gudmundur Jóhannes- son, Sigurður Christopherson (Must be Sera as GGF was passed by 1955), Finnur Johnson, Salome Backman, Magnús Árnason, Sigrid Hall, Sigvaldi Nordal, Andrew Daníelsson, Sigurður Sigurðsson, Friðrik Fljozdal, Þorbjörn Magnússon.

The board of directors of the company has had many meetings with in the year. Have they been held in the snow, but little The company's office in the old schoolhouse on Home Street. is It also partly accommodates a bookshelf and an anti- collection, so that there is no space available when ten people are have come in there, but attendance has always been found good and cooperative. The topic of the meetings is been similar to the previous years. The double attitude In our national politics we have been discussed, that of the Is- country turns, and the prospects and efforts of spring here at home. If To be true, it can be said that equal proportions have not been found This discussion, or more and more has been watched eastern direction, but in the fields of work that demand our attention here and now. But the light from the east still illuminates us, and it will be while this club stands. Quench it in full, will be soon on our way. Therefore we think so essential for all our patrimonial activities, that we let it be a flame of light, and we will give thanks to its barks and spells as far as possible. But of course it is not enough to sit with crucified hands and staring at the eastern bjarma; Our role is to bring him out on the plains to We do not fierce in hell, and all stubbornness, mind, tongue and hand.

Dr. Richard Beck, former president of the company, has Again in the new year, the team brought its point to various quit, especially as a representative of her in the trip of the couple to Iceland last summer, but the company's management committee hid him that representative work. He conveyed the greetings of the company and West Icelanders at the 10th anniversary of the Icelandic people- expelled in Reykjavik, on June 17, in addition to the Prestasti- Unni, Sjómanna Day and Skálholt Festival, and on numerous other gatherings all over the country; were many of His speeches broadcast, and they all worked out nation. Mun dr. Beck yourself make a further account the stay in Iceland and the receptions there. Then west came from Iceland and North Iceland, Dr. Beck when moved between 15 and 20 talks and discussions about the trip in North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba, ...
Continued in Icelandic

Luther wearing tie
Courtesy of the Sig/Hank Christopherson Collection

Bad Translation
Séra Sigurður S. Christopher-son died died Saturday in Victorian Hospital. He was 77 years old. he was ordained in 1909 and had a priest- service at Churchbridge Saski. and Silver Bay, Langruth and Oak Point in Manitboa until 5 years ago, he left off the priesthood. His wife Thorbjörg daughter of Metusalam Jónsson died after their short cohabitation of the couple. One son had them. Called He Luther and is alive. Be a goodfather from the first IUT. church in Winnipeg yesterday, but with the body gone north Árborg for burial. Séra V. J. Eylands moved the greetings, An outfit commanded A. S. Bardal funeral agency.

Source: PDF
Source: Text in Icelandic:

Sigurjon Family
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Sera Sigurður S. Christopherson,
Thorgerdur 'Gerda' Christopherson,
Sigurjón Christopherson and Helga Jónsdóttir

Courtesy of 'Come into Our Heritage'
and The Pat Deasley Collection


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