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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Herbert Christopherson
Herbert 'Herb' Thorarinn Christopherson Born August 2nd, 1900, Grund District, Baldur, Manitoba, Manitoba.
Herb died 03 AUG 1960. Herb's father was the brother of Roy's Great Grandfather, Sigurdur. His name was Hernit
. Roy and Mike Christopherson had the pleasure of meeting two of Herb's daughters in August, 2013.
Mike and Roy visited our cousins who are descended from Hernit Christopherson. We had a very enjoyable time
connecting with them. They graciously shared old vintage family photos with us. See the Main Photo page for the
new slideshow albums being posted there. Read more about Hernit), pronounced (Hair-Net), on his page here.
More to come...

Herbert and 1st radio in area
Herbert was one of the first in the area who built a radio. More from the transcription to be posted here.
Courtesy of the Pat Dearsley Collection

He is also one of the few photographed with an Icelandic sheep. Roy has been tying to help a writer,
Thorgeir regarding Sigurdur and Icelandic Ponies.
Herbert Christopherson
Herbert Christopherson and Icelandic Sheep
Courtesy of the Pat Dearsley Collection

Herb married Emily on 16 SEP 1935 Baldur, Manitoba, Manitoba.
This is union of the Christophersons and Isberg families.
Emily Christopherson's daughter - Dorothy ref. pg 46 P.L.

Herbert & Emily ISBERG Christopherson
Courtesy of the CIOH book

Herbert and Emily's four daughters.
In 2013, Mike and Roy visited with the two sisters in the center.

Hernit's family is mentioned online here.

Emily is the youngest daughter of Beggi and Borga Isberg. See Isberg Clan Page.

Emily is mentioned online here Emily Isberg

From Rick Johnson,
My Mother was Marguerite Christopherson, Daughter of Herbert and Emily (nee Isberg) She married Tryggvi Johnson Junior, son of Tryggvi and Sigrun (nee Skardal). ...

From Laara
"Regarding the Isberg-Christopherson family connection, yes my dad's youngest sister Emily Isberg, daughter of
Beggi and Borga Isberg, married Herb Christopherson, brother of John, Siggi, Veiga (Helgason), Joe, etc. Emily
and Herb's daughters are Marguerite married Tryggvi Johnson (both deceased), Living Christopherson-Tytgat,
Living Dearsley, and Living Thorunson. I don't personally know of any other connection between the Isberg-Christopherson family, but Living Dearsley might know. Emily's second marriage, after Herb's death, was to Donald Craik.
Emily was only in her mid-sixties when she died of cancer, predeceased by Don.

Herbert Christopherson , born 2 AUG 1900
Grund District, Baldur, Manitoba, Manitoba
Son of Hernit and Bjorg Bjornson Christopherson

Married Emily ISBERG

Nephew of Sigurdur Christopherson

1. Sigurveig 'Veiga' CHRISTOPHERSON Helgason
2. Herbert Thorrinn Christopherson, 1900

1. Marguerite CHRISTOPHERSON Johnson
3. Living CHRISTOPHERSON Dearsley
4. Living CHRISTOPHERSON Thorunson

Emily is Wife of 1st cousin 2x removed of Roy C.



Herbert Christopherson
Herbert Christopherson
Courtesy of the Dorothy Tytgat Collection

Herb passed away at a young age and Emily Christopherson re-married
Emily Married Don Craik in 1965. His parents were Fred and Jessie Craik.
Jessie and Fred on their wedding day
Fred and Jessi, parents of Don,
Emily nee Isberg Christopherson's
2nd Husband (Don)

Courtesy of "Come into Our Heritage" book
Jessie and Fred on their wedding day in 1912
Fred was born in 1881. He married Jessie Urquhart in Gewge I917·
1912. They had six sons; Bill, Douglas, Harold, Donald (D.J.), Gerald and Roy. "Fred spent the greater part of his life as a representative George was born in 1884.
He married Elsie Dillabough for Massey Harris in Alberta, Saskatchewan and on
Jan. 4, 1917. George came back from his homestead Manitoba. He then farmed on
the Bill Sampson place in Guernsey, Sask. and took lra’s place on the farm until where
D.J. and his wife, Emily Christopherson, 1922. remained from the time of their marriage in 1965, until They farmed for a time, then operated a hotel in 1976 when they moved to Baldur. Baldur for many years. George served as caretaker of Fred and Jessie retired
to the village of Greenway in Baldur Hospital for several years. 1965, where they lived until fire destroyed their home in They resided in Argyle Lodge, then Prairie View
Lodge January, 1974. Fred died shortly after, in March, 1974. in Pilot Mound, and
lastly in Central Park Lodge in Jessie moved to the Argyle Lodge in Baldur where
she Winnipeg, where George died in April of 1980, and Elsie resided until April of
1980. She is now in Virden near her in October, 1981.
son Gerald and his wife, Ruth Enns. George and Elsie had one son, Murray, and
one Bill died in March of 1979, and his wife, Marjorie daughter, Alice. Stoner, in 1976. Murray joined the R.C.A.F. in 1940, and was reported
Douglas lives in Coleman, Alta. missing over Germany and presumed dead.
Harold lives in Edmonton and has two sons. Alice was a telephone operator, then worked for the Gerald lives in Virden with his wife, Ruth (Enns). They Royal Bank in Baldur and Winnipeg. ln 1949 she married have two daughters, Kathy (Cameron)
and Stephanie. Douglas Ingram, who was manager of various branches
Roy lives in Edmonton. Roy has three children; his son of the Royal Bank of Manitoba and in Geraldton, Ont.
Randy is the only grandson to carry on the Craik name. They have two sons: George and John. They now reside Bill, Harold and D.] . served in WWII. _ in Winnipeg.
Page 370

Courtesy of "Come into Our Heritage" book
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