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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Sigurborg 'Borga' Kristófersdóttir Hallgrímsson

Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir Hallgrímsson, born 27 Sep 1855, Iceland. [1] Died 02 Apr 1923 [1].
Married to Bæring Hallgrímsson.

Bæring [Byring] Hallgrímsson was briefly mentioned here above. He was born 8 April 1853 at Vík in Flateyjardalur, Northern Iceland. His parents were Hallgrímur Hallgrímsson (1819-1873) and Sesselja Þorsteinsdóttir (1825-1855) In 1883 he married Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, Sigurður Christopherson's sister. One of Bæring's siblings was Sigurgeir Hallgrímsson who emigrated in 1893 with his wife Guðrún Rósa Jónsdóttir and five children: Snæbjörn, Kristín, Guðrún, Bæring and Sigtryggur. and the carpenters, Bæring Hallgrímsson and Árni Sveinsson, who built the church (Grund, MB) or at least oversaw the work. Bæring Hallgrímsson was briefly mentioned here above.
SOURCE: http://www.halfdan.is/news/newsletter_039.htm Age at death: 67 years old Ameríku [1].

From 'Come Into Our Heritage' , [3] Book is still in print and Available from the R.M. Office of Argyle
From as simple an item as a rolling pin, to a hand-carved clock shelf or pulpit, to the impressive structure of a church, or the sturdy houses still standing in the Grund district, nothing was too difficult for this man's talented hands.

Byring [Bæring] was born in lceland, April 8, 1853. There he learned woodworking and carpentry and went to Denmark for further training in this craft. On Dec 20, 1883 in the Argyle Municipality, he married Borga [Sigurborg] Kristofersdottir who was born Sept. 21, 1866. The wedding was held at her brother's home in Grund with Rev. Hoskins as minister. Their first home was in Winnipeg, where Byring worked on the building of the city hall on the corner of Main and Market. He wasn't at all impressed by the construction work done on the building and declared it would never stand up. A few weeks after completion, true to Byring's prediction, the new city hall tumbled to the ground!

[Wikipedia: Construction of a new City Hall commenced in 1875. The building proved to be a structural nightmare, and eventually had to be held up by props and beams. The building was eventually demolished so that a new City Hall could be built in 1883. A new City Hall building was constructed in 1886. It was a "gingerbread" building, built in Victorian grandeur, and symbolized Winnipeg's coming of age at the end of the 19th century. The building stood for nearly 80 years.]

In 1888, Byring and Borga bought SW 15-6-14, where they farmed and there was much demand in the area for his trade, often working with another excellent carpenter, Arni Sveinsson.
Byring and Borge [sic] had six children.
1. & 2. Twin girls died at birth.
3. Carrie was born May 27, 1887 [Manitoba] and died Dec. 27, 1972. She married Jacob Helgason. They had one son, named for his grandfather, Byring, born Feb 23, 1921. [Byring Helgason]

4. Emil was born Dec. 11, 1889. He died Oct. 3, 1976. He farmed his father's farm with his brother Edwin. He never married.

5. Sigrún Lilja [a.k.a. Runa] was born May 28, 1892. She married Eric Hall and lived at Dauphin. They had one son, Alvin [Alvin Hall] and one daughter, Elva Oriis, who died at the age of two. Sigrun [Runa] died Sept. 25, 1967.
[ Roy scanned the photos Hank had marked Runa (nee) Byring mother of Alvin Hall. The photo taken at the Frelsis church got this page going again, and it all started fitting together]
children: 1) Carrie Cadalbjorn Hallgrimson (b. may 1887 manitoba); 2) Emil Simons Hallgrimson (b. dec 1889 manitoba); 3) Sigman Lillia Hallgrimson (b. may 1892 manitoba); 4) Edwin Peter Hallgrimson (b. 1897)

Found an Alvin A. Hall buried in British Columbia

Image 3336_SCAN
Sigrun Lilja ' Runa' HALLFRIMSSON Hall
Byring and Borga Hallgrimsson's Daughter
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection
Image 3442_SCAN
Possibly Sigrun Lilja
' Runa'
HALLGRIMSSON Hall and colt
Byring and Borga Hallgrimsson's Daughter
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection
Possibly Alvin Hall
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection

Kjartan and The Hallgrimssons
Unknown, Emil or Edwin Hallgrimsson?. #3 Stina, Kjartan's sister-in-law, Unknown, Kjartan 'Kay', John Christopherson
Sitting: Unknown woman and child - Carrie?, Byring, Borga, unknown,
Front: Sigrún Lilja
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection

IMG_2335b Cropped
Left: Ranka, Right: Runa HALLGRIMSSON Hall
Rest are unknown and not is other photos
Center back is NOT Byring
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection

6. Edwin Peter was born March 12, 1897 . He died Aug. 31, 1976. He never married.

When Borga passed away April 2, 1923, Byring continued living with his sons. Eventually his daughter Carrie and her small son moved in with them to keep house. Young Byring attended Hecla school, later going out to work for neighbors and also helping his uncles at home. As a teenage boy he was, of course, interested in cars and soon became the proud owner of a "Chevy"! Eventually the elder Byring was afflicted with "palsy" - the talented hands were no longer steady enough to make beautiful and useful things. His health gradually deteriorated and he passed away Feb. 11, 1941.

Carrie and young Byring moved to Vancouver in 1945 where Byring met and later married, on Oct. 8, 1949. Rose Macher from Austria. They have four children. Carrie was gradually losing her sight and she her home with them.
Carrie Cadalbjorn Hallgrimson Helgason is buried with her parents at the Grund Cemetery.

Byring Hallgrimsson and Rose Macher
1. Kenny
2. Eddie
3. Elva
4. Frankie
[If you know, please contact Roy]. Byring's nephew, Mike Hallgrimsson recently contacted me.

Emil and Edwin continued farming and batching until they died. They enjoyed old friends and neighbors stopping by for a visit and a"political" argument. They had two cats. In their own words, "The female is quite skittish and silly" - they called her Judy LaMarsh. "The male is a very smart and crafty cat" - they called him Diefenbaker - which might tell us something of their politics!
Courtesy of the 'Come Into Our Heritage' book available at the R.M. of Argyle District Office. pp 454 , [3]

Bæring Hallgrímsson helped build or oversaw the construction of the Grund Frelesis Lutheran Chruch.
Married Sigurdur's sister.

Here are two photos of possibly our Hallgrimsson's farm. Now the photo showing the odd roofline threw Roy at first and now wonders if it was indeed Byring who built or helped build Sigurdur's homstead in the Argyle district?
They certainly helped each other as noted in Barn raising stories in 'Come into our Heritage' book. Notice the curved roof. Yet in the 1st long distance view, there is no white strip at the center of it. Perhaps painted in at some time. This is NOT Grund. The land is too flat! Grund has a slope (Roy is guessing, as he has NEVER been there), this property is prarrie flat. Roy has seen Halgrimmson pop up from time to time, yet never thought there was a Union of the Christophersons and Halgrimssons. Yes there was!

Sigríður Kristófersdóttir had many siblings, nine at the least. Six of them emigrated to Canada.
1) Sigríður Kristófersdóttir (1843-1924) married Guðni Jónsson (1835-1909) in Baldur, Argyle. In my files are ten of their children.
2) Sigurjón Kristófersson (1844-1920), farmer in Argyle, married Helga Jórunn Jónsdóttir (1853-1934). I have two of their children.
3) Hernit Kristófersson (1850-1928) married Þóra Sigurðardóttir (1856-1897), their son was Pétur Hernitsson (1881-??).
4) Lilja Kristófersdóttir (1851-1909).
5) Pétur Kristófersson (1853-1922), farmer in Argyle, married Sigurveig Ólafsdóttir (1852-1931), three children.
6) Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir (1855-1923) married Bæring Hallgrímsson (1853-1941)., [1]

If you are family with information and photos, please contact Roy.

[1] The Emigration from Iceland to North America, The Weekly Newsletter - Nr 39

Arni, son of the Arni below, let's refer to him as Arni (2), was Roy's father, Theodore 'Ted's best man at his wedding to Pauline Einarson.
He is pictured here.

Árni Sveinsson was born 6 Nov 1851, the son of Sveinn Árnason and Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir, farmers in Fáskrúðsfjörður in East Iceland. He emigrated in 1876 to New Iceland at the same time as his future wife Guðrún Helga Jónsdóttir (1855-1937). In 1882 they moved to Argyle and later to Glenboro where Árni built his home, regarded as one of the most prominent in the district. Árni and Guðrún Helga had eight children:
1) Jón, farmer in Argyle, later a blacksmith in Baldur. His wife was Sigurveig Sigurbjörnsdóttir Jóhannsson.
2) Sveinn.
3) Guðný, married Gunnar Matthíasson in Los Angeles, son to Matthías Jochumsson, the well known minister and poet in Iceland.
4) Ingibjörg, married to Halldór J. Eggertsson in Winnipeg.
5) Albert, married Anna Theodorsdóttir Jóhannsson in Argyle.
6) Guðfinna, married to Ásgeir J. Hallgrímsson. They lived in Edmonton and later in Los Angeles.
7) Anna, Mrs. Lowe in Westminister, B.C.
8) Sigrún, Mrs. Finley, in Winnipeg.


IIMG_6355_SCAN The Einarsons
For a fact, this is the Einarsons, possibly outside Hallgrimsson Homestead. Having visited, this is NOT Grund. Vern reminded me of the roof's style, it is a Mansard roof, French.

UPDATE: Roy now believes this is the Halgrimsson farm

Could have been on the way to church, mom said Anderson's were close neighbors to the Einarsons.
Donna's Great Granddaughter

Part of the Green album.

Courtesy of Pauline Einarson Collection
August 2013 - The Hallgrimssons house in the Argyle District
Thanks to Mike Christopherson, the photo on the right
compared to this photo from the Green Album IS the Hallgrimsson house.

On the left where the window is, they added a section onto the house. There is a scalloped wood trim under the eve, and the structure matches.

The corner vertical wood trim is now gone

Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection

Hallgrimsson Grave Marker
Grave marker at Grund Cemetery, MB
Byring Hallgrimsson 1853-1941
Sigurborg 'Borga' 1855-1923
Carrie Helgason Daughter 1887-1972

Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection
Cool, looks like most of the grave markers are at this location. Now to cross-check with above , [67]

If this forum is accurate, it holds the answers to who the others are in the above grave marker photos and vintage photos of ones like Thorstein. Preparing emails of persons posting on the forums.
NOV 16, 2013 I believe I have enough here that confirms below are Byring's siblings.

Hallgrimson family in Manitoba

This follow-up covers many more.

Hallgrimur "einhenti" (one-handed) Hallgrimson
who was born in 1819 in Flatey A Skjalfanda, SudurThingyjarsysla, Iceland Hallgrimur married Sesselja Thorsteinsdottir (1825) in 1844 [3]

Their Children are:
Thorsteinn Hallgrimson (1844) has photo
m. Ingunn Jonatansdottir Lindal [1]
Then married
Elisabet Hallgrimsdottir Helgason Hallgrimson & 3 children Has photo of Elisabet
By Mr. Bingeman
More Elisabet Hallgrimsdottir Helgason family

Sigurgeir Hallgrimson born in 1845 [2] (1.Hallgrímur1) was born 18 Sep 1845, í Vík.
Bóndi í Fjósatungu í Fnjóskadal. Ameríku.

Married: Guðrún Rósa Jónsdóttir. Guðrún (daughter of Jón Jónasson and Guðný Sigurðardóttir) was born 1852; died Yes, date unknown.

  1. 11. Snæbjörn Sigurgeirsson  was born 23 Apr 1882, Fjósatunga, Illugastaðasókn, Fnjóskadal, S. Þingeyjarsýsla; died 22 Feb 1959, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  2. 12. Kristín Sigurgeirsdóttir  was born 13 Sep 1883.
  3. 13. Indíana Guðrún Sigurgeirsdóttir  was born 19 Dec 1884, á Ljótsstöðum, Fnjóskadal, S-Þingeyjarsýsla.
  4. 14. Guðrún Sigurgeirsdóttir  was born 01 Jan 1888, á Ljótsstöðum, Fnjóskadal, S-Þingeyjarsýsla; died 1978.
  5. 15. Bæringur Sigurgeirsson  was born 26 Mar 1890, á Ljótsstöðum, Fnjóskadal, S-Þingeyjarsýsla.
  6. 16. Sigtryggur Sigurgeirsson  was born 09 Jan 1892, á Ljótsstöðum, Fnjóskadal, S-Þingeyjarsýsla.
    Source: http://www.icelandicrootsdatabase.com

Jon Hallgrimson (1848) [3]

Byring Hallgrimson (1853) [3] See top of page

Hans Hallgrimson born 1855 [2]

Gudrun Hallgrimson born in 1850 [2]
source 1
source 2
source 3

Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir Hallgrímsson
Daughter of Kristófer Andresson and Sigurveig Sigurðardóttir
Borga Hallgrimsson
Borga Hallgrimsson
Courtesy of The Pat Dearsley Collection

1. Sigurborg Kristófersdóttir, , b. 23 Apr 1841 d. 29 May 1841, [73] (died at one month old)
2. Kristveig Kristófersdóttir, b. 25 Apr 1842-1880, [73]
3. Sigríður Kristófersdóttir Jónsson, b. 26 May 1843
4. Sigurjon Christopherson, b. 05 Oct 1844
5. Gudbjorg Kristófersdóttir, b.8 June 1846, 7 Sept 1846, [73]
6. Gudny Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
7. Gudrun Kristófersdóttir, b. 30 May 1847, d. 30 May 1847, [73] (Twins)
8. Sigurdur Kristofersson, b. 09 Jul 1848 d. Mar 1921
now Christopherson
9. Hernit Christopherson, b. 01 Jul 1850
10. Lilja Ingibjörg Kristófersdóttir, b. 16 Dec 1851
11. Peter/Pjetur/Pétur Christopherson, b. 24 Sep 1853
12. Sigurborg Hallgrimsson , b. 27 Sep 1855
13. Kristján Kristófersson, b. 30 Oct 1858. d. 6 Dec 1859, [73]
died at 1 yr old

1. Died at birth
2. Died at Birth
3. Carrie HALLGRIMSSON Helgason, b.1887
3a. Byring Helgason
4. Emil Hallgrimsson, b. 1889
5. Sigrun Lilja [Runa] HALLGRIMSSON Hall, b 1892
5a. Alvin Hall
6. Edwin Peter Hallgrimsson, b. 1897

Skardal Family Collection

Read about Sigurdur's Siblings
"Come into our Heritage" book excerpt
Photos included

Christopherson Clan Page

Main Photo Page Albums

2186 Roy Christopherson Collection
Byring and Borga Hallgrimsson
Courtesy of the Argyle District Collection

Unknown woman and baby and Borga
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection

Unknown man
While he looks like Byring Hallgrimsson, comparing to facial features, seems a match, but the man is heavier and not Byring. Studying image 2135 which is of Byring, the eyebrows and ears are different. Perhaps his brother? The photos of Runa appear to be the same time period, so this fellow is not an older version of Byring, he is someone else. Regardless, I always thought it a very cool photo of sleding in the snow.
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection

IMG_2312b Cropped
Unknown man Unknown, woman above, Halldor C., Ranka C.,
Byring and Borga Hallgrimsson,
Courtesy of the SIG & Hank Christopherson Collection