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Gudbrandur Einarson and Mary Jakobina Sigvaldson
Gudbradur as boy gudbrandur
Gudbrandur Einarson
Mary Sigvaldson Einarson
Mary 'Sigvaldson' Einarson
Gudbrandur sitting on the floor as a boy.
as a boy
Spitting image of my brother Ron
at age 18 and his son Henry. Uncanny!
Married Mary Jakobina Sigvaldson from MN, daughter of Arni (Arni, Ernst/Earnest) and Gudrun Sigvaldson. Spelled Sigvaldason in Iceland.
Children of Gudbrandur and Mary

2nd Generation in Canada

Henry Einarson (Left), Lloyd Einarson (not shown), Pauline Einarson Christopherson (Right), Emily Einarson Enns (not shown) and Ama Gudrun Sigvaldson? Two twins ?

henry Einarson

Image 902 Lloyd einarson Emily Einarson Enns
Henry Einarson
Pauline 'Einarson' Christopherson
Lloyd Einarson
Emily 'Einarson' Enns

Pauline's family in United States of America.
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for Henry, Lloyd and Emily's family.

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