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Meet my Relatives
Julius Branch

Mom met them and could never figure out how they are related

Revised: June 30, 2015

Hans Julius Gudbrandsson, b. July 3, 1861, Hans took the name of Julius as a surname. Having visited aunt Em, now have a simple tree she did in a scrapbook. Once finished with processing thousands of photos from my Cousins 2014 Trip, will post the connection here. Least with this page, won't forget. Source Emily Enns

Hans Julius was the brother of Roy's GGM, Soffia Gudbrandsdottir. I believe Henry is his son. Karl Julius is the son of Henry. That is the connection. So a descendant of Hans would be Roy's 4th cousin.

Carl spent time with the Vopni's (Fusi & Gudbjorg-Soffia's sister) and is noted as a foster child. Soffia's sister was married into the Vopni family. Roy's mother, Pauline and Emily's 1st cousin was the grandson, Carl. He had three children. (add pic of 1st cousins Carl Julius and avi - Gudbrandur Einarson)

IMG_6365_SCAN from Green Album
Carl Julius, Helga, Mr. and Mrs. Vopni

Carl Julius from Point Roberts, Sept 1929

Einar left who should be below.

Pauline Christopherson (Left) visiting with The Julius family in 1980's. I believe she said Einar is seated next to her.

The Green Album Project has been completed. Will eventually post link


Hans Julius
son of

1. Karl
2. Hjortur Levi (Henry) 1888-1952
4. Lilja
5. Henry Julius

Point Roberts, WA