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Meet our Great Great Grandfather - Taylor Branch

William Stewart Taylor

1. Taylor Jr., Richard - abt.1808, [31]
?. Elizabeth TAYLOR (2) - 1811
2. Taylor, John -1812-1884, [31]
3. Taylor, Abel - 1815 - 1838
4. Taylor, Alfred - JUL 9, 1817, [31]
5. Taylor, George - abt. 1823, [31]
6. Taylor, Mary - SEP 9 1820
7. Taylor, Maria - Oct 28 1821
9. Frances 'Fanny' TAYLOR Moore 1823-1909 , [31]
8. Henrietta TAYLOR NOBLE - 1825, [31]
10. TAYLOR Croney, Caroline - 1827, [31]
11. TAYLOR Hearn (1), Jane - 1828-1903 , [31]
12. Taylor, William Stewart - 
August 9th, 1830-1903, [31]
As many as 21 children, many died young-see Taylor RnD

The Birth Place or William S. Taylor
John Taylor
John Taylor Page 2 - Barbados
Enmore Plantation
Taylor Research RnD page
Slimmons RnD page
Life & Times of John Taylor
The Miriam & Ken Westereng Collection
at the Main photo Page Met my Grandparents by Roy Einar Christopherson" target="_parent">Wm Taylor Bible
The Tale of Bowman Leslie
Roy's Great Great Grandfather
William Stewart Taylor,
son of Richard Taylor , born 8th May 1786 in
Bristol [1], Somerset, England and Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES , born 31 Mar 1797 in Barbados [1]. m. 1807,
d. Mar 31, 1860 Ernestown, Ont. Burial Apr 2

William Stewart Taylor
Susie's Father
Courtesy of The C.B.M. Collection
Required Reference credit required:
" This photo was saved as part of family
memorabilia found at Ytranes, the Surrey,
British Columbia h
Marriage 1. Isabelle SLIMMONS/
(see Slimmons RnD)
1. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR Carpenter (3) 1851 - 1913
Anna TAYLOR Ballard JAN 12, 1854-FEB 27, 1894, age 40
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. baby Martha Taylor 1858 Kingston, d.Mar 6, 1863 age5
5. baby Fanny Taylor b.about 1859 - d. bef 1861
6. baby Richard TAYLOR 1858 Kingston
d.Jul 6 1863 a5, S.Fever
7. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929
8. Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 12 1861 [33] - 1938
Marriage 2. Eliza Jane McNeil Taylor 1825 - 1920, [33] d. 1883 (stoneMarker)
1. William 'Willie' Henry Taylor, b. 1868-1941, [33]
2, Herbert 'Bert' or 'Bertie' Stewart Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945, [33]
3. Isabella TAYLOR Badger, b. 17 Jun 1874 at Lansing Michigan

Marriage 3: Sigridur Thorarinson
Fridrik Sveinson from previous marriage
William and Sigridur had no children together
1. BIO - 1830
Born in England, August 8 (see) or 9th, 1830 [51].
Baptism Sept. 20, 1830, Parish of St. Marys Lambeth, Country of Surrey. [33] Died March 2nd, 1903 [MAR 1904]-WRONG The exact time of death was 11PM, Sunday Evening, March 1, 1903 in Baldur, MB with his wife Sigrudur, while in
Source Ltr-C.Christopherson - IMG_7351. Any family related to Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson is related to Wm. here. William's parents lived in the West Indies (Barbados/Barbadoes) for many years. His mother was visiting her parents (check) in England when William was born. William grew up in the West Indies, and when, he was 18 years old he came to America with his older brother and settled at Kingston, Ontario, Canada around 1848. William married Isabella Slimmons/Sleman on _. Born 1830 in Ireland or NY. Isabella died of TB on 12 June, 1865,Kingston, Ontario. Family lore states her father had a foundry. Read full research on Isabelle and her family branch.
William's Christening Record

Wm Stewart Taylor was baptised at the Parish St. Mary Lambeth Sept 10, 1830

One of the most consistent family stories is where William was born. There is a whole page now dedicated to this question here with all the family stories. Supplied with the Baptism taking place in the County of Surrey, which is south of London and quite far from the Arundel Castle, Roy was puzzled by a month and a half later, William was Baptized so far away from the "supposed family home of Arundel"? Stumbling upon the following while searching for William's daughter Anna's middle initial, having a 2nd 'large' home near the Parish of St. Marys, might be the answer. Least until a trip to England takes place.

Surrey The Deepdene was a Georgian house and once the seat of the Howard family. The 11th Duke of Norfolk, however, preferred his estate in Arundel, so in 1807 sold The Deepdene to the rich Hope banking family. 1830, not part of the Horad estates.

Derbyshire Glossop Dale was once an estate that also belonged to the Howard family.
In 1925, the Howards sold up, the heir of the time having unhappy memories associated with the place; he hadn’t got on with his stepmother and his younger brother had been killed in World War I. Plus, his wife had an estate that he preferred, Carleton Towers in Yorkshire. Middle of England. Map

Castle Howard, FAR north of London, Map, Family Members

William Stewart Taylor, of the city and county of Edinburgh , North Britain , Civil Engineer , NO relation to us.

According to one family member, Back left is Annie TAYLOR Ballard, William Taylor, Back right Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, Front left Jane TAYLOR Hearn, and front right, Susie TAYLOR Briem
There is no known photo of Anna, or Elizabeth. Ones of Jane and Susie are in a Private collection.
Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection

In 1861 William and Isabella were living at in Portland, Ontario, Canada in 1861, as uncovered by Roy's Cousin 2014 Trip.

In the year 1867, William Stewart Taylor moved to Michigan, U.S.A., and lived there until the fall of 1875, when he moved to Nyja Island (New Iceland). He homesteaded south of Kjalvik, but in 1877 he moved further north to Vidir River where he took a homestead and farmed there until 1881, when he moved to "Argyle" municipality, where he farmed north of Baldur. His home was on the hill known as "Taylor's Hill"-"Taylor's Lake" was along the road below the hill.
Taylor Lake in MBTaylor Lake in Manitoba, Canada
Also there is a Taylor Hill named after them, which is west of the lake. A road runs North to south right through Taylor Lake.

William was married three times. His first wife was Isabella Slimmons [a.k.a. Isabella Sleaman, Elizabeth, Isabella Slemins, or Belle, short for Isabella] from England [incorrect: it was Ireland]. They were married on August 15th, 1851. She died in 1868/of tuberculosis. They had five daughters-Isabella (Slimmons) Taylor (of Irish descent was a daughter of John [May be wrong first name] Slimmons of C.W. [Sleaman or Slemins] of England [Ireland]. The five daughters are; Elizabeth, Annie, Caroline, Susan and Jane [See children-right column]. Caroline was nine years old when her mother died. All five of the daughters went to live with their uncle John Taylor for a time, during the sad period of mourning.

When William Taylor married again on April 15, 1876 to Eliza McNil [Check this should be NcNeil], then Caroline and Annie came home, but Elizabeth got married when sixteen years old, Susie and Janie lived with Uncle John Taylor. William and Eliza had three children, William Henry and Herbert (Bert), both living in California, and one daughter, Isabella. Isabella married Thomas Badger, who farmed on NE 10-6-14 in the municipality of Argyle-half way between Baldur and the town of Glenboro. Their farm was the next farm north of Sigurdur & Carrie Christopherson's farm. Isabella (Belle) was partly brought up by her half-sister Caroline (Carrie), and she learned to speak the Icelandic language, as did her sisters, Carrie and Susan(Briem). Eliza died in January, 1884. Her gravestone shows Eliza Jane b. 1887 d. 1883.
...More on Eliza (re-check dates)

William Taylor's third wife was Sigridur, widow of Svein Thorarinson (the mother of Fridrik Sveinson or later known as Fred Swanson), who was a painter and decorator in Winnipeg. William Taylor was, like his brother John, a very sincere friend to the Icelanders, and lived among them in the Icelandic settlements both at Nyja Island(Gimli)area and in Argyle, and he was like one of them He was a very jovial character. He lived on the road between Grund and Baldur-on the hill known, as "Taylor's Hill", and below a little lake called "Taylor's Lake". I found out recently that the "Roll Curtain" on the stage in Argyle Hall (known later as "Grund Hall") was painted by Fred Swanson. It is too bad that it was destroyed, but it had become very brittle and torn and soiled. There was a scenic painting on it. This is translated from "Landnamssogu Nyja Island" by Thorleif Jackson-Page 102 ...More on Sigridur
DOC_0081_WilliamStuartTaylorBio (Roy Christopherson Collection)


Map shows the town of two families living at Hartington, Ontario. Met one of them who mentioned they had a Taylor in the family. Wonder if that might have been one of William's English cousins? Taylor is a common name. William's lot is colored in Yellow. Photo of the field I believe is their actual property I walked. The star in the middle was a mark I placed during the visit. Now anyone visiting the location has a pinpoint of exactly where it was. Only an old outer and inner wooden fence remain. The underlying map with the names is from 20 years later.

About June 2014, Roy drove all around Kingston, Ontario. London, Guelph, Clinton, missed tara, Kinmount, stayed at Minded, Haliburton, Kinmount, Kingston for 7 days, Ernestown/Bath, Hartington (Portland, ONT), Toronto. In Hartington, visited with one of the only two oldest families in Hartington ONT, which is the 1/2 block long town west of William Taylor's old farmstead. Only two businesses there that each own; Gas Station, and a Tractor Dealership. Walked into the Tractor dealership and met their son, the father, and eventually the mother. Smallest town I ever visited. They were very kind. They had a Taylor who married into their family there. Have not had time to research him. The husbands wife was kind enough to give me a copy of their Family tree. There were two fields partially enclosed by old wooden fences (see photo below), on the old Taylor property, probably built by our GGGF William S. Taylor. I walked halfway through the first field, but being summer, and semi high dry grass with no boots on, did not want a rattler on me. Nor any buckshot for tresspassing. I saw no structures, but they lived in a 1 story Log Cabin.

For some reason, none of the girls birth certificates have been online, nor anything on Isabella or William & John's parents death certificates. Have successfully found almost all of our current 3rd cousins under Carolines's sisters!

Susie Briem tried to connect her son Sigurdur with his cousin Percival Hearn. This gave me the leads to find our 3rd cousin, Florence in Florida. She grew up as a child near GF Kay's house in SF. Florence is the only grandchild of Anna TAYLOR Ballard, who died at age 40 in Michigan.That is why nothing is known about them. Thinking it would be great to visit with her. I wrote her and she wrote back. She has her GM's photo album. Told her she now has a ton of relatives now. Many of Caroline's sister Elizabeth's family moved to San Francisco. They all knew GF Kay.

The Richard Taylor family moved from Barbados to Kingston. A Richard had part of the same Lot as William east of Hartington.

Map showing the locations William Taylor lived at. later he moved to the Argyle District (See Taylor's Hill). Dates will be added to the locations.
As you could see, he moved ALOT in a time where travel to some areas was not easy. No local moving truck and rods to just pack up and relocate!
18__ Family settles in Kingston
1861 William, Isabella, children, and Richard and possibly Eliza farm at Portland, Ontario.

1. The Taylors moved after a short period. No homestead maps exist before this period (1851).
2. The larger map shows this homestead in relation to city of Kingston, and Bath to the left, where William's brother John lived. He was the Canadian agent for New Iceland. All 5 girls went to live with him for awhile.
3. The census states IRELAND as our GGGM Isabella's place of birth, adding to our 50% Celtic blood from our viking forefathers of Iceland, and Scandinavian kings and queens. We even have pre-Russian blood (Rus)
GGM Caroline was only 6 years old.
Sisters; Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR Lapham-Carpenter of Portland, Oregon.
Anna F. TAYLOR Ballard of Michigan,
Martha, who died young and was buried with her mother Isabella in Kingston. She would have been Caroline's sister.
Fanny, which I am still researching?
Jane TAYLOR Hearn of Toronto.
Not mentioned is their brother, Richard TAYLOR 1858 - 1863, who died as an infant. Three children we did not know about. Must have been very hard to lose them. Last but not least; Susanna 'Susie' nee Taylor Briem of Iceland.

East of Hartington, Kingston, Ontario, Canada on Jamison RD, North side (see below)

Map showing census and location of William and Isabelle Taylor and families property, and spine of census book in Kingston Library. Based on Photo 20140708_202210 William was only on SE (southeast) 1/4 of Concession 7, Lot 4. They did not have the whole lot!
That would become Jas McRory property based on later map above
Possibly our Wm
Teacher Superannuation Files - 1820-1919 Series RG 2-114
Taylor, Wm. 1856 Archives of Ontario Microfilm Reference: MS 3689 source

Working on research done while in Kingston on our GGM Caroline Taylor, two census, and maps, GGGM Isabelle Taylor burial record, and as you know, their gave site, along with Williams parents, Caroline's two five year old sisters who dies, and brother Richard, and possibly another one still born. Poor Isabelle/Isabella dying in 1868 of TB. Show they moved to MI in 1867. I believe it was 1868 when she died. They lived on 50 acres in a Log house.

Each of you could look at where William Stewart Taylor's property was once at, from the comfort of your recliner! Google now has these back roads now viewable by STREET! Turns out, the marker for Hartington lands you right in the South East corner where Caroline once live, if you look North! Turns out, I was not taking photos of the wrong plot of land. ARGH!!!!! If you click this link, you should be virtually standing on Jamison Rd east of Harrowsmith, LOOKING NORTH at where Wm. lived in 1861.

Red marker is (SE corner of their 1/4 lot) Concession VII, lot 4.

Click to Enlarge

Birds Eye view of Wm Taylors Lot 1851-1867/1868 SE 1/4 of Concession VII, Lot 4

Click to Enlarge
1861 Census
Portland, Ontario, Canada - William S. Taylor and father Richard?
How cool is it to see your whole GGGF's family listed here!
Lived in a 1 Story Log House. Lot photo below by Roy
Copied Census below

William S. Taylor Farmer England W. Methodist 31
Isabella Taylor Spinster? (Wife) Ireland W. Methodist 26 [She died 7 yrs later in 1868]
Elizabeth   U. Canada W. Methodist 10
Anna   U. Canada W. Methodist 8
Caroline   U. Canada W. Methodist 6
Martha   U. Canada W. Methodist 3 [d.Mar 6, 1863 age5]
Fanny   U. Canada W. Methodist 2 [d. bef 1861]
Born after Fanny was Jane and Susanna "Susie".
This one census states our GGGM Isabella was born in Ireland, not NY.
W. Methodist
: Primitive Methodism originated in "Camp Meetings" held in the area of The Potteries at Mow Cop, Staffordshire, on 31 May 1807...
Read more at Wiki.
Click to Enlarge
1861 Agricultural Census
Portland, Ontario, Canada
Richard Taylor.....LOT: SE ?/4 8, 50 Acres - 15 just woods, 160 Bushels-Wheat,
Barley, Peas, Oats, Buck Wheat, Potatoes, Bundles of Hay.
William S. Taylor LOT: SE 1/4 6, 50 Acres - 10 just woods, 80 Bushels-Wheat, Rye, Peas, Oats,

Click to Enlarge (large images!)
1861 Census full image Portland, Ontario, Canada - William S. Taylor and father Richard?

Turns out I was photographing the wrong lot. To virtually see lot, click here.
During the Cousins Tour 2014, Roy was able to stand in the area where William farmed in Portland, east of Hartington, Ontario, Concession VII, Lot 4 (they were in SE 1/4 only).
Maybe he even built those wooden fences? Walked to the second inner fence opening up into another field. No evidence of a house there. No ticks either.

Ontario Census, 1861
Name: William Taylor Event Type: Census Event Date: 1861 Event Place: Douro, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada Enumeration District: 06 Gender: Male Age: 21 Marital Status: Single Religion: C E Birthplace: West Indies Birth Year (Estimated): 1840 Sheet Number: 11 Affiliate Film Number: C-1065-1066 Source

June 27, 1870, William and family were living in Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan
1870 Census has William 39, Eliza J. 37 NY, Anna 16, Caroline 14, William H. [Henry Taylor] 2, John h. McNeal 23, possibly related to Eliza.
Ref.: IMG_WEB_00xx__1870 US Fed Census_Related ques


Postcard dated July 10, 1875 from John Taylor to his brother William Stewart Taylor asking William for help building New Iceland Log Cabins!
Roy's other GGF; Arni Sigvaldson had also done woodwork in the state Capitol.
Obviously, at the time, George Lapham was very much part of the family.
Courtesy of The Carol Jarvie Collection

4. New Iceland 1875-1881
Not in any history books will you find Roy's Great Great Grandfather, William S. Taylor mentioned. Having lived in New Iceland from 1877 - 1880, along with his brother John. Least not the fact that his brother John sent a postcard to his sister's husband, George Lapham asking William to come to the area north of Red River to build some cabins for Icelanders. Roy's cousin, Carol has the exact postcard, letting Roy make a copy of it in 2009. It was so exhillerating of a find, Roy paid the cell companies a lot of money that evening emailing it to Riverton. Very possible this one photo of New Iceland could have the very buildings carpenter William crafted.

'No. 253 Log Cabin in Winter' New Iceland Settlement, Manitoba, Canada. Notice camera tripod to right.
Courtesy of the Gimli Library
(Roy asked librarian if OK to photograph. Only photo of the settlement he is aware of.

Have pages from Wm. S Taylor's Bible. One date is 1880
Unfortunately almost impossible to make out what is written. This image was greatly enhanced from the orginal.
You will also see Susie Christopherson's name.

Postcard dated July 10, 1875 from John Taylor to his brother William Stewart Taylor asking William for help building New Iceland Log Cabins!
Roy's other GGF; Arni Sigvaldson had also done woodwork in the state Capitol.
Courtesy of The Carol Jarvie Collection

Along Willow Creek, is Wm Taylor. Lilja Hernested's farmstead is one down, and two west of William. Sigurdur is north at Husavik.
He lived on the road between Grund and Baldur-on the hill known, as "Taylor's Hill", and below a little lake called "Taylor's Lake". (translated from "Landnamssogu Nyja Island" by Thorleif Jackson-Page 102 ). Roy's GGM, Gudrun ARRADOTTIR's brother appears to be in top right section, He was Skafti Arason.

A Christmas celebration in the style of Iceland had his brother, William Taylor—Caroline's father---, hobbling away as the old year into the west as the song of a finely dressed youth, accompanied by six sprites in white and six in green advanced as the New Year from the east. Later a social was held in the Taylor home for the entertainers and as many who could be accommodated. A school was soon started by the colonists and Caroline Taylor taught 25 to 30 people English that winter, including some adults. In custom, homeschooing was also given in reading and writing in Icelandic. In Spring, most of the families moved to their own homesteads. Sigurlaug, pregnant again, ill with scurvy herself, was so worn from nursing her children and other patients that she had to be carried in blankets the entire distance to their new homestead, Fenhring. (Gimli Saga, 1975 published by the Gimli Women's Institute.)
Carla said, Sigurlaug would be bedridden for nine weeks. Thirty six people had died the winter of 1875 and into early spring 1876, most of them of scurvy and women and children.
Courtesy of Carla Jacobs

5. Argyle District - Taylor's Hill 1881

This shows what Roy saw when taking picture below.
Grund is couple miles away, Baldur is south.
In 2013, Roy and cousin Mike Christopherson drove east of the Taylor Hill, and smack dab up the middle of Taylor Lake (lake is on both sides).

Donalee and Pat gave us cousins a great tour around Argyle District. We stopped in Mike rental car to take this photo of Taylor's Lake and Taylor's Hill in background. Where William and Elizabeth farmed. Supposedly his famm no longer being there. They moved into Baldur, then Elizabeth moved to Toronto to live with her brother. Much of this time is covered in The Life & Times of William S. Taylor, and in 100 private letters typed up by Karen Jarvie, and throught this family website created by Roy.

Often, ponder why William moved about so much. In one 1882 letter, Jane Hearn mentions that Pa (William) "they are likley to move, but I expect of will be some time in March [1882], as their time in that house expires.
Source Image 7431 Jane Hearn to Susie Briem. I believe they are at Norse landing which was by the Red River south of Gimli before moving on to Argyle District.

1902 William was visiting his son Willie in Oregon. His other son, Bert in California sent for him to visit two months. William S. was in the hospital six weeks. [79].

On loan from The Sig/Keith Christopherson Collection


Close up of name indicated by the Red arrow.


Copying out entire poems or books was not uncommon with Icelanders. Scribes who copies out or translated entire books were common centuries ago. We are spoiled having the Internet. Above is William Taylor's writtings, (Right) is book this poem was copied out. Most of the book was a ledger still with Roy on loan.

To Miriam and Bruce
Property: Lansing, Michingan, U.S.A. source: Grund Church Booklet, J.D. McFarland, Historic Resources Branch
Nationality: Scottish (again this fact is wrong, they were English
marriage: 02 Apr 1867 Isabella Slemins/Isabella Slimmons [Update 06-25-2012 - Sleaman]
wife 2 Eliza McNeil, 02 Apr 1887 (I think this fact is wrong)
wife 3 Sigridur Thorarinson, d. 1910 (no source)

In The Life & Times of William Stewart Taylor, it is written that he was a Cabinet Maker. Later, he worked on the Parliment Building at Kingston.
His brother John Taylor had adopted the two youngest girls, and when old enough to marry, left.

7. Lineage to the Duke of Norfolk

This is possibly the first time this document has been published anywhere and it is never to be reposted, reprinted, etc. without acknowledgement of Miriam Westereng, and Sig & Hank Christopherson
From 7 pages on Taylor:
Bowman Leslie
I really don't know
maybe they said Bolyne - which was cousin nom?
to the Howards (D? [notations unreadable]

Here is one of the best trees I have yet to find on this branch of our family.
Coney Family Tree
12 years old now, based on some "Green Papers".

Miriam sent me some documents written by one of the...Hearns about the Taylors. 6 page typewritten copy.
Pg 7 was a handwritten family tree. I've been meaning to track down who had the original, as it is very hard to read. It goes back to "John Taylor married Elizabeth M. Haines"

This document has been moved to it's own page, titled The Tale of Bowman Leslie.

Wikipedia on The Duke of Norfolk. The seat of the Duke of Norfolk is Arundel Castle in Sussex, although the title refers to the county of Norfolk.

Arundel Castle

RESEARCH NOTES [possible errors, do not copy] :
The house of Howard, Volume 2 By Gerald Brenan, Edward Phillips Statham Pg 651 talks about the Earl of Arundel not maintaining the Castle, yet did maintain the Grounds. He had an umbrella inside the castle when it rained. see IMG_WEB_0156_Arundel.jpg Reasarch shows one possible Duke
Henry Fitzalan-Howard, 15th Duke of Norfolk
"most prominent Roman Catholic in England",_15th_Duke_of_Norfolk Elizabeth Mary HAINES
1861 England Census
abt 184//
city, Hampshire, England
city, Hampshire

Compiling a Four Volume book on the Jones with connection to...well, you'll have to wait for Volume One to arrive !

Taylor Family Bible
Bible most likely given to William's daughter, Caroline by her uncle John Taylor. She inscribed it and gave to one of her students
(see John Taylor page)

Taylor Lake
Taylor's Hill, Manitoba, Canada
Our ancestors have been traced back to England in the 1600s. The original spelling was Heron, Hearne, and then Hearn. 9/09/2009 "ida pearl badger" which led me to next link 9/10/09 1911 Badger Census SEARCH OFF OF MARGIN NOTATION
"The Roll of Battle Abbey, in the Church of Dives, Normandy of the Companions of William, the Seventh Duke of Normandy...contains the names of Heiron and Herne. Thus we have this surname occurring on three different copies of this roll.

October 14 A. D 1066. In this battle 67,974 Englishmen were slain, besides those drowned, and 6,013 Normans. ...England with William the Conqueror

''Many who came over out of Normandy were nobles in their native country, whereby we understand them Lords and owners of such manours, towns, and castles from whence they took their denomination, or sirnames. THE BARONS HERON

For about one thousand years, the name of the Hearn family has been associated with the heron. The English word "heron"--according to the 1986 version of Webster's New World Dictionary--comes from the Middle English "heroun", which came from the Old French "hairon".

Anne Boleyn, daughter of Thomas Boleyn

To pin down a timeline of Richard Taylor military career, he was 20 in 1807 and had joined the British Army?

census The system of sale of commissions came under scrutiny during the war, especially in connection with the Battle of Balaclava, which was notable for the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade.

The staff work of the Commissariat Department, responsible for supplies and transport, proved unequal to the demands of the campaign. Supplies often arrived late, and were not distributed until they rotted. Commissariat officers adhered to arbitrary peacetime regulations, for example, refusing to issue nails in quantities less than one ton. The result was the death of many soldiers through disease (exacerbated by dietary deficiencies) and exposure during the winter of 1854–1855.[21]

The army was rebuilt with many raw recruits and young, inexperienced officers. In 1855, British troops were twice repulsed
in their attempts to storm the Redan, one of the fortifications of Sebastopol, while the French succeeded in capturing the
Malakoff redoubt, compelling the Russians to abandon the city.

Also see BADGER

Roy found a William Taylor in the back to the left, in the painting of 1840 Anti-Slavery Convention at Wiki containing image maps with "many" individuals listed. William would have been 10 years old thus verifying this is not of him.

info deleted [2]

This census, if accurate states William Stewart Taylor born Aug 8, 1830 [51]

8. Children of William and Isabella Slimmons?
See above for details. Links below will go to their individual pages.
Marriage 1
Anna TAYLOR Ballard 1850 - ?
2. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR 1851 - about 1916. Died age of 37 [source THFS]
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923. Has the most information
4. Richard TAYLOR 1858 - 1863
died an infant
5. Jane TAYLOR Hearn 1860 - 1929
In a way, Jane (age 4) and Susie (2) were John Taylor's children, because they went to live with their uncle John at an early age. Roy has no official adoption forms, yet John and Eliza [Elizabeth Mary HAINES] raised them. Jane married her first cousin, William, son of Jane Taylor (1), sister of William Stewart Taylor
6. Susanna TAYLOR Briem 1861 - 1938

There is a photo of William and his four girls

Click to enlarge
Now looking at the above list, possible Caroline is not even in the photo! Without ID from a family member that knew what they looked like at that age, possible the current identifications are wrong. There is no known photo or painting of Isabella, his other wives, or John's wife [found].

"Irish girl daughter of John Slimmons of C.W. She had a brother [uncle was scratched out] who was in the foundry business and wealthy and he had a son John the only son ?? that part of family that mother remembered playing with"
9. Children of William and Eliza J. McNeil
Marriage 2
William married on April 15, 1876 to Elizabeth 'Eliza' NcNeil. Eliza was born 1833, New York or 1837 [Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926] in Petersboro, Province of Canada.[Public Tree,, Public Member Trees (Provo, UT, USA, Operations, Inc., 2006),, Database online. Record for Eliza McNeil.]
Residence: Peterborough [Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926]. Two marriages dates for William and Eliza are 15 Aug 1851 [isberg_Kanaski tree] or 15 Apr 1867, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada [Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1926]
Eliza died 1883 at Argyle District, SW 18-6-14 (Rosemound). Parents are Alexander McNEIL, died 25 Sep 1891, Pos. West Bay City, Michigan, USA and Susan MORROW, died 04 Feb 1894, same place.
William and Eliza's children are:
1. William Henry TAYLOR 1868 - 1941,
Read more about Henry here.
William Henry Taylor
William Henry Taylor
Courtesy of Miriam Westereng Collection

2. Herbert Stewart Taylor (1871-1945) , [33] b. 13 Oct 1890 [10 13 1870] California, died 05 May 1945 [05 23 1945],
California. According to aunt Dot, he lived in Fresno.
3. Isabella 'Belle' TAYLOR Badger b. 1874 Mich, U S. Residence: Bet. 1874–1875 at Lansing, Michingan, U.S.A., died 1940 (see Badger RnD Page), Residence: 1881 Gimli, Manitoba, Canada.
Marriage: Marriage: 27 Mar 1895, Glenboro, Manitoba, Canada
Residence: Bet. 1895–1909 Thomas Badger Farm. 1901 she lived at Argyle, Lisgar, Manitoba, Canada. 1906 Townships 4, 5, 6 in Range 14 West, Souris, Manitoba, Canada [1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta].
At an early age she moved with her parents
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Taylor and two brothers to Gimli, Manitoba. In 1881, the Taylors moved to the Grund Dist. in a Red River cart. (boat?). At 9 years of age, Isabella's mother passed away, and she was too young to be left alone during the day so she went to live at Grund with her step-sister Carrie and her husband christopher (Sig) Christopherson (Sigurdur Christopherson), who managed the Grund Post Office. The mail was brought there twice a week from Baldur.
Isabella lived with Mr. & Mr.S Christopherson and their family until she married Thomas.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Badger were married in Glenboro March 27, 1895 and lived on their farm until their deaths, except for four years when they lived on his brother John's farm just west of his place, and worked the two farms from 1910 - 1914, then moving back to the home farm. They had a family of nine childen. Thomas Badger passed away in 1936 and Mrs. Badger in 1940.
See DOC_0083
Isabella's story continues in some book or papers referenced as "The House of Badger [THFS]
Webmaster contacted descendants, but sadly did not get far. Always open to contact.
Isabelle and Thomas Badger
Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
10. Children of Sveinn þórarinsson and Sigriður nee Jónsdóttir
Interesting how Historians seem to have overlooked this marriage?
Please keep in mind that the following were Step-sons of William Taylor from his third wife, Sigríður Jónsdóttir (1826-1910).
William and Sigridur had no children together. Hence, these are Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson and Susie TAYLOR Briem's Step-brothers.

1. Björg (Bogga, 1854-1882)

2. Jón Stefán Sveinsson (1857-1944) Nonni´s House, which the author and the Jesuit priest Jón Sveinsson, Nonni, lived in during his childhood in Akureyri in northern Iceland.
He wrote 12 children's books about his childhood in Iceland. If you are visiting Iceland, here is their location; Nonnahús, Aðalstræti 54, 600 Akureyri, Iceland Sími (tel.): (+354) 462-3555 or
Here is a Webcam looking over Akureyri

A Jón-Sveinsson-statue in Akureyri, Iceland.

Here is another page on Jon. With the above info, you will now easily find him on the Internet. His gravestone photographed here.
A children's television series based on his book; Nonni and Manni.

Found Jan 12, 2014 compare names.
Nonnahús á Akureyri óskar eftir upplýsingum Nonnahús in Akureyri calls for information THE ZONTA INTERNATIONAL CLUB of Akureyri is looking for infor- mation about Jón Sveinsson's family, most of whom emigrated to Canada. They run Nonnahús, his childhood home. Known as Nonni, Jón was a Catholic priest and well-known author NeWS continues on page 5

Nonnahús Continued from page 1 of children's books. In the summer of 2001 Zonta plans to do an exhibition on the life of Jón's moth- er who was Sigríður Jónsdóttir, born August 14, 1824 in Reykjahlíð at Mývatn. She moved to Canada in 1876, where she helped with the household in William Taylor's home. He was a widower and brother of John Taylor. Two of Williams' daughters married Icelandic settlers, Halldór Briem and Sigurður Kristofersson. Nonni's brother Friðrik Sveinsson, born November 4, 1864, also moved to Canada in 1873 from Espihóll in Eyjafjörður, where Ólafur Ólafsson had been his foster father. Friðrik took the name Fred Swanson in Canada. He worked as a painter in Winnipeg. Among other things he painted theatre scenes and designed the stained glass windows of the Unitarian Church on Banning and Sargent. He married Sigríður, an Icelandic woman, and they had four daughters. Before that Friðrik had a daughter named Freyja. Sigríður Guðlaug Sveinsdóttir, Nonni's sister, was born August 18, 1867 and moved to Canada in 1888. She stayed for some time with her mother, but that is all thaf is known about her after she left Iceland.
Source: Page 1 and 5,

2. Ármann Sveinsson (1861- ?), nicknamed "Manni".

3. Fridrik Sveinsson (1864-1943)

4. Sigríður Guðlaug Sveinsdottir (1868-1916)

11. William and Sigridur Thorarinson, widow of Svein-Fred Swanson
William Taylor's third wife was Sigridur LlAXDAL (1859-1910), widow of Svein Thorarinson (the mother of Fridrik Swanson (Sveinsson) (1864-1942) or later known as Fred Swanson), who was a painter and decorator in Winnipeg. Fred was NOT the son of William. He was the son of Svein Thorarinson.
Information supplied by Granddaughter Living X
More info on Fred Swanson descendants
Posted Online by: T. Beck
"...I have been trying to track down the descendants of Friðrik Sveinsson (Fred Swanson) of Winnipeg, born 4 Nov 1864 in Möðruvellir, Eyjafjörður, Iceland and died 25 May 1942 in Winnipeg. He was a first cousin to my afi in Iceland and brother of Jón Sveinsson, Nonni, the Jesuit Priest and author.Source.

"I [Theodore] have been able to make contact with only one descendant of Friðrik, that is a daughter of Olafia, Dorothy Fabiano in Chicago. If anyone knows the whereabouts of other descendants of Friðrik Sveinsson, I would appreciate hearing from them. ..." Posted by: T. Beck here."
Olafia was married to Aðalsteinn Jóhannesson and had the children: Aurora, Dorothy Guðrun, Conrad Alvin, Doris Emma, and Joan Louise.

Friðrik (Fred Swanson) had five daughters with his wife, Sigriður Laxdal in Winnipeg: Aurora, Olafia, Rannveig, Elin, and Norma (Nanna).Aurora died young.Rannveig was married to cartoonist, Charles Thorson, but also died young.Olafia was married to Aðalsteinn Jóhannesson and had the children: Aurora, Dorothy Guðrun, Conrad Alvin, Doris Emma, and Joan Louise.Elin was married to George Cronn and had children: Fred, Kathleen, and Rosalie.Norma was married to a man named Lindgren and had Sylvia and Fredrik.She later married Edward Bauer and had a son named Edward Bauer.I have been able to make contact with only one descendant of Friðrik, that is a daughter of Olafia, Dorothy Fabiano in Chicago.If anyone knows the whereabouts of other descendants of Friðrik Sveinsson, I would appreciate hearing from them.
Source: Ancestry

[Note: Reorganize Lineage]
1. Friðrik
2. Aurora, Aurora died young.
3. Olafia,
Sorry, back to Fred's family:
5. "Elin
Elin was married to George Cronn
and had children:
1. Fred
2. Kathleen
3. Rosalie
4. Rannveig,
5. Norma 'Norma' Swanson (1900-1959). Norma was married to a man named Frederic Olaf Eric Lindgren (1924-1993)

1. Sylvia
2. Fredrik
Norma later married Edward Bauer and had a son named Edward Bauer.

4. Rannveig
Rannveig was married to cartoonist, Charles Thorson WIKI PAGE [ Charles Gustav Thorson (29 August 1890 – 7 August 1966) , born Karl Gustaf Stefanson, ] , but also died young."
Son of Stefan Thordarsson and Sigridur Thorarinsdottir

Relationship: Roy Christopherson (webmaster) to Charles Gustav Thorson
Charles is the son-in-law of stepson of 2nd Great Grandfather, William Stewart Taylor

or Charles Gustav Thorson is the husband of (Rannveig “Ranka” Sweinsson) step 1st cousin 2x removed of Roy Christopherson
"He [Charles] married Rannveig “Ranka” Sweinsson in October 1914, two months after the birth of their son, Charlie. However, Ranka died only two years later of tuberculosis, and the son died some three months later. The deaths came as a shock to Thorson, who wandered for months on end, living as a tramp throughout western Canada.
In 1922, Thorson married Ada Teslock. ...Thorson and Ada separated in 1928 and divorced in 1931....
Charles & Ada's son was Stephen with issue
In 1935, already over forty, Thorson moved to Hollywood and began working for Disney. Between 1935 and 1937..."

Thorson is best known as the man who designed and named Bugs Bunny,[1] but in a 10-year career (1935–45) in America's great animation studios he created hundreds of cartoon characters, including Snow White, Elmer Fudd, Little Hiawatha, Sniffles the Mouse, 'Inki and the Mynah', The Lady Known as Lou, and Twinkletoes.
Note from this WebMaster, please do not ask for autographs or anything regarding Charles. He has never had any connection or knowledge of him until recently. Charles was a chief illustrator for the Eaton's Catalogue.
Webmaster's GF Gudbrandur Enarson worked at Eaton's, and bought some of their work horses.
Created Punkinhead, the poster-bear, and recreated Elmer the Safety Elephant.
Politician Joseph Thorson was Charles older brother. (Source) Plus 3 other brothers 9see 2nd link below)

Abstract of the Dissertation―Disney is the Tiffany's and I am the Woolworth's of the Business
Charles is mention on page 7, 44 (PDF Source)
BIO: Charlie to initially choose Disney Studios over other studios - A year later, he was on the design team for the first feature-length cartoon film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Six of the seven dwarfs are Charlie's design and we know from story conference transcripts that he worked on the storyline also. - (Orig Source:

Swanson Geneology
Charles Thorson

Walz, Gene. Cartoon Charlie: The Life and Art of Animation Pioneer Charles Thorson. Winnipeg: Great Plains Publications, 1998
Image of Thorson's Bugs Bunny not here due to copyright
Snow White Elmer Sniffles
The images are above were not drawn by Charles, they are just here as representation of the characters mentioned 2 paragraphs above.

"The Walt Disney Family Museum announced yesterday their first major special exhibition, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Creation of a Classic.” The show is tied into the film’s 75th anniversary this year, and will be on view from November 15, 2012 through April 14, 2013 at the San Francisco-based museum.Source.

Cut to 75 years later… Mike Van Eaton has come into a cache of Captain and The Kids model sheets and has graciously agreed to let me post them here [see source below]. As best I can tell, these were all drawn by Charles Thorson. Thorson really got around, designing significant characters for Disney, MGM, Screen Gems, Warner Bros., Fleischer, Terrytoons – even George Pal – in the 30s and 40s before settling into a career in advertising and illustrating children’s books." Source.

Roy is still researching the validity that Charles was originator of these characters, as others are credited.
Remodeling the Rabbit A Sidebar to the Robert McKimson Interview by Michael Barrier
"...starting with the model sheet drawn by Charles Thorson for Hare-um Scare-um (1939)..."
"...The rabbit's appearance had changed and he had a name, both thanks to Charles Thorson, a former Disney story-sketch artist who had joined the Schlesinger staff as a character designer in 1938. When Thorson made a model sheet of the rabbit character in different poses for Hare-um Scare-um, he labeled it "Bug's [sic] Bunny" because he had drawn the model sheet for Bugs Hardaway..."
A great resource on the making of Bugs Bunny with a book out as well. Source.

Thorson always claimed that Snow White was based on his drawings of a ... clippings in English and Icelandic related to Charles Thorson's career and to that of ...
Charles Gustav “Charlie” Thorson was born in 1890 in Winnipeg of Icelandic immigrant parents.
[Charles wife, Ranka died of the same thing as Isabella SLIMMONS Taylor]
"In 1935, already over forty, Thorson moved to Hollywood and began working for Disney. Between 1935 and 1937, he worked on a large number of animated shorts, as well as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, for which he designed six dwarves (the seventh, Dopey, was a late addition). Thorson always claimed that Snow White was based on his drawings of a Winnipeg waitress. Though this runs counter to the “official” story put forth by Disney, several pre-Disney sketches survive to support his claim. Thorson took offence at his lack of screen credits, particularly on Snow White, and quarreled with Walt Disney, after which Thorson left to work first at M.G.M. (1938) and then at Warner Brothers (1939)."
University of Manitoba - Libraries Charlie Thorson fonds

"...By contrast, Gene Walz, a film professor and filmmaker, expends a great deal of effort recreating the films that Charles Thorson had a hand in creating. Walz has to do this because Thorson laboured in Hollywood animation studios and received no formal film credits for his work. His role, and that of many of his contemporaries, can reasonably be compared to that of medieval masons who helped to build the great cathedrals of Europe. A character animator, Thorson employed his brilliant draftsmanship drafts·man to aid in the full development of such well-loved figures as Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd Elmer J. Fudd is a fictional cartoon character and one of the most famous Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies characters. He has one of the more convoluted and disputed origins in the Warner Brothers cartoon pantheon (second only to Bugs Bunny himself). , Little Hiawatha, the Seven Dwarfs

and possibly Snow White.

The Snow White tale best exemplifies Walz's methodology and his problem with recreating Thorson's work. Born and raised in Winnipeg from Icelandic parents, Charlie Thorson spent a good deal of his life drawing advertising copy for Eaton's catalogues, drinking with his buddies, vagabonding, living in hotels, eating in restaurants and falling in love with good-looking women. Falling into the latter two categories is Kristin Solvadottir, an Icelandic beauty who worked as a waitress at the Wevel Cafe, Thorson's hang-out in 1934, shortly before he departed Winnipeg for Walt Disney's studio. Her face does resemble that of Snow White's and it is true that Thorson did work on the film. Through drawings reproduced in the book, photos of the waitress and a generously speculative text by Walz, the probability that an unknown Winnipegger served as the model for Snow White is reasonably stated.

You may also be convinced by Walz that Thorson's cartoony drawings of a rabbit for animation director Bugs Hardaway, dubbed "Bug's bunny," coupled with the Winnipeg artist's drawings of Max Hare for Disney justifies the claim that "Cartoon Charlie" originated Bugs Bunny, Warner Bros.' most famous animated character. Or you may not be. What is clear is that Walz has produced a loving text which brings Charlie Thorson's sad, but brilliant, life into perspective. An amazing character, Thorson was his own worst enemy, making fine work and charming people and then figuring out a way to offend his supporters and receive nothing for his efforts. Thanks to Walz, and an overly oblong book design that allows the reader to--uncomfortably but rewardingly--hold a plethora of Thorson's drawings, this unknown artist may finally achieve recognition in Canada and abroad. "

You may continue to research Charles on your own. Here is the Search links on him.
Also in Thorson, Joseph. ―Charles G. Thorson.‖ The Icelandic Canadian, vol. XXV, no. 4 (Summer 1967): 68-71.
Blog mentioning Charles

You might wonder if there is a connection between Roy and Charles. Yes, yet very distant.
Roy > Kjartan > Sigurdur married Caroline Taylor
Caroline Taylor > William S. Taylor married Sigriður nee Jónsdóttir Taylor > Fridrik Sveinson > Rannveig “Ranka” Sweinsson married Charles Thorson. Like Roy said...distant.
One of Roy's passions was cartoons and drawing them at an early age of 8. He created a series of pencil and acrylic colored cartoons, captioned by his friend, then had the desire to become a Disney Animator.
Sometimes due to circumstances, our dreams are never realized in the current life.
Roy at his new light table with "How to Draw Cartoons" book practicing drawing Mickey at bat.
Courtesy of the Roy Christopherson Collection

While this webmaster lost the practice to draw daily, his love of all things animation has never ceased. All covered under his Portfolio

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