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Report by Sig Christopherson
WIKI: The 19th-century embellishments had not been completed when this picture was published in 1880.

SUBJECT: William Stewart Taylor
Born in Bristol, England, August 9th, 1830 [51]

To date there is NO PROOF that William was born at Arundel castle. The following is a collection of family stories, excerpts from personal letters, and research by family.

William's Name
From Ryan Eyford, 3/25/2013

''One minor point of clarification about William Taylor--while most descendants spell his middle name 'Stuart' both his christening record from St. Mary's Lambeth, Surrey, England and his tombstone in the Grund cemetery have it spelled 'Stewart'.
'' [33]

Using this in a Google Search, seems both spellings come up. Yet this is very important if any relatives ever get a chance to visit England just as Susie Christopherson´s daughter had done in the 50´s.

From Ryan Eyford, 3/253/2013
''According to the records of St. Michael's parish in Barbados, Elizabeth Mehetabel Taylor gave birth to a girl named Mary in 1820 and a girl named Maria in 1821. I haven't been able to find a firm death record for either as of yet. The parish register from the period lists the name of the deceased--no age, residence, or parents names.''

Found the following based on Ryan´s lead
The archive is in these records
Research on this location in proximity to where the Jones or Leslie family was. Source of their information was
Source of information: 'Church of St Mary, Lambeth', Survey of London: volume 23: Lambeth: South Bank and Vauxhall (1951), pp. 104-117.
See Lambeth Palace.

SAINT MARY AT LAMBETH, County of Surrey? Year 1830
When Baptized: SEPT 10?, No. 1558.
Child's Christian name: William Stewart son of
Parents Name. Christian. Richard + Elizabeth Mehetabell
Surname: TAYLOR
Abode: The Island of Barbadoes
Quality, Trade or Profession: Commissariat Office
By whom the ceremony performed: CHAS? ? or Charles?

To obtain a physical copy, go here [since they took down this page, will post Baptism here] .

No family Records, only the Baptism record.

Red text is transcription by Roy Christopherson, webmaster. I believe Elizabeths middle name is wrong here.
Often people entering in ledgers would go by sound of the name, esp. in the 1600's.

Gudrun nee Stoneson Christopherson
RELATIONSHIP: Wife of Grandson
From Bruce Costello, 4/25/2010

'When I was about 10 or 11 Grandma Rooney (Gudrun Christopherson, nee Stoneson) sat me down and told me that Grandpa K's grandfather (was it John or William Taylor - I get confused sometimes) had been born in Arundel Castle, that there was some sort of romance that his mom and dad had fled England to Barbados because Catholics and Protestants were then forbidden to marry. They returned years later with our G-G Grandfather Taylor.

She also said the mother was either a niece or daughter of the Duke of Norfolk and thus part of the Fitzalan-Howard family. The Howards go back to the first Duke who fell at Bosworth Field alongside Richard III in 1485 and the story is recounted in Shakespeare's play. The Fitzalan are also the Stuart monarchs of Scotland and later Scotland and England and Wales.

I believe that first Uncle Lorne and later Uncle Sig researched these claims but were never able to solidly establish the link. Stefani disagrees with me and said her dad did indeed establish the link and visited Arundel castle in WW-II, though was unable to meet our alleged 'kinsman' the Duke due to his being busy in Churchills war cabinet.

I am curious and wonder if you have definitively settled this matter. How could it have become family lore I wonder - was it the wistful dream of a hard-scrabble plains frontier family, reality, or some other explanation stranger than the others.
Source Halfway down page

From Susie TAYLOR Briem, daughter of the subject (abt. 1937)

Susie Briem Obituary
"Susie Briem (nee Taylor)
 was born in Kingston in Canada on March 28, 1861, she died on December 29 1937 at her home on Laufásvegur 6 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her father was William Stuart Taylor. He worked as a carpenter and housebuilder and played the flute. Susie was the youngest of six sisters. Her mother Isabella was of Irish descent, she died when Susie was very young. William´s brother John fostered Susie and her sister Jean [Note: should be Jane] from that time until they were adults. John and William‘s father was Richard Taylor an admiral in the English navy in the West Indies where he had a plantation with many slaves. When the slaves gained their freedom at the end of the war over slavery he lost his properties and moved to Canada."

"Richard´s mother-in-law was of noble birth, belonging to the Catholic family of the Duke of Norfolk, when she married out of her faith she was disinherited. After a few years her family reconciled and she visited the ancestral home at Arendale Castle [sic: Arundel] where she gave birth to her youngest son: William Stuart Taylor, the father of Susie. William Stuart Taylor (born August 9th, 1830, he died March 2nd, 1903) was married three times; his third wife was Icelandic, Sigríður Jónsdóttir (1826-1910), she was the mother of Jón Sveinsson (1857-1944) who everyone knows as the famous author Nonni and Friðrik Sveinsson (Fred Swanson) (1864-1943) a talented painter in Winnipeg, with her previous husband Sveinn Þórarinsson (1821-1869)." [Nonni and Fred would have been Williams Step-sons from Sigríður's previous marriage]... 

...Folks, here is a woman who went to Iceland to live out her life. Having heard of her before, Roy found a news-clipping that Uncle Hank had on her. Note how Kommi mentions a Mother-In-Law "...Richard´s mother-in-law was of noble birth, belonging to the Catholic family of the Duke of Norfolk..." While Roy's family notes state this it is Richard's wife, not Mother-In-Law, it does reaffirm the families handed down stories. Roy has been searching for confirmation on this for years! Now we just need a name....

...If this information could be confirmed by specific historical citations, it would mean Caroline Taylor and family are related to the Queen. May 17, 2012: Arundel Castle may look into if William S. Stuart was born there. [3]...

Another source from Obituary translated by a branch of the family a few months after Susie passed away had this: "Richard Taylor He was a General and a treasurer of an English navy-detachment in the West Indies where he owned an estate and a number of slaves who obtained their liberty at the end of the Civil War. "Richard Taylor‘s mother-in-law was of noble extraction, being a member of the family of the Duke of Norfolk who is Catholic, but when she was married to a man of different religious denomination, she was disinherited. When their daughter, Richard Taylor’s wife, had stayed in Barbados for a long time, reconciliation was effected, and she went for a visit to her relatives in England where she stayed at the old and beautiful family mansion Arundel Castle, and there she gave birth to her youngest son William Stuart Taylor, Susie’s father. "

Susie's Obit in Icelandic &id=141&lid=154&option=links

One Hypothesis about William's mother was connected to the Arundell family (Barons of Arundell and Wardour) by marriage (I think one of her cousins was married to the 9th earl), and not to Arundel Castle, home of the Duke of Norfolk

Letter from Susie Briem to 'redacted', Reykjavik July 28, 1929
Tale of Bowman Leslie

Also see
RnD done on 22nd of APRIL 2012 source

Wikipedia on The Duke of Norfolk. The seat of the Duke of Norfolk is Arundel Castle in Sussex, although the title refers to the county of Norfolk.

Arundel Castle

In the April 11, 1891 Census for Selkirk, it lists Place of Birth for father as West Indies, meaning Barbados, not England. Place of Bith of Mother as Ireland, not New York.
RnD done on 28th of JUNE 2013
The following gives credible evidence that William was "probably" born in England. Until a birth record is found, just a stalemate.
William Stewart Taylor
Christening Date: 10 Sep 1830
Christening Place: St. Mary's, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Father's Name: Richard Taylor
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Mehetabell [Elizabeth/Eliza Mehitabel JONES/LESLIE Taylor b192 Barbados, d. 1860 Ernestown] Taylor
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I01658-2
System Origin: England-EASy
GS Film number: 1041528
Reference ID: Item 2 p195

Travel (Today) from Arundel Castle to Lambeth St. Mary's Parish (south side of Thames River would equal 2 hrs if the family went there from Arundel.
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