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Caroline 'Carrie' Taylor Christopherson













                  Daughter of William Stewart Taylor b. 1830 Arundel Castle        and Isabella Sleamin/Slimmons b. Abt. 1835, New York or Ireland




1. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR Carpenter (3) 1851 - 1913

2. Anna TAYLOR Ballard
JAN 12, 1854-FEB 27, 1894, age 40

3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923

4. baby Martha Taylor 1858 Kingston,
d.Mar 6, 1863 age 5

5. baby Richard TAYLOR 1858 Kingston,
d.Jul 6 1863 age 5, Died of Fever

6. baby Fanny Taylor b.about 1859
d. bef 1861

7. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2)
1860 - 1929

8. Susanna TAYLOR Briem
MAR 12 1861 [33] - 1938

Courtesy of the B.C.M. Collection, [47]

Caroline 'Carrie'

TAYLOR Christopherson

married Sigurdur Christopherson


1. William 'Willie' Henry Taylor

b.13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945. 1868-1941, [33]

2, Herbert 'Bert' or 'Bertie' Stewart Taylor

b. 13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945, [33]

3. Isabella TAYLOR Badger

b. 17 Jun 1874 at Lansing Michigan



1. Jón 'John' S. Christopherson, b. 1877

2. William Christopher Christopherson

b. Abt. 01 Mar 1879

3. Haldor Briem Christopherson, b. 17 Jul 1882

4. Sigurveig 'Veiga' Christopherson Dawe, b. 14 Feb 1884

5. Súsanna Sigurðardóttir Christopherson Brynjólfsson,  b. 07 Jan 1886

6. Kjartan 'Kay' Christopherson, b. after 1886 and bef. 1890

7. Lylia S Christopherson, b. 19 Oct 1890


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Relationship: Great Grandmother of Roy Christopherson


Caroline 'Carrie' TAYLOR Christopherson

Caroline nee Taylor was born on 11 May 1856 in Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario. Daughter of William Stewart Taylor and Isabella Slimmons (John?1). Her early childhood was spent in Kingston, Ontario, later the family moved to Lansing, Michigan. When Caroline was nine years old, her mother died, leaving five daughters. There followed a sad period when these five little girls in heavy mourning (black dresses trimmed with black crepe) lived with their grief-stricken father. Strangers would stop them on the street and ask them whom they mourned, and the girls would burst into tears. Carrie, in later years, had a strong aversion to mourning, especially for children. Residence: 1870 in Lansing, Ward 2, Ingham, Michigam

 Death: 09 Dec 1923  [4] d. 12/08/1923 at West Vancouver, age 67      Confirmation: index.htm Important People>John Taylor;


 Marriage Sigurður Kristófersson (Christopherson) in 22 Jan 1877 in Netley Creek, , Manitoba, Canada. First couple married at Gimli, Manitoba, Canada

 Sealed to Spouse (LDS): 18 Feb 1998 in Glennview, Cook County, Illinois, USA

Article on the Christopherson family


Early Life


 (LEFT) M.W.C_005_Taylors

 According to one family member, Back left is Annie TAYLOR Ballard, William Taylor, Back right Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, Front left Jane TAYLOR Hearn, and front right, Susie TAYLOR Briem

 There is no known photo of Anna, or Elizabeth. Ones of Jane and Susie are in a Private collection.

 Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection


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 Information from "Come into our Heritage RM of Argyle 1882-1982"


 United States Census, 1870. Visit Family Census page here.

 Name: Caroline Taylor

 Event Type: Census Event Year: 1870 Event Place: Michigan, United States

 Gender: Female Age: 14 Race: White Race (Original): W

 Birth Year (Estimated): 1855-1856 Birthplace: Canada Page Number: 23

 Household Role Gender Age Birthplace

 William S Taylor M 39 England

 Eliza J Taylor F 37 New York

 Anna Taylor F 16 Canada

 Caroline Taylor F 14 Canada William H Taylor M 2 Michigan

 John M Mcneal M 23 Canada Source and Image Line 5




Uncle John Taylor and Aunt Elizabeth [Eliza McNeil] came to the rescue and took the girls to live with them in Haliburton, Ontario. When their father remarried, Carrie and Anna returned home, Susie and Jane remained with their aunt and unclie and Elizabeth married. The next few years saw Carrie attend High school and graduate as a teacher. When she was 16 her 'hair went up and her skirts were lowered' and she went out to teach at a country school. She also apprenticed as a dressmaker, soon becoming good at sewing and cutting out garments which required much tucking, ruching and gathers in those days. On a trip to visit her aunt, uncle and sisters in Haliburton, the last night of the journey was spent at Kinmount. Next morning at breakfast, the waitress drew her attention to the window, and looking out, she saw an Icelander for the first time, a beautiful young woman with long golden hair and pink and white complexion, wearing a simple blouse and dark skirt. This happened to be Gudney, wife of Fridjon Fridrikson. She was to become Carrie's lifelong friend. As she continued on her journey, little did Carrie realize how much this encounter would change her life. Her Uncle John was doing missionary work for the British Bible Society [Learn more at Wiki] and when she told him about the Icelanders at Kinmount, he was very interested and lost no time in going there to see if he could be of any service to them. He met Fridjon Fridrikson and Sigtryggur Jonasson, and was much impressed by the sincerity and honesty of these fine people.



 [While locating a descendant of John Taylor, re-read the Icelanders in Kinmount stories many times, in the past eight years, and last week. Due to such an imagination, an image formed in head of the chance meeting of Mrs. Friðjón Freðericksson and Caroline Taylor. Her name was Guðný Sesselja Sigurðardóttir

 Friðjón was Jon Taylor's interpreter. pp 126, Nyja Island book

 Friðjón Freðriksson had built his little shop, Skafti Arason, Roy's GGrand uncle, Nyja Island book

 Photo of said cabin, pp 140 Nyja Island book

 Friðjón Freðriksson from Harðbakur, Melrakkaslétta, pp 141, Nyja Island book

 "...custodian of the government loan...", pp 146-147

 Elected vice-govenor of New Iceland, pp 148. Also mentioned on 28 more pages in Nyja Island book

 Located family photos . Hope to reach GGrand daughter that posted it. Roy, Webmaster]



 Stone Marker for Fridbjorn Frederickson and family , brother of Friðjón at the Grund Cemetery, Manitoba.

New Iceland

 >>She [Caroline] was, of course, the first non-Icelandic speaking person in Canada to speak Icelandic.

 From Living Jacobs


 He set about helping them get financial help to see them through the rugged winter; provision was also made for a scouting party to go west in search of a more suitable site for settlement. Carrie returned to Lansing in the spring, and in the fall she went to Manitoba with her father, his wife and three children. They joined Uncle John's party at Sarnia. Traveling by boat, they arrived at Duluth after nine days, and stayed that night in a hotel. They went by train to Glinden and stayed all night in a roundhouse, then went by train to Fisher's Landing on the Red River. Here they went by train to Fisher's Landing on the Red River. Here they went on board a riverboat, the 'International' [where it came from]. The river was very low. After nine days they reached Garry (Winnipeg). There they lived on a flatboat until the rest of the journey could be made. Here they met Dr. Schultz who was interested in this new colony., [27]

New text from above was recently sent to Roy which has not appeared in any books.


Caroline Taylor, better known as Carrie, was the niece of John Taylor who was doing missionary work with the British Bible Society, and Carrie who had met the Icelandic people including Sigurður, asked her uncle to try to get financial help to see the Icelandic people through the winter.


This is an excerpt from a letter possibly written by a Taylor. 3 pages. I have seen bits and pieces of this in books and online. This is more detailed than anywhere else. It was typed up by your 2nd cousin?, Carol and sent by cousin Miriam, both live in British Columbia, based on a letter or diary. Author unknown as of yet., [19]


"...Uncle John bought flat boats and lived in one until they were ready to continue on their journey – while there Carrie met Dr. Schultz of Manitoba and here she first met Sigurdur Christopherson a fine looking young man well built. He had curly brown hair, dark dancing eyes, rosy cheeks and very alert and full of energy. He was very helpful on the journey down on flat boats which were towed down the river by HBC Steamer Colville to Gimli. They landed at Toillow bar. The lake had frozen over and no houses were ready"., [45] added 2/11


APR 2012: Roy spotted Schultz in previous paragraph. The Schultz Bros. has adjoining land to Sigurdur. Interesting.


Caroline also wrote a poem about her children, then rewritten.


 Sigurður and Carrie were married January 20, 1877. Because the Icelandic settlement was still under quarantine for Smallpox they stood on one side of Netley Creek, the quarantine line, and the minister stood on the other side.

 Carrie was a schoolteacher and was the first teacher in the district. Sigurður had taken a homestead and named his place Hœsav’k [Husavik]. They farmed there for four years then he went and scouted for new land in the Argyle district., [46]

Christophersons - Image 4008

 John, Sigurdur, William & Caroline Christopherson

 Aft. Mar 1879, Circa 1881

Kindly sent "Reprint from Evie" [Evelyn

Christopherson Ruccius in the past ]

 C/O Sig & Hank Christopherson

 Children may be visa-versa


Grund - Argyle District, MB

 There they built a home and called the farm Grund. They had the post office and later a church was built there. The Grund church is now a heritage building. Sigurðr and Carrie were very active in the community. Carrie chose the name for the town of Baldur, and there is a Carrie Street named after her. Sigurðr made many trips to Iceland as an immigration agent. He brought out all his brothers and sisters and his then blind mother who, even though she could not see the oak trees, was very interested in them, also the pumpkins and vegetables in the garden. Later Sigurður set up a real estate and insurance company with Carrie as secretary.

Read more about Grund


Read about Ytranes


Sigurður died March 27, 1921. Carrie, the English girl who learned Icelandic and became an Icelander, lived until December 9, 1923. Christopherson Road still bears their name. Many of the Christophersons family moved out here as well as many other Icelandic people., [46]


 Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson becomes the mother of father-in-law of grand niece of Skafti Arason. See the chart for yourself [2]. That, and being neighbors for a long time. "Skafti Arason (1850-1903) was Caroline and Sigurdur's neighbour in both New Iceland and Argyle [5]. Ryan lists their Husavik land parcel in Gimli, MB.


 Manitoba Historical Maps' photostream (website)


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The Miriam & Ken Westereng Collection at the Main photo Page has more photos


IMG_0112Christopherson FamilyCourtesy of the C.I.O.H. Book Sigurdur & Caroline Taylor Christopherson Family The cousins at Grund have small original of this photo IMG_SCAN_3295Closeup_Caroline S. Johnson nee, Brynjolfsson_Caroline_Inga L Palmer nee BrynjolfssonCaroline Taylor - Center
Courtesy of the Sig and Hank Christopherson Collection
IMG_SCAN_3250 Courtesy of the Sig and Hank Christopherson CollectionIMG_SCAN_3236 CroppedCaroline 'Taylor' Christopherson Courtesy of the Sig and Hank Christopherson Collection 


Signed Bible by Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson

 During the summer Living Hillegeist was helping with a garage sale in Surrey, BC, someone had left a box of books to sell, mostly paperbacks. She loves books and was flipping through them when sheI came across one that turned out to be a British and Foreign Bible Society bible. She flipped the cover open and noticed that it was written in and was very old, so she bought the book for 25 cents. She did an extensive search on John Taylor, then Sigurdur in Surrey, BC.


 Living Hillegeist also tried to locate information on the person that the book was being given to, Kristjan Helgason. So far I am only able to establish that Kristjan was probably the son of Helgi Johannes Sigurdsson, born 1948. Last know information that I have found is that Helgi Sigurdsson migrated to Foam Lake, Saskatchewan.


 Here is some research done by Living Hillegeist. Other than the fact that the Foreign Bible Society in England and then Canada was NOT formed by John Taylor, it formed before his birth, she has very good details.

 Translated inscription written by Carrie Taylor was forwarded by Nonnie Jonsson, and graciously translated by Kommi.


 Living Hillegeist to Roy

 Vatnabyggd: An Icelandic Settlement in Saskatchewan
This looks like it might be him. If he was born in 1861 then he would have been about 15 years old when the book was given to him.


In 2009, Living Hillegeist was trying to track down the family, to give the bible to his descendants. Nonni Jonsson has relations with the family, yet no follow up.


0996                                                                                                0997

Inscribed Bible from Roys Great Grandmother, Caroline Nee         Foreign Bible Society Bible
Photo Courtesy of Living Hillegeist
Taylor, daughter of William, brother of John Taylor,
Agent to Icelanders

                                                                                       From Kormakur Högnason,

                                                                                        Here is the translation:

 0100Kristján Helgason á þessa bók með rjettu og er vel að henni kominn frá kennara hannsKristján Helgason  is the rightful owner of this book and deserves it From his teacher   Carrie Taylor  To Kristján Helgason  Gimli New Iceland From his teacher  Carrie Taylor  February 16th 1876

Combination of two photos

 Foreign Bible Society Bible







 Gíslína Gísladóttir Olson was born October 3, 1868 either at Hóll or Finnstaðir in Köldukinn, she was 7 when she came to western Canada. She married Guðmundur Eyjólfsson during the winter of 1887-88. It is said to have been the first marriage that reverend Magnús J. Skaftason performed in Canada, but Church books from that time are lost and the date of the marriage is not known. They had six children: 1. Pálína Aðalbjörg married to Helgi Benson 2. Guðrún Sigríður married to B. Andersson 3. Caroline (Carrie) Svanhvít [Snow white], married Óskar Paulson master builder in Charleswood, a suburb of Winnipeg. Óskar is the son of Pétur Pálsson (Paulson) from Ánastaðir in Loðmundarfjörður in Norður-Múlasýsla. He was among the early pioneers of New Iceland. Hi lived at Jaðar. A giant of a man and tough. Carrie Svanhvít is named after the renowned Caroline Christopersson, wife of Sigurður Christophersson, the famous pioneer, she is commonly called Carrie. Gíslína was her neighbor and friend in Argyle. She is also named after Svanhvít the sister of her father, who died suddently near Glenboro in September 1894. This beautiful name 'Svanhvít' was not uncommon among relatives on the east coast of Iceland. 4. Guðmundur Franklín, married to Eyjólfína Árnadóttir 5. Arthur Eyjólfur never married. 6 Lára, married Mr. Webb. Gíslína lived with them.

 Sent in APR 19, 2012 by Kommi, [26] from source: Almanak Ólafs S. Thorgeirssonar 1952 page 80-84


There is NOTHING more that I hate, is Archives that charge you for images! Especially Universities! If you cannot figure out how to make old vintage photos available for FREE online, than your doing a dis-service to all of mankind. If it was not for scum like Google, which steals everyones photos, 90% of my collections would be available to view and download, long as credits remain with them.

 So to thumb my nose at the University, I am posting an image of Caroline Taylor Christopherson who was a delagate




 Courtesy of The Carol Jarvie Collection

 Caroline Christopherson and others, were Delegates in Winnipeg regarding the Lutheran Church. For text version of the names, visit the Uniiversity of Winnipeg, Line 5, Image 2978 here. With the image here courtesy of cousin Carol, you won't have to pay them a dime!

 Should note that her sister-in-law, Halldor Briem's sister is front left. See Susie Briem's page for more on them.

 More on their Grund Church, R.M. of Argyle, Manitoba.

 This same year, the First Icelandic Unitarian Church was formed in Winnipeg


Wives Of Delegates Attending A Conference Of Lutheran Churches Of Western Icelanders Held In Winnipeg In 1891.

Back Row (L- R): Mrs. Johann Briem (Gudrun - April 17,1863 - April 18, 1937), Mrs. W.H. Paulson (Jonina Margaret - February 14, 1862 - April 1894) , Mrs. Arni Frederickson (Sigubjorg - August 1861 - July 1941), Mrs. H. Hermann Magnea - January 1846 - February 1920), Mrs. Jon Bjornson (Helga - January 1842 - 1932), Mrs. S. Christopherson (Caroline - May 1856 - 1923).

Front Row (L- R): Mrs. Sigtryggur Jonasson (Rannveig August 1853 - August 1916), Mrs. Fridrik Bergmann (Gudrun - September 1855 - September 1938), Mrs. Jon Bjarnason (Laura Michaeline - May 16, 1842 - June 1921), Mrs. Fridjon Frederickson (Gudny - October 29, 1856 - March 1948), Mrs. Pall Bardal (Halldora - July 1865 October 1943) Text Source



 Courtesy of The Roy Christopherson Collection

 According to cousins Miriam, Bev, and Carol, this was Sigurdur and Carolines church in Elgin; Crescent United Church MAP


Poem by Caroline Taylor

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 Rewritten Version (Low Res) PG 1, PG 2

 Rewritten Version (Hi Res) PG 1, PG 2


 Copy of Orig Poem (Low Res) PG 1, PG 2

 Copy of Orig Poem (Hi Res) PG 1 (10.2MB) , PG 2

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection



2340IMG_SCAN_2341_Ytrane_Photo_caroline.jpg Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson is sitting in the chair Ranka JOHNSON Christopherson is trading places as the photographer with her husband, Halldor 'Dorie' who is Caroline's son. The couple to the left is a mystery. Possibly Isabella and Thomas Badger, Jane TAYLOR Hearn had gray hair by this time. Isabelle or 'Belle' was her half-sisterCourtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection2341IMG_SCAN_2341 The woman standing in the back is a mystery, possibly Caroline's daughter, Veiga? Halldor is to the right. The gag with the doll is also unclear. Due to the fragile nature of the album, many were not removed to read the back. Couple to left might be half-sister Isabella Badger.Courtesy of The Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection 


        CARRIE'S PASSING  (1923) Added by skitang6 on 11 Nov 2007 Information from "Come into our Heritage RM of Argyle 1882-1982" Carrie died on December 9, 1923. The day of her funeral was like a summer day, sunny and warm, 'just like Carrie's character', it was said. She is buried in the Grund Cemetery in Argyle Municipality next to her husband [Sigurdur].  Roy and Mike pair their respects in AUG 2013. We went to the Grund Cemetery twice, which is mapped on the Argyle District page.

Caroline is mentioned in a dozen other pages. Use Search at top of page to find more on her.
  Read more about Sigurdur & Caroline's Children

Caroline & Sigurdurs Grave could be seen at Cemetery page



 Caroline 'Taylor' Christopherson

 Possibly her last photo. She might be holding a bowl of fruit

Click to enlarge

 Courtesy of the Sig and Hank Christopherson Collection


 [1] by skitang6 on 11 Nov 2007 (wife of Sigurdur's Great Grandson)

 [2] Roy Christopherson

 [3] Cousin Beverly C/O cousin Miriam

 [4] BC Archives microfilm

[5] Eyford, Ryan. PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History. December 2012. University of Winnipeg

 Transcribed, Edited, and Annotated.

 "Caroline Christopherson’s letters to her sister in Iceland Susanna Taylor Briem, 1880-1921

 [6] DOC_0008_Ytranes-1


There are typos in the handwritten text

 hanns should be hans

 Krisjan should be Kristján

 Helgasson should be Helgason