Life & Times
William Stewart Taylor

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Oct. 1845. Wm S. Taylor
Book binder z cabinet maker.
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1848 came to Canada
Uncle John Taylor makes
necessary arrangements
or preparation. Both of
heavy woollen goods
are purchased and
a Tailor is employed
to make heavy suits?
of woollen cloth to
withstand the cold of
Canada climate.
Settled at Kingston C.W.
where grandfather
worked as his trade
as a cabinet maker
being? latterly?
engaged in Parliament
buildings at Kingston


"Parliament buildings at Kingston"
Photos and Plaque of the Parliment building. The family did not arrive until about 1848, so William could not have worked on the first building. It had to of been the thrid building he worked on.

2nd Parliament Building

3rd Parliament Building (Wiki)

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Sterling No. 125

Kingston was chosen as the first capital of the united Canadas and served in that role from 1841 to 1844. The first meeting of the Parliament of the United Canadas on June 13, 1841, was held on the site of what is now Kingston General Hospital. The city was considered too small and lacking in amenities, however, and its location made it vulnerable to American attack. Consequently, the capital was moved to alternating locations in Montreal and Toronto, and then later to Ottawa in 1857. Subsequently, Kingston's growth slowed considerably and its national importance declined.