Life & Times
William Stewart Taylor

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Benedictson? to repair same
She waited for years
for him to return the
box but he always had
some excuse finally
he approached my brother
Will and offered to sell him
the case for 25 or
30 dollars. Will knew
that this was a cherished
family possession so
he purchased the case
and gave it to mother.
After her death the
case returned to grund
and it is now in
the possession of Wills
son John -
Very little is known
of mothers
forebearers, the Taylors

[Bruce, Veiga or Susie mention that Will bought a wooden writing case that had been damaged and the real nice fella that offered to repair it and never did approached Will and knowing John Taylor carried it on his travels and a prized family heirloom bought it and gave to Caroline. Unfortunately very few exact names are here nor is it finished or signed off. It went to Grund and John and Laura and probably with the Skardal family (Norman) as the cousins confirmed Grund is empty and falling apart.]

Miriam says the writing matches that of Veiga on Letter
Update: The desk is being replicated for a museum

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