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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Jane TAYLOR Hearn (1)

Jane Taylor (1) Born in May 30, 1828, [31] Died 1903 , [31], Burial: Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Canada Section 10, Lot 258.

Jane Taylor, "Caribbean, Births and Baptisms, 1590-1928"
Name: Jane Taylor
Gender: Female
Christening Date: 27 Oct 1830
Birth Date:
Death Date:
Father's Name: Richard Taylor
Father's Birthplace: Father's Age:
Mother's Name: Elizabeth M
Mother's Birthplace:
Source: https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XLK9-PP6
Image of Record: No
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C51395-4 System Origin: Caribbean-ODM GS Film number: 1157926

{Redacted] and Vern Austman
Read the latest Research here. We now have Richard's fathers name which is George, thanks to the [Redacted] and Vern Austman.

The ninth child of Richard TAYLOR and Elizabeth Mehetabel JONES is -Info deleted [2]

Jane was called Janie by her sister Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson, [3]

1. Jane TAYLOR m. William HEARN

Jane Taylor 1, born in 1828 [1], at Barbados
Daughter of Richard Taylor [1] and Elizabeth Mehetabel Jones

Married: William Hearn

1. Taylor Jr., Richard - abt.1808, [31]
 TAYLOR Elizabeth (2) - 1811
2. Taylor, John -1812-1884, [31]
3. Taylor, Abel - 1815
4. Taylor, Alfred - JUL 9, 1817, [31]
5. Taylor, George - abt. 1823, [31]
6. Taylor, Mary - SEP 9 1820
7. Taylor, Maria - Oct 28 1821
8. TAYLOR Noble, Henrietta - 1825, [31]
9. TAYLOR Moore, Frances 'Fanny' 1826-1909, [31
Frances 'Fanny' TAYLOR Moore (1821-1909)
10. TAYLOR Croney, Caroline - 1827, [31]
11. TAYLOR Hearn (1), Jane - 1828-1903 , [31]
12. Taylor, William Stewart
August 9th, 1830-1903, [31]
As many as 21 children, many died young-see Taylor RnD

1. Jane TAYLOR b: 11 SEP 1859 d: 3 MAY 1929, m. William Taylor HEARNE [Hearn]
2. Richard HEARN
m. Nellie FRENCH

3. Charles Brickwood HEARN
m.1? (first wife)

m. 2: May HILL
4. John HEARN

There are photos of the Taylor Family under the Main Photo page from a Private Collection for family members to view.

Hearn Family RnD page
Hearn Clan page
Tale of Bowman Leslie

John Taylor
John Taylor in Barbados
Taylor Research RnD page
Slimmons RnD page
Life & Times of John Taylor

2Jane TAYLOR (2) b: 11 SEP 1859 d: 3 MAY 1929, m. William Taylor HEARNE [Hearn]

3. Georgina 'Jean' HEARN b: 12 JAN 1881 ?

No children

3. Richard Taylor HEARN b: 2 MAY 1887 m. Eva M COULTER d: 24 MAY 1923
3. Percival HEARN m. Bernia C ROSE
Census of Canada, 1891
Name: Taylor, Percival PDF
Sex: Male
Age: 9/12
Marital Status: Single
Province: Ontario
District Name: Toronto City
District Number: 119
Sub-District Name: St Lawrence Ward
Household number: 53
Reference: RG31 - Statistics Canada

According to Mary Hearn, Percival Hearn was born June2, 1892. A.K.A. Percy. Obviously the following text from an original document is not of this family, or at least, not the same Percival as above. Below is a Percival Taylor. Roy does not recall any other Percivals in the family.

Regimental number(s): 766300
Reference: RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 9544 - 2
Date of Birth: 01/09/1897
Front of form - Back of form
Soldiers of the First World War - CEF
PRESENT ADDRESS: 91 Hamilton St. Toronto
NEXT OF KIN: Eliza Taylor [Note it is not Elizabeth]
NEXT OF KIN ADDRESS: [Same as above]
DOB: Sept 1, 1897
STATUS: Single
SERVED IN ANY MILITARY FORCE: Yes 9 months in 9th M.H.
AGE 18 Yrs 2 months
Height: 5' 7"
Eyes Light Blue

While re-reading the 7 page Taylor documentf for like the 100th time, Roy finds one address then a search on "Bernice Cumming Rouse"

The information seems to match. Lots of pages to go through. Above M. Coney had "Bernia C ROSE". No wonder Roy never found anything.
Credit goes to "Ontario Roots" by Mr. Russ McGillivray
  • Name: Bernice Cumming Rouse
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 6 Jan 1894 in Toronto, Ontario 1
  • Death: Y
  • Census: 31 Mar 1901 Ward 1, Hamilton, Ontario 2
  • Note: The Hearns lived in Clinton, Ontario.
Father: Isaac Bird Rouse b: 21 Dec 1852 in Plattsville, Blenheim Tp, Oxford Co, Ontario c: 27 Feb 1853 in Blenheim Tp, Oxford Co, Ontario 
Mother: Sophia Elizabeth Robinson b: 24 Jul 1860 in Rosemont, Adjala Tp, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Marriage 1 Percival Hearn b: 2 Jun 1892 in Toronto, Ontario
  • Married: 25 Sep 1918 in Hamilton, Ontario 3
  • Note: Bernie and Percival were married by her brother-in-law Rev. Russell McGillivray. The witnesses were Sophie E. Rouse and Jane Hearn.
  1. Has No Children William R HearnMarriage 1 Mary Death: 2005 in Clinton, Huron Co, Ontario
    LINK 1

Roy thinks this MIGHT [now proven] be the son of Percival Hearn and Bernice Cumming Rouse
Look at his middle name ROUSE, William Rouse Hearn
Unfortunately it is an OBIT. He just passed away! His wife was Mary (Telfer) Hearn. Another match of a first name...if Link 1 is accurate. Link 1 has no information regarding Mary's parents, birth or last name. Roy is completely seeing a solid lead. It appears this Mary "might" be the Mary he has sought out for years, Mary in Clinton, ONT, listed at the top of this page! Mary passed away before William, this also matches Link 1 intel. Roy might have FINALLY found concrete info on the Hearns, which at the least will lead to the Hearns, at best, lead to the Taylors, and give him family (other than his dear aunt) in the Ontario area, where the Majority of the family lived/lives!
Reformat Children names
older brother Gordon Hearn formerly of Scarborough.
Survived by his two sisters Georgina Mistele of Burlington
and Ruth Roy of Clinton.

Bill was the father of
Link 2

Link 3
Isaac Bird Rouse

3:00 AM Continue search on the Hearns and Badgers Thursday.

11:25 PM: Mr. Russ McGillivray was kind enough to reply to Roy immediately with even more of a revolution!
Roy had to step away due to the result of the emotional impact of realizing he had FINALLY found family related to the Taylors.
The 'Come into our Heritage' book lists many family, like the Badgers, in the Glenboro areas, yet all searches have lead nowhere... until now!
Roy is hand writing out a tree to comprehend the connections. You never know if digital might become an issue. Done!

William Hearn to Richard Taylor
Roy's Database showing Family Tree for William R. Hearn (Left) > Percival Hearn > Jane TAYLOR Hearn > William Stuart Taylor >Richard Taylor.
Roy has a photo he thought might be Isabella, yet she died young which nixes that possible match.
TO DO: Locate Birth Cirtificate for Percival and William.

Nellie M. Hearns 1/8th down page
"In Toronto, on 7th ult., Richard Hearn, M.D. to Miss Nellie French, of Toonto [Toronto] (Marriage) source
Lead from Vern Austman

Name: Dr. Richard Lankaster Taylor Hearn, b. 02 May 1887

SUBJECT: Richard Taylor Hearn, b. 02 May 1887, Santa Monica and The Richard L. Hearn power plant
Keywords: Hearn Generating Station
Known as: Richard Lankaster Hearn

Richard Lankaster Hearn - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Hearn
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Richard Lankaster Hearn
Born May 18, 1890
Toronto, Ontario

Died May 24, 1987 (aged 97)
Toronto, Ontario
Richard Lankaster Hearn, OC (18 May 1890 – 24 May 1987) was one of the key players in the establishment of Ontario’s energy system.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, he was among the group known as "Beck's bright boys." This group was responsible for the creation of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, the forerunner of Ontario Hydro and Ontario Power Generation.

Dr. Hearn was also responsible for the design and construction of many of Ontario's hydroelectric installations, including the first large hydroelectric project, the Queenston-Chippewa power development.

A coal-fired and later natural gas- fired power station, located on the Toronto waterfront was named after him.

Dr. Hearn was instrumental in Ontario's decision to move towards nuclear generating stations. In 1973, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada "for his services as an administrator and consulting engineer in the development of vast power projects". [1]

Dr. Hearn died in May 1987 at the age of 97.

Hearn, Richard Lankaster
Richard Lankaster Hearn, civil engineer, administrator, nuclear power pioneer (b at Toronto 18 May 1890; d there 24 May 1987). On graduating from the University of Toronto in civil engineering (1913), he was one of the earliest engineers to join the staff of the fledgling ONTARIO HYDRO, becoming assistant engineer of construction in 1918. From 1921 to 1930 he gained further experience as assistant chief engineer of the Washington Water Power Co, Spokane, but he returned to Canada to join Dr H.G. Acres as chief engineer of his newly formed consultancy. From 1934 to 1942 he carried out notable works as chief engineer of the Dominion Construction Co.
Returning to Ontario Hydro in 1942, he was almost immediately loaned to be chief engineer for the building of the Polymer synthetic rubber plant at Sarnia, Ont. In operation in less than 12 months, this was one of Canada's greatest construction achievements. Hearn's work with Ontario Hydro continued until his retirement in 1956, successively as chief engineer (1945), general manager and chief engineer (1947) and chairman (1955). He thus guided Ontario Hydro through its most dramatic expansion, directed the complex conversion of its whole system to 60 cycles and fostered its first venture into the development of nuclear power.

Employment History
Ontario Hydro
Ontario Hydro
Ontario Hydro-Electric Power Commission
HydroRacer.Net Forums
Board Memberships and Affiliations
Board Member
Ontario Hydro [1]

Floral Clock Park
Visiting Floral Clock Park, Niagara Falls, Ontario: brainchild of Dr. Richard Lankaster Hearn
http://mjfenn.hubpages.com/hub/Visiting-Floral-Clock-Park-Niagara-Falls-Ontario-brainchild-of-Dr-Richard- Lankaster-Hearn
14004 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

R.L.Hearn Thermal Generating Station
The R L Hearn coalfire power station was Canada's first 100 MW steam turbo-generator set. It was commissioned in 1951. The plant originally burned coal which was brought on site via ships from the St Lawrence Seaway.
In 1971 the plant was converted to burn natural gas, with some units remaining as having the option to burn coal. This plant was phased out of operation in July 1983, both due to concerns about air pollution in Toronto and abundant energy supply in the province.
In June 1987, elected members of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party were pushing to have the Hearn re- opened as a natural gas power plant. [1]
In 1988, the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party were calling for scrubbers on the Hearn to stop contributing to acid rain in Toronto. [2]
The site was designated (along with all other exiting publicly owned electrical generating stations during deregulation by the Mike Harris and Ernie Eves led Ontario Progressive Conservative Party) as protected for future electricity development.
Former premier, Mike Harris later mentioned his plans to build the Portlands Energy Centre on the site of the Hearn, but the actual proposed site sits next to Hearn.
In 2002, it was announced by OPG that Studios of America would be leasing the property of the former generating station and has plans to construct a 300,000 sq. foot multipurpose film production studio on the site, due for completion in 20??.
The Ontario government announced in April 2005 that the Portlands Energy Centre would not be part of approved 2,500MW of added new power production in Ontario coming online in the next few years.
However, in February 2006 this decision has been reversed, and there is a new plan emerging that would see a new plant built next to the Hearn plant. Toronto mayor David Miller is attempting to have Hearn restored in some capacity to provide that power rather than build a second plant, while nearby residents appear to be opposing any power generation in the area. The Independent Electricity System Operator is threatenning rolling black-outs in Toronto if 250MW are not added by 2008, with an additional 250MW required by 2010.

Dr. Richard Lankaster Hearn (18 May 1890 – 24 May 1987) was one of the key players in the establishment of Ontario’s energy system.
Born in Toronto, Ontario, he was among the group known as "Beck's bright boys." This group was responsible for the creation of the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario, the forerunner of Ontario Hydro and Ontario Power Generation.
Dr. Hearn was also responsible for the design and construction of many of Ontario's hydroelectric installations, including the first large hydroelectric project, the Queenston-Chippewa power development.
42 photos | 5,462 views
items are from between 03 Jul 2006 & 09 Aug 2006. [2]

Photo set 2

Photo Set 3

Photo Set 4

Alumni of University of Toronto
Inducted: 1978

Claims Seaway Will
Benefit United States
WATERTOWN, Feb. 23 (IP)—
The new chairman of Ontario's Hydro Electric Commission predicted last night the United States
eventually will benefit by $100,000,-000 annually from the St. Lawrence seaway and power project. Dr. Richard L. Hearn, of Toronto. Ont., noted that Canadian Transport Minister Lionel Chevrier recently said Canada would benefit from the project by that amount. There is no doubt that benefits anticipated by the Dominion will accrue equally in the United States.
Hearn added
He spoke here last night at a district dinner of professional engineers honoring City Councilman William T. Field as "engineer of in Northern New York. [3]

Other uses
The nearly abandoned plant attracted photographers and "urban explorers" who published their work on websites and in photography exhibits in recent years. It was also featured in an urban exploration and industrial archeology film called Echoes of Forgotten Places by filmmaker Robert Fantinatto. On June 15, 2008, an urban explorer trespassing in the plant fell three storeys into a coal chute, and was trapped for three hours when he became pinned under a steel plate. He suffered serious injuries and died two days later in hospital.
The station has served as a backdrop for scenes in the film RED and episodes of the television series Flashpoint. Some interest has also been expressed in developing a 3-D virtual reality model of the station for film production and computer games.

Dear Editor:
A good time was had by all!
Simple words for a wonderful party for the children Saturday afternoon, December 15 at Hearn's House, 1546 So. Park
Ave. Mr. Richard Hearn deserves a big thank you along with the American Legion Post #721 and all the others who made the afternoon so memorable for all the kids. Their thank you was a big round of applause at the end of the party. The delighted look in their eyes was a bigger thanks. Yes, mother there is a Santa Claus and he has many helpers. We saw them all at Hearn's House. Thanks again Mr. Hearn et al. It was a marvelous afternoon. I was there!
Mrs. Shirley Antonio
134 Crystal Ave. [5] PDF

Northern Ireland Prime MinisterVisits Niagara NIAGARA PALLS. Ont, May 22. —6ii Basil Brooke," prime minister of Northern Ireland, paid a. short unofficial visit to this city Saturday afternoon. He arrived here at 11:30 a m. and toured points of interest along the Niagara river, stopping at Table Rode house, at the brink of the falls, and taking a trip on the Spanish aero earJFollowlng this, he and his party had luncheon In the Rainbow room . of Hotel General Brock with Richard Hearn. of the Hydro Electric Power commission, and Chief of Police Cecil Pay. After luncheon he left for ttje Queenston power plant where he made a short inspection and then continued on to Hamilton. During his visit here he was guarded by 30 «police officers of the Ontario provincial police, the Royal Canadian Mounted police, the Toronto City police and the Niagara Falls Sty police. Sir Basil refused to talk reporters and police allowed no one near him at any time. Police gave as the reason for the unusually large number of police guarding the party that they "had been Instructed to take all precautions necessary to avoid any "embarrassing incident." Although Sir Basil did not- talk to reporters directly, he was quoted by one of the members In* his party as saying. "One of the greatest desires or my life is tc*bave as friendly a border between Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland, as you have
here between Can

Boom Is Seen If Arms Go NIAGARA FALLS, O n t.— Dr. Amasasp Aroutuni an, Soviet amba s s ador to Canada, lias forecast an "era of fascinating p r o s p e r i t y" if an agr e ement is r e a ched on "gene r al and compl e te d i s a rmame n t ." He addr e s s ed the Canadian Club of the Niagara F r o n t i er at its d i n n er meeting at the Hotel S h e r a t on - Brock T h u r s d a y night. "The re is no o t h er a l t e rnative but to develop normal r e l a t ions between all count r i es and to i n s u r e peaceful coexi s t ence of na t ions, i r r e spe ctive of differences in t h e ir economic, s o.'c i a 1, political and c u l t u r al sys t ems ," he cont inued in his r ema r ks delivered in Engl i sh. Dr. Aroutuni an, r e sponding to a question, a s s e r t ed t h at a u t h or Boris P a s t e r n ak never was forbidden by the Soviets to go to Stockholm for acceptance of the Nobel Prize for l i t e r a t u re w h i c h had been awarded him for his b o o k "Doctor Zhivago." However, ho added. "He is far too individualistic and his wr i t ings a re not those with which we Wish to educ a te our youth." After his a r r ival from Ottawa, Dr. Aroutuni an spent seve r al h o u rs tour ing a r ea scenic points and on a conducted tour of Ont a r io Hydro ins t a l l a t ions with Richard He a rn, r e t i r ed cha i rman of the ut i l i ty

Niagra Falls Gazette
33 more clippings
"Richard L Hearn"
#33 Niagara Falls NY Gazette 1955 Jan-Feb Grayscale - 0597.pdf
...January 26, 1955 'A Gratifying Choice ; The appointment of- Dr. Richard L. Hearn as chairman of the Ontario Hydro Power Commission should be ...
wspaper as we ll as all AP n e ws dispatches. Entered as Second Class Matter at the ' Pos tof f i c e. Niagara Fal l s. Niagara County. N.Y. a» — . — — w . -
i ; Wednesday, January 2 6, 1955 'A Gratifying Choice ; The appointment of- Dr. Richard L. Hearn as chairman of the Ontario Hydro Power Commission should be gratifying to all who believe in advance* Oient through the ranks. Dr. Hearn joined the Hydro •hortly after graduation from college and has been Associated with the development of power for the greater part of his career. As general manager and chief engineer, it was logical that Dr. Hearn should get the nod for the N o . l spot following the fatal injury in a plane crash Of Chairman Robert H. Saunders. Logic does not always prevail, however, especially in government Sand there had been some fears expressed that the appointment would be political. In a comparable lituation on this side of the border, In the New York State Power Authority for instance, who would be $o foolish as to predict, or expect, that a qualified chairman would be appointted from the ranks? Dr. Hearn is an engineer of wide experience and, of course,- fully acquainted with the workings of the Hydro Commission and particularly with its tremendous expansion program including the Niagara power development with which he has had an intimate connection. As a resident of Qucenston, the continued progress arjd welfare of the Niagara frontier should be close to his heart. The people of Ontario in general and the Hydro Power Commission in particular are to be congratulated for recognizing ability when it is in their midst. To Dr. Hearn go neighbors for a good and happy tenure

Email connecting Roy's RH to Vern's:

> On 1/25/2011 2:21 PM, vernaustman@sympatico.ca wrote:
>> Hi Roy,
>> I have lots of Runas in the tree, all the nickname for Gudrun; but there is one lady using Gulla and she was a native Icelander who married Valdimar Bjornson of Minneapolis. Pronounciation is using the "dl" for the double "ll". Your photos of Runa Thorason show a lady with a narrow jawbone, including the one back labelled Runa Thorsteinson and in pencil
>> Rooney. I think that she is Thorason and is mis-labelled. Are the two Runas in that damaged photo?
>> My first cousin Helgi Halldor Austman's mother Anna Sigvaldason is probably not related to your Arni.
>> What is Pearl's son's name and also her daughter? I had only "girl" for her daughter and did not know of a son.
>> The Richard L. Hearn power plant is an old retired coal fired electricity plant and was named in honour of him. He was second in command to Sir Adam Beck who set up our customer owned Utility in 1921. The modern people in control have completely lost sight of his objective which was "power to the people at cost". That is, a not for profit, except as needed for further development of the utility. You would call it a socialist system, in the tea party and Republican pejorative manner. It fuelled the industrial development of the province of Ontario without pumping money into the pockets of "owners", and building mansions. There is a move to preserve the plant building as a historic site.
>> Vern.
>> > Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 10:49:39 -0800
>> > From: roy@christopherson.net

>> > > Now I found a Richard Hearn Electrical Plant which had fallen into disrepair. There was a connection to a Drafting tool company as well. Miriam Westereng sent me a Taylor Family tree by a Hearn and mentions the Aunt Fanny listed at Ancestry. So I am on the right track. Taylor Lake and Hill were named after Taylor in Grund. Your talking about
>> > > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_L_Hearn
>> > > I found a few referenced to a Dr. and thought medicine. I went up this trail and thought not same as one married into the Taylor family, Jane, I think.

>> > >
>> > > On 1/12/2011 8:40 AM, vernaustman@sympatico.ca wrote:
>> > >> Roy, I did a tree on Ancestry a few years ago on Caroline Taylor after a daughter in law sent me 4 pages from a genealogy in her family. This was before I connected with you. The pages connected her with the Icelandic community in Kinmount and also with a famous Chief Engineer of the electricity company I worked for, Richard Hearn. This Richard Taylor is in that file in Ancestry. I would be interested in seeing the line in Eadie's tree from him to Helgi Austman, which is my proper name with middle name Lavergne. Helgi Halldor Austman is my first cousin and his mother was a Sigvaldason; so it may be him. My tree does have Richard Taylor1787 in it but as "in law" relationship through Emma and Rooney, not my gg grandfather. There is no Sarah Eadie in my tree.
>> > >>
>> > >> On your other messages: I don't recognize people in the group photos, I can only compare photo to photo where one may be actually named. Example is looking at your identified photo of Rooney as a young girl and then at the group of Emma and 2 kids and what I speculated as Rooney with 4; the resemblance is remarkable, look at the hairline, so to me it confirms the speculation. Rooney with the 4 is the right date and the children's birth dates match. So Rooney was called Runa in the early days; but the Runa Thorason is not her.
>> > >>
>> > >> The best photos I have of Andres and Gudny and Jon S Oddstad are in your page of my photos.
>> > >>
>> > >> I will look up my Taylor tree copy and send you a list from it. Best regards from "circles within circles":-) Vern/Helgi L.
>> > >>
>> > >> Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 02:14:19 -0800
>> > >> > From: roy@christopherson.net
>> > >> > To: vernaustman@sympatico.ca
>> > >> > Subject: Richard Taylor
>> > >> >
>> > >> > Hi Vern,
>> > >> > Yup, up late. I came across a Family Tree on Ancestry that lists a
>> > >> Helgi Austman posting a Great Great Grandfather: Richard Taylor Birth 2 May, 1787 in Bristol, Somerset, England Death in Kingston, , Ontario, Canada


MARCH 30 2012
Vern Austman sent a fabulous descendant report on the Taylors and Herns. Will post once entered into the family tree and exported as private PDF report. vern has a great deal more than the Mike Coney Family Tree.
Here is last email regarding corrections Roy will need to go over
"Hi Roy, You can do what you like with my messages, I don't put anything in them except mistakes at times-Smile. I expect you will revise your Hearn page since it is inaccurate: William Taylor Hearn Junior, b1860, was uncle of Richard Lancaster Hearn, and married to Jane, Caroline's sister. This Willam and Jane were first cousins; it took me a while to sort that out. Wasn't it their sons Richard or Percival who discussed some possible medical problems? William Taylor Hearn Senior, b1830, was married to Jane, sister of John and William Stuart Taylor. Richard Taylor Hearn, b1887 in Santa Monica, was first cousin to Richard Lancaster, born in Toronto 1890. All of this is a genealogist's puzzle. It came to light purely by chance for me, my daughter in law sent me 4 pages on a "Hearn" family because it mentioned a young Icelander, Caroline; and had a reference to the power company. Then you or Nonni linked your family to the Oddstads through the sisters. Now we have both benefited from it with considerable advances in our data. ..."

Hi Vern,
Thank you ever so much for this connection!
Just getting to your email, shows how behind I am. Just got the printer working and will print this all out. I believe locating the various descendants of the Hearns, Taylors and others, will by-pass this brick wall I have hit. On the Taylor RnD page, I list a lot, yet nothing beyond Richard Taylor who was an English Gentleman, hence, the lineage stops there. If I could travel to Bristol, ENG or hire someone there, sure could resolve through records. Alas, not possible.

I traced most of Susan Christopherson's family to NO CA, yet no contacts...yet (Caroline's sister). Funny that they lived in Chicago, yet some of the children came back to MT Shasta. So your leads here will add to what I have.
Again, Thanks!

On 3/6/2012 3:59 PM, vernaustman@sympatico.ca wrote:

 3/6/2012 3:59 PM
Hi Roy,
  The one you found is Richard Lancaster Hearn, who was Chief Engineer of my Electrical Utility; I joined the company in 1960 in the nuclear project and did my whole career in nuclear power plants.  The old coal fired plant in Toronto was named for him; it is now site for a gas fired set of generators, was used a movie set for a few years. Dr (of Engineering) Richard L. Hearn was born in 1890 and was with the utility all his career up to the mid 1950's, he died in 1987 in Queenston, Ontario right beside the Niagara river downstream from a big hydro plant, Sir Adam Beck GS.  Beck was the founder of the utility, around 1920.

I think that I sent you years ago a descendant list tying your family, Taylors and Hearns.  I will attach it again: R. L. Hearn is on page 3 at the bottom.  He had two wives and only one daughter.  His first wife died of the Spanish Flu in 1920 shortly after marriage.  His second wife had the daughter; the chart has reversed the wives for some reason.  His father Richard F. was a doctor. He had only a brother William Taylor Hearn Jr, it was he who married Caroline's sister Jane; they had quite a family.  The chart doubles their entries because of cousin marriage.
Does this answer?
Attachment: Outline Descendant Report Richard Taylor1787

> Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 12:39:41 -0800
> From: roy@christopherson.net
> To: vernaustman@sympatico.ca
> Subject: Richard Hearn Electrical Plant
> re: Richard Hearn Electrical Plant
> Hi Vern,
> I spent the night souring the internet for this fellow. I could email
> the final text file when done. Have yet to really find anything. Yes
> much about the plant, not the man. Nothing on family yet.
> I am now going through Niagra Falls old news papers. Just found a great
> site with 33 references and one is his appointment in 1955. One with his
> city he lived in. The one needed is family to verify if this is the one
> that married Jane Taylor. The birthday seems off from a 7 page diary
> from a possibly his brother.

Richard L Hearn died in Toronto on May 24th 1987. He was 97 years and 6 days old when he died.
May 18th 1890 is the birthdate of Richard L Hearn source

Richard L.Hearn Generating Station at Wikipedia

It is said that Keith hearn, son of Alfred 'Fred' collected papers from Jane Taylor (1).
The following document is believed to be from the collection. It is typed in place of what was originally on sheet
3. Muriel Constance HEARN m. Harry A CATES
Ontario Births
Name: Muriel Constance Hearn
Event Type: Birth Event Date: 15 Aug 1892
Event Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Registration Year: 1892
Gender: Female
Father's Name: Richard Hearn
Mother's Name: Ellen Jane French Source

1901 Census of Canada Census & Voter Lists View Image Name: Muriel C Hearn Birth: 1892 - location Residence: 1901 - city, Toronto (west/ouest) (city/cité), Ontario

Muriel C Hearn
Canada Census, 1901
Name: Muriel C Hearn
Event Type: Census Event Date: 31 Mar 1901
Event Place: C, Toronto (west/ouest) (city/cité), Ontario, Canada
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single Ethnicity: English Nationality: Canadian Religion: Brethren
Relationship to Head of Household: Daug [dau.]
Birthplace: Ontario Birth Year (Estimated): 1892
Page: 5
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Richard Hearn Head M 38 Ontario
Kathleen Hearn Baby F 4 Ontario
Ellen J Hearn Wife F 42 Qc
Florence Hearn Daug F 16 Ontario
Nellie R Hearn Daug F 13 Ontario
Richard F Hearn Son M 11 Ontario
Muriel C Hearn Daug F 9 Ontario
Daisy D Hearn Daug F 6 Ontario
Family Number: 46 Source

Muriel Constance Hearn Taylor Family Tree
Birth: dd mm 1892 - York, Canada
Marriage: date - York, Ontario, Canada Source

Muriel Constance Hearn Name: Harry Arthur Cates Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 06 Apr 1918 Event Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada Source
Harry Arthur Cates, M.B., Assistant in Anatomy, 249 Dovercourt Road. Source
Harry Arthur Cates (Nee: ) | Canada | 1901-1920 | Comments: MEDICINE 3 - 1915 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Ontario, Canada [Has yearbook photo of same name Source

Name: Muriel Constance Hearn Spouse: Harry Arthur Cates Father: Richard Hearn

Canada, Voters Lists, 1935-1980 Census & Voter Lists, Miss Muriel Hearn Residence: 1945 - city, Saskatchewan, Canada
Nothing else on Google.

H.A Cates and Muriel Cates (nee Hearn) is Living Cates father's Grandparents...There were a lot of doctors in the family at that time which is how i assume the families came together.
H.A Cates having coming from London went to medical school at UofToronto then taught there while Richard F Hearn was one of the first graduates of the 'then' new school of medicine.
...everyone was settling in Toronto, and aside from Living Cates great uncle who moved to Saskatchewan (Along with Muriel who moved with him, she's buried out there)
Courtesy of Living Cates

Harry Arthur Cates
Event Type: Marriage Event Date: 16 Apr 1918
Event Place: Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada
Gender: Male Age: 28 Birth Year (Estimated): 1890
Father's Name: George Cates
Mother's Name: Alice Ann Livermore

Spouse's Name: Muriel Constance Hearn
Spouse's Gender: Female Spouse's Age: 25 Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated): 1893
Spouse's Father's Name: Richard Hearn Spouse's Mother's Name: Ellen French
Reference ID: 002153 , GS Film Number: 002148787 , Digital Folder Number: 005205867 , Image Number: 01055 Source
4 George CATES, [50]
4 Geoffrey CATES, [50]
5 Living CATES, [50]
6 Living CATES, [50]
7 Living CATES, [50]
5 Living CATES, [50]
5 Living CATES, [50]


2. Charles Brickwood HEARN marriage 2 May HILL

2. John HEARN
No children recorded...so far

Soldiers of the First World War - CEF
Richard Taylor - Related?
Mother Isabel Taylor

Canada Census, 1871
Name: Jane Hearn
Gender: Female Age: 43 Birth Year (Estimated): 1828 Birthplace: West Indies Marital Status: Married Nationality: English Religion: Plymouth Brethren Event Place: 02, St George's Ward c, Ottawa 77, Ontario Page Number: 22 House Number: 87 Affiliate Film Number: C-10014 Household Role Gender Age Birthplace Jane Hearn F 43 West Indies Wm Taylor Hearn M 10 O Charles Hearn M 5 O Source

Canada Census, 1901
Name: Jane Hearn
Event Type: Census Event Date: 31 Mar 1901 Event Place: C, Toronto (west/ouest) (city/cité), Ontario, Canada
Gender: Female Marital Status: Married
Ethnicity: English
Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Brethren
Relationship to Head of Household: Wife
Birthplace: Barbadoes Birth Year (Estimated): 1828
Page: 5
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Wm Hearn Head M 70 England
Mary Ireland Cook F 38 Ontario
Jane Hearn Wife F 73 Barbadoes
Francis Moore Aunt F 79 Barbadoes Source

Canada Census, 1911
Name: Jane Hearn
Event Type: Census Event Date: 1911 Event Place: Toronto South Sub-Districts 13-72, Ontario, Canada Gender: Female Age (Estimated): 52 Marital Status: Married Relationship to Head of Household: Wife Birth Date: Aug 1859 Birthplace: Ontario
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
William Hearn Head M Ontario
Jane Hearn Wife F Ontario
Richard Hearn Son M Ontario
Percival Hearn Son M Ontario
Georgina Hearn Daughter F Manitoba Source

NOV 25, 2014
While asking if John Taylor was buried here, turned out to be his sister and family.

Fr: Susan Henderson
The following are interred in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Section 10, Lot 258, purchased by William Hearn and Mrs. Jane Hearn.
Haines, Alfred DOD Jan 6, 1910
Hearn, Georgina Mary DOD Dec 24, 1918
Taylor, Elizabeth Mary DOD Feb 13, 1920
Hearn, Inf. Of Alfred DOD July 18, 1925 (Jane Hearn's Burial infor shows Alfred's middle initial as J)
Hearn, William T. DOD June 9, 1928
Hearn, Jane DOD May 3, 1929
If you have an exact DOD for John, I can search our Archives, as he isn't in our database.

Ontario Deaths and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947
Name: Jane Hearn Event Type: Death Event Date: 03 May 1929, Interred May 6, Event Place: York, Ontario, Canada Gender: Female Age: 69 Birth Date: 11 Sep 1859 Birthplace: Kingston Ont Father's Name: William Taylor source

Attached are maps indicating their exact location in Prospect.
PDF Map of exact location 499kb
PDF Map of Prospect Cemetery 170kb
Courtesy of Sue Henderson, Prospect Cemetery

Ontario, Toronto Trust Cemeteries
Name: Jane Hearn
Event Type: Burial Event Date: 06 May 1929 Event Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Age: 69 Birth Year (Estimated): 1860 Birthplace: Canada Cemetery: Prospect Cemetery Cemetery Section and Lot: 10 258 Plot Owner's Name: Jane Hearn Relative's Name: Alfred J Hearn Relative's Address: 11 Collander Street Page: 266 Volume Date Range: Volume 03, 1922-1930 Source and Image (cropped one above)

Sue Henderson
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I know where Caroline TAYLOR's father, William is buried, I sought out his brother, John's location based on this info
"John Taylor died August 17, 1884 in: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Burial: in: Old cemetery at Husavik, MB? " This lead to the following...

Confirmed where Jane Taylor is buried courtesy of Ms. Henderson. Too bad I missed stopping by there while in Toronto...3 times! All Carolines family burial locations have been found except Fanny, William Henry Taylor, Herbert Taylor.
"The following are interred in Prospect Cemetery, Section 10, Lot 258, purchased by William Hearn and Mrs. Jane Hearn. [Toronto ON]
Haines, Alfred DOD Jan 6, 1910 Hearn,
Georgina Mary DOD Dec 24, 1918
Taylor, Elizabeth Mary DOD Feb 13, 1920 (John's wife)
Hearn, Inf. Of Alfred DOD July 18, 1925
Hearn, William T. DOD June 9, 1928

Hearn, Jane DOD May 3, 1929 (John's sister)
Attached are maps indicating their exact location in Prospect.
If you have an exact DOD for John, I can search our Archives, as he isn't in our database."
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Due to Redactions, research will be halted.

[1] Taylor RnD July 26, 2012 Update
[2] Redacted THFS by 'redacted', Page 35
[3] Eyford, Ryan. PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of History. December 2012. University of Winnipeg, Transcribed, Edited, and Annotated,
"Caroline Christopherson’s letters to her sister in Iceland Susanna Taylor Briem, 1880-1921

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