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Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

William Henry Taylor

William Henry Taylor was born 1868 or 1870, died 1941
Married Margaret [33]

Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson to Susie Briem from Grund MAR 28, 1890
"Willie Taylor [William Henry Taylor] has gone west to Washington Territory to seek his fortune. He is working in a round house. [Lighthouse?]
Pa (William Stewart Taylor] is very anxious to go there to. [sic] He is getting tired of the cold winters of Manitoba. He seems to be going backward all the time with his farming. We have had several very poor years for farmers. The last year was by far the worst. We have had six or seven dry years. New Iceland is quite dry now. We are all in great hopes that the wet seasons will commence again.
", pp 27, [33]

1902 William S. was visiting his son Willie in Oregon. His other son, Bert in California sent for him to visit two months. [79].

Name from: translated from "Landnamssogu Nyja Island" by Thorleif Jackson-Page 102
DOC_0081_WilliamStuartTaylorBio (Roy Christopherson Collection)
This grave matches the birthdate and initials. No proof William Henry Taylor was ever in Los Angeles. It is in transciptions that they left for the west coast after helping their father in Argyle District. See Taylor Lake on the Grund Homestead page.

Image M.W.C._002_PHOTO
Willie Taylor [William Henry Taylor] and a bike
taken by Prof. G.L. Eastman of Portland Oregon, First and Taylor Sts.
Credits: Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Photo Collection

William Henry Taylor, "California, Death Index, 1940-1997"
Name: William Henry Taylor
Event Type: Death
Event Date: 03 Oct 1941
Event Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Birth Date: 13 Apr 1868
Birthplace: Michigan
Gender: Male
Father's Name: Taylor
Mother's Name: Mcneil
Image of Record: No
Citation: "California, Death Index, 1940-1997," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 12 Jan 2014), William Henry Taylor, 1941.

From the record above, we now know he was no longer in Washington, passed away in L.A.

William Henry Taylor, "California, Great Registers, 1866-1910"
Name: William Henry Taylor
Event Type: Voter Registration
Event Date: 22 Oct 1892
Event Year Range:
Event Place: Sites, Colusa, California, United States
Age: 24 Birth Year (Estimated): 1868 [Date matches our Henry]
Birthplace: California [Would be Michigan]
Page: 32 GS Film number: 976457 Digital Folder Number: 005028137 Image Number: 00234
"California, Great Registers, 1866-1910," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 12 Jan 2014), William Henry Taylor, 1892.

Possibly his x record. The spouses name is cut off, maybe River
Name: William Taylor Event
Type: Marriage Event Date: 25 Dec 1903
Event Place: Alternate Event Place: Registration Place: , Steuben, Indiana, United States Marriage License Date: Residence Place: Angola, , Indiana Gender: Male Age (Estimated): Race (Original): White Birth Date: Birthplace: Lansing, , Michigan
Father's Name: William Taylor
Mother's Name:
Spouse's Name:
Spouse's Residence Place: Spouse's Gender: Female Spouse's Age (Estimated): Spouse's Previous Marriage Number: Spouse's Race (Original): Spouse's Birth Date: Spouse's Birthplace: Spouse's Father's Name: Spouse's Mother's Name: Informant's Name: Officiator's Name: Page: 35 Record Number: 17 Reference ID: GS Film number: 001887358 Digital Folder Number: 005329175 Image Number: 00418 Number of Images: 1

Could he have been Naturalized 1 year before he died?
William Henry Taylor, "California, Southern District Court (Central) Naturalization Index, 1915-1976" Name: William Henry Taylor Event Date: 1940 Event Place: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States Age: Birth Year: Birth Year (Estimated): Birthplace: Affiliate Publication Title: Naturalization Index Cards of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, Central Division (Los Angeles) Affiliate Publication Number: M1525 Affiliate Film Number: 18 GS Film number: 001509246 Digital Folder Number: 004640791 Image Number: 01527
View Image of Record here.

Hold this census as research. Looks like a match

William H Taylor
United States Census, 1920
Name: William H Taylor
Event Type: Census
Event Year: 1920
Event Place: Maury, King, Washington, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Race (Original): White
Can Read: Yes
Can Write: Yes
Relationship to Head of Household: Head
Relationship to Head of Household (Original): Head
Own or Rent: Rent
Birth Year (Estimated): 1870
Birthplace: Michigan
Father's Birthplace: England
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
William H Taylor Head M 50 Michigan
Margaret C Taylor Wife F 50 Iowa
Margaret Sterns Aunt F 83 Ohio
District: 29 , Sheet Number and Letter: 7A , Household ID: 79 , Line Number: 46 , Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) , Affiliate Publication Number: T625 , GS Film number: 1821924 , Digital Folder Number: 004391489 , Image Number: 00659

This is close but date is off
Name: Addie Maude Taylor Event Type: Death Event Date: 12 Sep 1951 Event Place: Tulare, California, United States Birth Date: 05 Jan 1873 Birthplace: Iowa Gender: Female Father's Name: Trulock

If you know about William, please get in contact with Roy.

William Henry TAYLOR b.
Son of William Stewart Taylor b. August 9th, 1830 at Bristol, England and Eliza McNeil

William Henry Taylor
Willie Taylor [William Henry Taylor]
Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Photo Collection

1. William 'Willie' Henry Taylor, b. 1868-1941, [33]
Herbert 'Bert' or 'Bertie' Stewart Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1890 or 1871-1945, [33]
Isabella TAYLOR Badger, b. 17 Jun 1874 at Lansing Michigan

Anna TAYLOR Ballard 1850 - ?
2. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR (3) 1851 - about 1916
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. Richard TAYLOR 1858 - 1863
died an infant
5. Jane TAYLOR Hearn (2) 1860 - 1929
6. Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 121861 [33] - 1938

married Margaret [33]

1. ?

2. Elizabeth Mehetabel TAYLOR (3) 1851 - about 1916
3. Caroline ''Carrie" TAYLOR Christopherson 1856 - 1923
4. Richard TAYLOR 1858 - 1863
died an infant
5. Jane TAYLOR Hearn 1860 - 1929
6. Susanna TAYLOR Briem MAR 121861 [33] - 1938

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