Enmore Cottage England

Journey to The Taylor Family homestead in Barbados, Enmore Cottage
Barbados EnmoreExactLocation slide0  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation slide1  We are leaving the Mother Ship to explore this planet for a place called ENMORE  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation2  It resided on the Island of Barbados. Fasten Seatbelts!  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation3  Island spotted 
Barbados EnmoreExactLocation4  It was once owned by Richard Taylor, born in Bristol, England May 8th, 1786  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation5  Richard served in the Commissariat Department at Barbados  for nearly 35 years. He was a commissariat officer of the British government  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation6 Taylor EnmoreCottage  Mary Hearn found c. 1850 map of Enmore. Richard's  3rd Great Grandson, Roy pinpoints Enmore in Purple  To avod detection of spacecraft, magnification of the Enmore property is on screen  To avod detection of spacecraft, magnification of the Enmore property is on screen 
EnmoreBarbados large master  Historical painting of Enmore, possibly the Taylor's Enmore painted by CARPENTER William Hookham in 1859  Present Day  The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Ambulance Service grounds still retains the original Enmore Circular Driveway from whence our GGGGrandfather Richard walked it. Possible the watermill still stands to this day?  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation8  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation9  Enmore, a villiage near Bristol England where our 3rd GGF, Richard Taylor was born 
Barbados EnmoreExactLocation11  Turns out to be less than 35 miles away. Could there be a connection?  Barbados EnmoreExactLocation12  Was Enmore in Barbados named after this Enmore?  Enmore castle, England