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The Shanty , Manitoba
The Shanty as it is known, according to Nelson Gerrard, he discovered the following: 1918-19, Kjartan ...seriously ill...return to 1920...journey back to the Argyle Settlement...north of Baldur. Gudrun then followed...four the spring of occupied a shanty...NW of 6-6-13...mile from the Hola School. [1]

Photos from Sig and Hank Christopherson Collection, along with many more photos in the Ted Christopherson Collection, give many views over time of this Shanty. Sadly it is no longer there and burned down. Roy believes these photos were taken over a few time periods. Hank dates the back porch photo, as he is riding the small pony or horse abt 1921, based on the family photo on the Christopherson Clan page of Kjartans family. Ted visited Will Christopherson late in his age, along with John and Laura. Just spotted Will in this location.

JUN 27, 2013 Hank said the Shanty was east about 4 sections and a couple south with access by same road, starting at Grund Church. The shanty had a trap door to go into the dirt cellar which is still there. The shanty itself burned down. The chared stable/barn still remains, where Kjartan 'Kay' Christopherson got his ring finger caught on a nail after slipping on the small cross steps. They had to cut the band of the Gold ring with the initials 'KC'. He later had it closed back up. It probably went to Lorne with same initials. The building up on the hill was originally a granuary, then became workers bunks. Lorne and Ted would sleep down in the cellar in the fall.

Image 0014
Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty
Top View description by Hank Christopherson. Pile of wood to the left, pot belly stove shown top and only two beds for two adults and should have been 7 children.
Color retouching by Roy
Courtesy of the Ted and Pauline Christopherson Collection
Click to enlarge
Keith & Hank Christopherson possibly standing where the Shanty once stood during trip to Grund
From the collection of Hank christopherson

Image 2231
Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty
Hank's pony is tied up to the left side of the shanty. Possibly an Icelandic pony?
Thorgeir on Iceland is writing a book and testing my memory if any photos show these horses.
Update: Hank said the far building was a grainery then a bunkroom for the workers.
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Hank on Pony
Henry at Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty
on a pony (Shanty Slideshow )
Roy believes this is exact same animal
tied up in the left photo
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Image 2232
View from Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
View from Shanty during Keith & Hank Christopherson's trip to Grund
From the collection of Hank christopherson
Image 2480
Overhead View from Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty
Courtesy of the Ted Christopherson Collection

Possibly Grund or Kjartan's Barn

Roy now believes this is at Grund Homestead, not Kjartans.
Not the angled window and slats in the small buildling which match ones at Grund
It will all be verified August 10th.
From the collection of Hank christopherson

Watercolor given to Hank created by Donna Skardal
Kay and Gudrun's Stable which held 6? horses

From the collection of Hank christopherson home

Possibly Grund or Kjartan's Barn
From the collection of Hank christopherson

Shanty Slideshow
[1] Small excerpt from research Nelson gerrard is doing on the Christopherson family. If you would like to contribute any family that matches his book requirements. Go here.

Due to the large volume of photos, it will take time to complete this page. Key photos have been added along to a complete slideshow, as Roy is nearing completion of tagging all 7,000 photos. There is another set of photos when John and Laura take Pauline, Ted, and Robert Christopherson, Roy's brother there, one of Will Christopherson, and another overlooking the whole area along with possibly the barn that Kay got his ring caught on a nail climbing down th ladder, according to Hank.

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