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Have photos of the Christophersons, Stonesons, Einarsons, Sigvaldson or other related branches (we have dozens of branches) , please email Roy, webmaster

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Clan as in Family Group photos
Clan Badger
Clan Cartwright
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Clan Christopherson
Clan Einarson
Clan Isberg
Clan Johnson
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Clan Oddstad
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"Vintage portraits keep ancestors immortal for future generations"
Roy Christopherson


"Come into our Heritage - R.M. of Argyle 1882 - 1982 Excerpt from the book
Excerpt on the Christopherson Branch.
Order the book from the R.M. of Argyle Office
Posted for the photos/info

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Haldor Christopherson's home and beach B.C. Trip
Roy Christopherson Collection
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Individual Page
Henry Christopherson WWII
Few photos of Henry training in NJ and serving overseas, as did his other 3 brothers, all at the same time
Hank Christopherson Collection
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Individual Page
Unknown Soldiers
Few photos of unknown people, friends or family?
Please send ID if known to Roy
Hank Christopherson/Miriam Westereng Collection

Eileen 'Christy' Keller
Some personal photos of Eileen, along with ones for her Filmography. Actress for MGM.
Also view Eileen in the Red Mill.
Sig/Hank Christopherson Collection and Internet
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Grund Cemetery
Every single stone marker in the grave yard Grund Cemetery,
Argyle District, Manitoba

Roy & Mike Christopherson Collection

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Tranquille, British Columbia
Early 1900 Photos of Kjartan (Wrangler Kay) Christopherson's time at Tranquille, Kamloops, B.C., Canada, The converted Fortune ranch house, and Charlie, Jonina, Jon Herman and Kristjan.
Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Vern & Neil Austman Collection
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Lorne.Sig WWII
Tribute to WWI & WWII Relatives having served in the military (Hosted by SmileBox). Apologies if someone has been left out. Missed including Bruce Costello's service in Germany, Keith & many others.
Incl. Unknown family, Lorne, Ted, Hank, and Sig, Albert Hallgrimsson, and Henry Einarson
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Roys 1st slideshow, all the these photos are now in Protected Area Photo Page.
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Lilja CHRISTOPHERSON Costello family
Bruce serving in Germany
Bruce Costello Collection
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Cousins Tour 2014
Cousins Mike and Roy Christopherson's trips
Part 1 - Journey Begins to Seattle - May 17 - May 27
Part 2 - Victoria Island to Toronto ONT.
Part 3 - Iceland - 2 Weeks
Part 4 - Toronto to Ontario, Canada 97 slides
Part 5 - Kingston, Bath, Toronto
Part 6 - Flint, Lansing MI, Flint - GrandeLedge To Chicago
Pending - Minnesota
Pending - Journey Home
AVG 87 slides EA

Roy Christopherson and many relatives Collections
Travel Blog at (down for the time being)
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Individual Page Ronald Ted Christopherson - Tribute to Roy's Brother
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Individual Page
Andy Oddstad Photos
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View some of Austman Collections 1, 2, 3
Oddstad Family, Andy's parents, Photos taken by Jon
View current PDF here in new page.
Vern Austman Collection
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Lilja Kernested Collection
Sigvaldsons (Sigvaldason)
Collection of the Arason family and unknow from the 1800's to the 1950's. A fabulous collection of OLD photos. Plus all Roy's loose photos, homestead maps, and Deeds, plus more. Updated with lots of Sigvaldson intel.
Lilja Kernested Collection
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Individual Page
Joe Stoneson
Son of Stone Stoneson with his family
We have cousins to the north here.
Sue nee Pashley Graham Collection
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D.I.L. Jamboree, Winnipeg Auditorium, SAT, May 5, 1945
Defense Industries Ltd., Winnipeg Works
Theodore & Pauline Einarson Christopherson Collection
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Individual Womens Page
Tribute to Roberta Lee Einarson - Daughter of the Honorable Henry Einarson
Pauline Einarson Collection
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Taylor Family
Enmore Map slideshow
Whimsical slideshow of the location of Enmore Cottage, home of The Taylors on Barbados. Only known about thanks to Mary, The Stranks, and Vern!
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Unknown People - 1940-1960's, B&W Photos
Sig Hank, Ted & Pauline Einarson Christopherson Collection

Semi-Protected Albums
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Nike Semi-Protected Album. Click link, then enter USER = user, and Password = password
Mike Christopherson's Trip to Iceland
Mike rode his bike around Iceland and right to Sigurdur's
first home in Iceland.
Updated his album June 23rd with all of his photos.
Mike Christopherson collection (son of Al & Edith)
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Pauline Einarson Green Album
Einarsons in Keewatin and Winnipeg. This includes WWII training at Jaspar,
connection (Training) to the Henry Einarson Military Album. Roy colorized the Canoe photo. Gr Aunt Lillie in Vancouver.
Pauline Einarson Collection
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