SF Bay Area to Port Angeles Ferry
May 21 let the Tour begin Roy sells his townhouse. Buys this truck/Camper in Fremont, Calif. Turn-Key Ready. 1st Selfie Charlie rides in crate next to me. We purchase new cellphone and get stuck in San Mateo, Calif.
01 2014 redwoodcity portangeles RV repair suggested staying at the Menlo Park Park until 6 pm, then stay in their lot overnight. City Police ask me to step out and handcuff me. DMV had not posted my new License, so they say. Ask if I am a Serial Killer. Charlie and my home for next few months
On the look out for jogging dogs Found the puurfect spot Created whole cage in crew cab for Charlie Awaiting replacement of the camper to truck plug at RV repair place. Not so Turn-Key Ready!
On the hunt Audio track used here: The Doobie Bros. -  Black Water Having sold or given everything away, charlie awaits my quick dash into the store. Zen Kitty. Got lucky, this cat tolerates travel. Redding, Calif. or Bust
We arrive in Redding for dinner. Unable to find cousin Ken. Rest stop near Mt. Shasta. Slept until 4:30AM MT. Shasta Hailey, Eillen Keller's grandaughter mentions going to OR, so I took a selfie
Free at last! Free at last! Quite a spectacle to see a cat like this PORTLAND, OR. First cemetery. Camper outside RiverView Cemetery On the hunt for Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson's sisters grave, Elizabeth and family. Section 107
With help of map found her grave. She was known as Lizzie. Elizabeth Lapham-Carpenter of Portland Surrounding graves Roy is 99.9% sure these are Lizzie's children with Veiga CHRISTOPHERSON Dawe Little White Salmon River, E. of Portland, Lapham summer retreat. Photos courtesy of cousin Miriam Westereng
Motel 6. Charlie a break from the bouncing truck cab and for me, good shower. Been Boondocking last few days Headed south Second Cemetery Lincoln Memorial Park IMG 2977 PHOTO RoyC.Collection Cemetery named after Pres. Lincoln
IMG 2979 PHOTO RoyC.Collection Hope you visit, if so, turn LEFT at statue Getting warmer. No map either. They are on right end of hall
Meet Carrie and George B. Pratt. Carrie LAPHAM Pratt,  daughter of Lizzie. gone but not forgotten 99.99% sure this is Carrie Lapham, photos courtesy of cousin Miriam Westereng - Veiga Dawe Collection George was an Optomitrist. Now to find Smith G. Lapham on floor 3.
Meet Mr. Geroge Pratt George Pratt, son-in-law of Elizabeth Taylor, sister to Caroline, his children and Veiga Dawe 3rd Floor Found Carrie's brother, Caroline TAYLOR Christopherson's nephew and wife
Netta Smith's wife. Smith G. is related. See 003_11_02 1851.htm Camper weighed so much, I stayed off the narrow cemetery roads Made third cemetery - Rose City Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, at 5:03 PM. Thanks to the Office, found them
Mary Lapham We are related to Oscar Lapham, all covered on their Individual Web Pages. APR 2015, Roy has found all the current Lapham generation! Their location. A wet day! May 26th reached Seattle's Woodland RV Park
View during breakfast IMG 3009 PHOTO RoyC.Collection On the road again! Drive around Puget Sound area to look at towns and houses. Stopped at cool museum
Reminded me to hand down Dad's Eisenhower jacket to the nephews Reminded me of dads gear Took this shot for Mike (relating to his GF) RV Park. One of the best of the trip
May 27 2014 They honked "Back off Jack" in Goose talk IMG 3020 PHOTO RoyC.Collection IMG 3021 PHOTO RoyC.Collection
IMG 3024 PHOTO RoyC.Collection View from laundry room Stopped at Mukilteo Lighthouse Was in parking lot planning Vancouver Island.
IMG 3028 PHOTO RoyC.Collection IMG 3029 PHOTO RoyC.Collection IMG 3030 PHOTO RoyC.Collection First time on Ferrie. In line at Edmunds, WA to cross to Kingston, then drive to Port Angeles, WA. Confused? So was I.
Thought I was leaving Port Angeles for Sidney, BC with Reservations at Marina RV park. This was the Edmunds Ferry Terminal Lanes. I still had a 2nd ferry to catch! Norwegian Treking Cat aboard Ferry This newbie did a No No, sat in truck. Must go on top deck with the animal. Possibly Kingston looking for place to camp
Ferry Parking, too bad blurred the  mountain Broke camp somewhere between Kingston WA and Port Angeles WA