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Family Heirlooms


Have you ever wondered where that family portrait of uncle Joe went to? You saw it in some old family photo, yet, you have never seen it in person or reproduced with current technology.

Wiki lists an English law as follows;
Any owner of a genuine heirloom could dispose of it during his lifetime, but he could not bequeath it by will away from the estate. If he died intestate it went to his heir-at-law, and if he devised the estate it went to the devisee. The word subsequently acquired a secondary meaning, applied to furniture, pictures, etc., vested in trustees to hold on trust for the person for the time being entitled to the possession of a settled house. Such things were more properly called settled chattels.

Talking with Cousin Bruce gave Roy the idea to create a page of 'just family heirloom photos', or reference from letters. The purpose is to pinpoint, for future family generations, who has what 'original' items of interest.

Hopefully, will remain a sort of heirloom of sorts to be passed down, and stay intact on the Internet...forever. That it will grow along with future generations. We now have
thousands of rare family photos now online, thanks to family sharing. Roy hopes each and every family member will think of what they have passed down to them, and send in a photo of said item, and the hands it passed through, and who owned it. It will take awhile to get the format of this page done, so bear with me. Obviously jewlery should not state where a crook might find it.

Roy Einar Christopherson, web propriotor for Christopherson,Net

It will be hard to know what to put here. There are many, many items that could fall under this page.

2 walking Canes
With Hank, now Gary
From Sigurdur Christopherson and Kjartan
Portrait of Sigurdur Christopherson
With: ?

Portraif of Caroline Christopherson
With: ?
Portraitof Sigurdur & CarolineChristophersonand family in CIOH book With: Pat
Portrait of Sigurdur & CarolineChristopherson
With: ?

Photos here
WWII Uniform
With Roy, now with Matt & Adam Christopherson
From: Ted Christopherson 1942 - 1945
Portriat of Sigurdur Christopherson
With ?
From: Sigurdur
Oxen Yoke from Grund
With ?
From: Possibly William Christopherson
Santa statue by Doona Skardal
now with descendants
Bequeathed to Living Brynjolfsson then Living Rutz, granddaughter of Susie Christopherson A pocket watch that was presented to Caroline and Sigurdur on their 25th wedding anniversary
It appears to say "Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Christopherson on their silver anniversary July 19, 1902 by Mr. and Mrs. C. Olafson. The only Olafsons I find in the Argyle Heritage book are Edvald and Jon and Kristján. The latter seems to be related to some Christophersons by marriage? See pages 589 and 590. Of course, the Olafsons did not necessarily live in the Argyle Municipality.

No approval to post see slideshow
Little wooden shelf
Passed down from Lil to Bruce to Colleen
From: Made by William Stewart Taylor
Postcard from John Taylor to William Stewart Taylor
Passed down to Carol
Portraif of William S. Taylor
with ?
From: William S.Taylor
Portrait of William and Children
Writing Desk
Passed down to Bob
From: William Taylor

Taylor Book 1
Records and Register Book
With Keith (Roy Scanning)
From: William S. Taylor


Bowman Leslie Broache and Lock of hair
with 'not known'
From: Possibly Bowman Leslie

Wiinipeg Rifles Canadian Pin
Royal Winnipeg Rifles Canadian pin
Passed down to Adam
From Henry Einarson
Wedding Band
Passed down to Alysha
From Gudbrandur Einarson and Mary Sigvaldson
Ring from Philippines 1945
Passed down to Carol
From Ted

Preserving Family Treasures & Heirlooms