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Roy's cousin Keith left off some research Sig had done. Looking through five old reference encyclopedia books ranging from the 1920´s to 1950, found multiple passages Sig Christopherson of Sonoma tagged or high-lighted.
One Book listed Henry Howard 1517-1547 and a bookmark written Caroline Taylors Family.
Previous page to this is on a Leslie, which Sig probably did not know about, as reference was always to a Jane Jones, not her maiden name.
There is no supporting evidence to base anything on. While Roy wrote one poem, not into them.
Roy appreciates Keith dropping it off.
There is a great passage of how the American Indians would rather be dead than enslaved. Something not really shown before. Most movies and books focus on Proud Tribes, not how they would never of have become enslaved. Roy's focus is not on the Indian Nation.

There was one other book along with two Ride plaques. Mike and Hank did not look at too long. Roy usually breaks out the White gloves on anything older the 1930.
Upon close oberservation later on, Roy noticed a very faded name is on the cover-Wm S. Taylor, G...
At first it was thought to be a hymm or prayer book. Looking at the penmanship of each very legible letter, Roy surmises that this book is in the handwriting of
our Great Great Grandfather; William Stewart Taylor! wicked

Roy learned when he received photos of Einar Einarson´s book copy, in the university, that it was common to just copy out books. Of course today,
we could not even comprehend doing such a thing, let along doing it slowly and precisely.
It is possible someone else wrote this book and gave it to William.
A HIT!!! hit
At the very least, William owned/held this, at the most, it is in his own handwritting. Only a known letter could prove this. The factions in Iceland and elsewhere could not be
bothered with us. "That is the reason Roy hopes NO ENTITY other than our family retains our ancestors property (Heirlooms) in the future!"

The book will be eventually scanned and placed into a PDF document, and returned to Keith.

Taylor Book 1 Cover
IMG_6725_SCAN Taylor Book1 Cover
William Taylor's Book
Keith Christopherson Collection (with Roy until he meets with Keith again)

Page 1 Death the Gateway to Joy (not online)
Page 2 (not online)
Page 3 (not online)
Page 4 Of For the Robes of [Whitinefs] (not online)

Page 5 A Diamond in the Rough
Old Robert [Sightup]
By Rev. J....

Page 5
title: 'Death the Gateway to Joy'
By Rev. T. De Witt Tahnage Brooklin N.Y. Copies from The Beautiful Story by J.W. Bu [cl] assisted by Rev. T. De Witt Talmage 1888

About Talmage

"...He also preached to crowds in England."

Copy made 1888, Talmage would have been in New York and in newspapers.

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