Life & Times
William Stuart [Stewart] Taylor

by Unknown author

From a report done by Sig Christopherson in 1993 given to Carrie and Luke Humber of Crescent, B.C..
Original in the C.B.M. Collection.

Keep in mind that Sig was a California Historian and would not be inclinded to make things up. That being said, there is no proof yet regarding William being born in the castle. Prof. Eyford sent Parish birth record proving William was born in Bristol, to be exact Sig says it happened, Veiga, Sigurdur's daughter said the Taylors were connected to British aristocracy. His father was born in Bristol which became a very important sea port and visits from royalty. Roy is just starting to research this. It is doubtful Richard could have started the plantation in Barbados on an officers salary. This is most likly how he came to live there, possibly while the British were colonizing the Island [Update: Thanks to Mary Hearn, we now know that George Taylor drowned at sea, his son Richard was brought to Barbados as a boy by his fathers friend, no citation]. There is also a poem about a leslie who may be a cousin to the Royals which Sig referrences "Bolyne", as he does here. Roy has yet to go beyond William's father, Richard.
Update 11/2011: This 1880 census (216k) states William was born in England, not Barbados.


"Sigurdur & Caroline Christopherson
Parents of Kjartan
Grandparents of Lilja, Lorne, Ted, Caroline
sigurdur, Henry, Eileen, Dorothy & Bill
These' being the children of Kjartan and Runa
great Grandfather of children of K & Runa

In the days of old, when men were bold, when
Women were hard to find, and harder to hold
A great Love story began to unfold.
An Icelandic boy name of Sigurdur C.
Met Lovely Caroline on the Lone prarrie
By the Banks of Nettley Creek, they would wed
The sky for a roof, straw for a bed
Together, they were very happy
Thats how we got my pappy
Now that brings it down to me
Another step in the family tree
Because, if it weren't for dear-dear Grandpappy
It would be impossible to be so happy.
by granson Sigurdur t. Christopherson

Fathers Day. June 20, 1993

We have gathered together at the home of Dottie Christopherson Cartwright
in celebration of golden memories of our very special forefathers.
We are the truly blessed. Sig C

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William Stuart Taylor
Born 1830-Bristol England -died about 1904-buried in Grund
Son of Richard taylor & ?? Born , May 2, 1787-Bristol, Eng.
Mother may have been Jane-maiden name possibly Jones (His mother was a member of the Duke of Norfolk family (the Howard family )head of the Catholic Church of England-his mother had been more or less excommunicated for having married to a Protestant, but now that religious freedom had returned to England she had returned home to give birth to this child in the family home (Arundel Castle.) The Norfolk Dukedom is the hghest Dukedom in England next to the Royal family. Two members of the Howard family have been beautified for Sainthood in 1929 (one was named Philip). Anne Bolyne & Katherine Howard (two of the wives of Henry VIII) were of this family.

Photo of portrait of William Stuart Taylor
William Stuart Taylor-Married Isabelle Slimmons a daaughter of John Slimmons
Slimmons-she was a redheaded Irish woman-These were the parents of
Grandma Caroline Taylor Christopherson-wife of Sigurdur Christopherson

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Engagement of Kjartan (Kay) Christopherson
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Kay & Runa's Wedding gathering
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Photo of the Stonesons, Oddstads and Christophersons (post)
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1936 July-Crescent Beach. B.C.
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Photo of John Sigurdur Family (post)
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ref.: Reports>DOC_0084_Sig of William Stuart

A video was made of that visit in 1993 that Roy has on loan from Hank to digitize and a version recorded on a smartphone during the B.C. trip. Also Sig's interview on Juaquin (sp). Update: Tape digitized and VHS returned.