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The purpose of this page to to hold "research" regarding the Taylor family through marriage into the isberg family.
It is the process of Roy doing a genealogy search trying to go beyond current family members.
Following gets boring so feel free to pass onto more exotic finds within There is no "Update Date" which is on many other pages at this site.
Rather, all of the following text will be revised on-the-fly or added to at any time .

From the Taylor RnD page:

Richard Taylor, John's father is the last known family member above Caroline 'Taylor' Christopherson.

? daughter, ? married into the Isberg family.

01/09/11 Jim Isberg: [jimisberg...] Still doing research on my fathers bio mother and father. .... I do have an Emily Isberg in my fathers family line she was from Baldur and I believe she married a Christopherson they live out on a farm my wife and I stopped in to see them back in 2007 but no one was at home so we left a note. She was the daughter of my grandfathers brother Beggie Isberg. Beggie worked for the CNR in Baldur and purchased the house my grandfather built when he left to be the section foreman in Three Hills, Alberta.
9/23/10 Not sure if you know the story of the isberg name on my grandfathers side. It was changed from Jonnson due to all of the mail mishaps the family sat around the kitchen table and came up with the name of isberg I think it has to do with a tributary or county in Iceland. Not really sure how the name came about but in Icelandic I heard that it was pronounced Isbeorg. Jim

In "Come into our Heritage" ...

From Larra C/O Ed Fader on Mon, Apr 30, 2012,
Regarding the Isberg-Christopherson family connection, yes my dad's youngest sister Emily Isberg, daughter of Beggi and Borga Isberg, married Herb Christopherson, brother of John, Siggi, Veiga (Helgason), Joe, etc. Emily and Herb's daughters are Marguerite married Tryggvi Johnson (both deceased), Dorothy [Redacted], Pat [Redacted], and Korenna [Redacted]. I don't personally know of any other connection between the Isberg-Christopherson family, but Pat might know. Emily's second marriage, after Herb's death, was to Donald Craik. Emily was only in her mid-sixties when she [redacted], predeceased by Don.

Yes, the name "Isberg" was one the entire family chose when they came to Canada. They could have used Thorsteinsson, going by the Icelandic system of using the father's first name with "son" added for the next generation's surname, but they originally chose the Canadian system of using the father's surname. This was "Johnson", but as Jim Isberg mentions, there were several large "Johnson" families in the district, leading to confusion with mail and so on. "Isberg" is a Scandinavian name, infrequently used in Iceland but more common in Norway and Denmark. ...redacted
[NOTE: Ed was instrumental in helping Roy learn about Ytranes!]

See Clan Isberg

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