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Revised: November 29, 2014
  Stories of the Past
Voice Recordings and Transcripts


Nothing is better than a family member recalling memories of our families history and past. They are a first hand account of people, names, and places sometimes lost to current generations. This new section here at will take the longest to develop. Unlike the database which took years, and the 10,000 family photos still being processed, direct voice recordings will not be placed online out of respect for the person.

Transcripts after being redacted for private information will be posted here when possible. In 10 - 20 years, this page may contain more than just One, the loneliest number.
There are many web pages on the subject of 'interviewing family members'. Roy learned to not interject unrelated personal stories ending up in diverting from the subject at hand. One suggestion: Pick an event and STAY on it. Or you will never get to the whole story.

Most of you will not find this of interest. However, those closest to the subject of the interview may someday treasure what is here. Due to space, unable to post videos.

Voice Recording 0001, Interviewed Hank Christopherson, Date 10.07.11, SUBJ. Kjartan Christopherson Family, the Stonesons

Recordings yet to be transcribed
Voice - 0002 Synopsis: Talks about first airplane ride and stewardesses, Letter from Gudrun, Letter from Lorne to Hank, Gary talked about Lorne. Lorne had moved to LA.
\Takes phone call
Voice0003 Hank_10.07.11_Copy of 0001
Voice0004 Hank_10.07.11, Synopsis: Sounds like a copy of 0003
Kjartan pronounced Key arf ten
V-Mail = Victory Mail Letter from Lorne, Corporal now, Carnegie Institute. Ltr 1942
0005, 0006 and 0007 unrelated
Voice0008 Uncle Hank singing Happy Birthday
Voice0009 william 'Bill' christopherson, Conversation 03.18.2013. This was not a recording. Bill telling Roy his past after visiting Hank in hospital
Voice 0011-55 Icelandic Bus Tour Guide
Voice 054-55 Museum at Yri-Neslond
Voice 056-57 Tour Guide around Lake Mvatn
Voice 059-64 Cousin Kristin in Husavik (PRIVATE-family notes)
Voice 065, 68, 69 Emily EINARSON Enns on Einarson Family
Voice 075 Roy on lunch with Laurel in MN (PRIVATE-family notes)

Have related immediate family then
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