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Ron Christopherson's Memorial
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Ron was a wonderful husband to Juanita, fantastic father to Matt and Adam, caring brother to Bob, Roy and Carol, and a loving son who contributed much to those whose lives he touched.  He was born in San Francisco on November 26, 1951 to Pauline Christopherson (Einarson) and Theodore Christopherson.

Stories from his siblings:

Growing up Ron was always a bit mischievous (or he would just call it curious while Mom called it mischievous!).  He loved to play with things that he could take apart or convert in some way.  One of his favorites was converting a simple match into fire.  Much to Mom’s dismay, when Ron was left with a babysitter, he managed to light enough matches to fill a large jar.  Imagine her counting her blessings after she found this and realized she still had a house and her 4 kids left. 

Ron was never short on imagination.  While this same (rather inattentive) babysitter was watching us, he managed to take Mom’s jewelry box into the backyard and was proceeding to bury many pieces in various spots in her back terrace.  Luckily, Irene, our next-door neighbor, saw him in action from her porch and put a stop to it.  Most of the “treasure” he buried was found by the various “pirate” children in our family … eventually.  Mom then officially banned the “Buried Treasure” game.

Ron played the trumpet in the marching band at Capuchino in its heyday.  He got to play in the Rose Bowl and had great band memories.

During his teen years, there was always a car or motorcycle laying in various pieces in the garage.  He and his friends where always frustrating Mom as they tracked grease and oil throughout the garage (and sometimes the house when in search of Mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies).  He went from his Chevy, to a motorcycle then to his Corvette…always a car challenge for him to conquer. 

 His brother, Bob, once re-built an entire VW, working on it diligently for months, only to have Ron and get in an accident.  A car had waved him thru an intersection, right into the path of an oncoming car.  Our father wanted to eat dinner before taking him to the hospital, we overruled him and hauled Ron to the doctor.  He survived without serious injuries, can't say the same about the VW.  It went to the junk yard.

Roy remembers going up to Tahoe with Ron and Juanita.  Juanita wanted him to go when many wives would probably not want a little brother tagging along.  We went down a back trail and I went past the rope and luckily it was not a cliff.

Roy was skiing down the face and went between two trees. Not only was there a dip, it was hard ice. He went over and straight up and back down on his back.  Ron had to get the ski-mobile to take him down, he was watching out for his little brother.   Ron had the Blue Blazer and 8-track tape and played Doobie Brothers; China Grove and Down the Highway.


Ron was a great brother, always concerned about the welfare of his brothers and sister, even while fighting his own health battles.  We hope he is not causing too much trouble for Mom up there, … and we are certain that she is enjoying his company and giving him a great big hug.


From his Wife, Juanita:

Ron was a very gentle and compassionate person.  He always thought of others before himself and never expected anything in return.

I'll never forget our trip to Kauai.  Bill, Peggy and I still laugh about this incident.  There was a small mall across from where we were staying.  Every time we would visit the mall we would see Ron talking to this one homeless man.  I can't really recall how all this started, but somehow this homeless man caught Ron's ear and each time we would go over to the mall the man would see Ron and come over.  As always Ron would sit and patiently take time to chat with the man, never making him feel like he was imposing.  This was only one of many, many times Ron would give his time to strangers that just wanted someone to talk with.

Ron was a Jack of all trades. He could work on cars, computers, just about anything electronic as well as make repairs around the house.  There was one thing he never did well and that was cooking, and he would be the first to let you know. When Matt was a toddler, Ron had been out of work for several months so he agreed to stay home and take care of the kids while I went to work.  Each day when I returned home from work I would ask him what he fed Matt for lunch, just about ever other day he would say, "a Wendy's baked potato".  At that point Ron and I both agreed he should go back to work and we would hire a babysitter.  He was much more successful at working outside of the home.  Matt got back into a much healthy diet and Ron returned to work and continued to be successful, even to own a patent, which not many people know about.

I could go on and on and tell stores about our 30 years together, but that would take hours.  The kids and I had a wonderful life with Ron.  Unfortunately, cut short by the horrible disease that took his life on Monday, January 18th.

Ron's wife's Great Grandfather, I believe, was Vicente De Sales, Matnog, Sorsogon, mentioned here
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Vicentes De Sales

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Ron Christopherson's Memorial