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Not affilliated with Jones in anyway. All Memes and Parodies below are my property
Used to expose the Criminals in our Government
Jack CEO of Twitter authorizes his Minions to "Digitally Kill" Infowarrior4 #Shadowbanning/Suspension

Feel free to re-use any of this artwork with Credit added as following: Meme by #infowarrior4. Exposing the crimes of the govenment and educating people

Just a few memes of hundreds from Inforwarrior
Sunlight is Best Disinfectant
#CNNsucks #MSNBCsucks #FakeNBewsMedia #BernsteinSucks
IMPEACH Congress 2020
LeakyDiane Chuckie Pelosi - Grifters
Hillary at GTMO
Hillary at Hotel GTMO
Mad Maxine and Liddle Adam Sh*t
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What Would Collusion
I am still Pissing on Mueller's Whitch Hunt
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Traitor Then 1780 Now 2017

Your Brain on AOC Propaganda

Nunes dismantling Criminal Jerry Nadler/ DOJ / Deep State
along with other House Freedom Caucus Members

President 45 Fake News Awards

Pre 2014

Too busy to do Artwork...thanks to Mr. Obyss
Where Is Yanukovych ?
This was created during #euromaidan (twiiter)
Cities and countries removed from versions 1 & 2
YanukovychLeaks National Project (released 4mins ago 2/25)
Still hiding like a Rat in 2018 - Putin protecting him

In Progress
'Become a Beacon of Light in this Darkness of Deception'
Jakari Jackson 01/10/2014
Maidan Pupets - Allow Freedom
U.S. creating new governments?

U.S. should offer support to Ukraine in trade, not putting them in Debt (IMF)
Saw snipers (Berkut) killing #euromaïdans in videos being part of that twitter feed from 2/18 on - see for yourselves, go to twitter #infowarrior4

Kyiv is being restored! Putting original artwork back up.
Leaving ALLOW FREEDOM art here.
I urge every Westerner to view all sides. If after seeing V. Yanukovych's Palace (Mezhyhirya compound) still think Maidan protestors were agressive, then you have not seen the Berkut videos. Article.
Video-Ukraine: anti-government protester (reminds me of TSA abuse) is Pro Maïdan.
God Speed people of Ukraine
In Progress
In Progress - 40% done
House of Cards
Evolution of Drones Poster

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TSA Recruiting Poster by InfoWarrior4 (Final Version Jan 2015)

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Revised Wanted Poster (PNG format), Josie's old vids
Eric Holder - Operation_Fast_and_Furious
Fast & Furious

Should be in Jail

Hillary Clintons Legacy
Work in Progress: Watergate Brief - Vince Foster/WhitewaterAtCostOf$52 million, 2 /FileGate-900 FBI files/TravelGate/ChinaGate - DeathWatch (Body Bags) - Rose Law Firm - StandsByHerMan - BimboErruption/Carville Destroying Whitnesses/Calling M.L. a LooneyTune- Webster Hubell's Love Child - Travelgate2 - Clinton Foundation - Stolen FBI Files/Sandy Berger - Missing HDDs - Wikileaks - Lincoln BedRoom - Benghazi- Haiti Mining - Private E-Mails - UraniumOne (this is gonna jail her) - HumaGate -Clinton Foundation:<>Haiti/Klaus Eberwein/Monica Petersen - DOJ & FBI & DNC & Clinton Campaigne Collusion - Hillary Emails - Benghazi - Fake Dirty Dossier - Murder of Whistle-Blower Seth Rich - DNC Election Rigging - Obama's Hezbollah

900,000 Californians Losing Health Insurance. Don't believe me? Then read some of these articles here.
Also original artwork of the OByss Tidal Wave and GG Bridge is here if interested.

NOV 2012 - Behind the scenes at H.H.S.
Enhanced from someone else's monkey parody

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach - InfoWars
Photo by InfoWarrior4
JAN 2013

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Syria 2013
Inspired by story done by Abby Martin on RT.com network's 'Breaking the Set' 09/24/13
As I said bef. I'll NEVER watch Russia Today on RT.com ever AGAIN. Stopped watching MSMedia 5 yrs ago. I knew they were being used by Putin to against West.

Stopped watching Main Stream Media/TV 5 yrs ago. Trust Nobody - Research on own

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  Che Bama


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IT DEPENDS... Monica vs. Syria 2011











Create parody of Dick Cheney and G. W. Bush with the Devil's arms wraps around them saying, WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG IN GETTING DOWN HERE? With Geo. Sr. having Barbara nagging in his ear and Bubba stuck with Hillary for an eternity.





This space Reserved for Bush Sr. Mr. CIA Director
This space Reserved for Bush Jr. & Cheney
With all the criminal acts, I could take up 1,000 pages here.
My goal is to the point parody art

Hang Em High
Boycott Aruba

I will admit that Bush 2 pulled the wool over my eyes with 9-11 and WMD's.
By his 2nd Term, I saw through their deceptions.
For the record, I NEVER voted for any Bush.
No longer will I be fooled by these liars in BOTH Parties!
Al-Anfal Campaign

Police should have done more. Lost 2 yrs of my life following this on TV
I have not watched "any" TV in 5 years and do not miss it.

Perot 92
Little did I know at the time, Perot just wanted to nix Bush One's re-election
Gore-Lieberman Presidency

Homage to President Clinton
Congress, during the Impeachment sealed the WORST of the records for 50 years,
of this Defiler of Women, that would make WaterGate and MonicaGate
pale in comparision. Thanks to Bush Sr., he is now making millions a year.


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Not affilliated with Jones in anyway. All Memes and Parodies above are my property
Used to expose the Criminals in our Government

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