Berserker Viking Project
ALTERED all vikings -DO NOT REIMPORT as the Highlight 1 was off and 2nd too Light, and 4th tab req. adjustments to darken metals of all weapons

Main Character_Michael4 (M4-Daz3d) with Viking outfit-Tunic, Helmet, Helmet Hair
Beard: Artist's own beard, then colored.
6 charging variations on the Viking
Deleted the Viking Raid photograph as it was too blurry
Added fleet of Drakkur (Daz3D) with one ship laned (sail up) and Viking jumping.
Others are duplicate of Drakkar sailing with 6 crewmen (3 variations on cloth textures).
Charging Viking 5 with torch-RO Free by SickleYield.
All done in Poser then imported into Vue (Longships/water, Land, charging vikings, rock, Main Berserker retouched 50%)

Render Time: Charging Vikings = 14 hours, 13 mins. All metal textures messed up-Angle Samson 30 deg South
SAT Mar 24th - Mon Mar 26th to complete
645 objects
1 light (sun)
10,277,096 polygons


Violet, ...Halted the Lara project and got totally onto another one called Berserker. Being a direct descendants of many Vikings and looking over hundreds of Google images, decided I could do no worse. Vue file was starting to become overwhelmed and I saved the original file with 3 renderings.

Now the render is a bit gory, ...Not in the gratuitous way, more to add authenticity. ...

First draft, two layers: Berserker and photograph

The full composite still in progress.
You will note the left ship sail still messed up. Beach/Landing party that will be added, and a few on yet another layer coming from lower portion running up hill (Layer 3).
I merely started off with the front Viking and his expression as his body is set to Zero (no pose).
Unhappy, altered the whole face with photoshop and partial renders (helmet with Vue textures). Like yours, this took on a life of it's own, as my orig. vision was different. Up to 41 layers now.

Layer/render 3, the viking ships taxed my system, so I saved the sky and water and ships and deleted the Berserker. Water is masked from the Grass. Adding haze on the ship render will help create more depth.

The vikings behind the Berserker, was actually a photograph of guys in costume.
Unhappy with that, altered the Berserker M4 with Cornucopia viking and some other costumes and props and used the photo as reference.

Vue messed up all the 'metal' props with deleting one slider and putting the other (reflection?) to 100%, resulting in having to re-rendering about 50% which you will see a hair section being redone on right.

...After six hours of intensive research on viking long ships, masthead and prow, armory and attacks, overhauling the while image

Upon attack, 1/3 bows/arrows, 1/3rd Rowing at the oars, 1/3 ready to fight.
Add fleet of ships using Vue ecosystem on reduced OBJ
back ships: Sail, No Shields, No Oars
Landed ship: Furled sail sideways, no shields (taken), scuttle sideways on beach, crew jumping and dragging Drakkar ship (largest war-ship).
Add horn on beach crew (signaling). Anchor rope
Karfi ship = 76mm long, 32 rowers could be 2 seep.
Snekke = 13 benches, 26 rowers, 58mm long.
Drakkar = 34 benches, 68 rowers, 80-100 man crew, 122mm long

Create 3D dragon, retexture wood, squeeze narrower (wood carving)
Supplies ship (wide and deeper)
Add haze to background and smoke in front.
1 BURNING SHIP, mid-way lands a catapulted fireball with another smoldering in water (near-miss) and another airborn with black smoke trail. Ship on fire, black smoke, all hands abandoned or killed.
Icon-Raven-Overlay on sail. Spear and white silk flag with Raven icon (mouth open, wings spread).
Add navigator viking at front, with one on rear steering

1st wave charging
add belt bag, leather armor
Trampling M4 in Valient outfit (enemy/plundered), double axe running over shield with dead attacked facing incoming fleet face down in the grass.
finger rings?
More Blonde hair/beards.
Pyro-Change sword to smaller weapon or shield.
Big Man on right: Scar, arm braces/armor, belt
DARKEN CHAIN MAIL on left side!

Berserker: Odin or amulet/chain swinging from neck.
Dog drool in mouth, right side, top (1/8th IN) to bottom (1/16th IN) see ref.
Bushier eyebrows.

Rear 2nd wave charging uphill (waist up only) with spears up, coming up hill from left side

Odin in the clouds?

Extend canvas up/left for more ships and landing party onto beach,
re-render Berserker arm-left to extend canvas.
Helms - Forkbeard's fleet - 300 - 400 ships, helms: Guilt copper.

Beach-3rd wave: Drakkur on side on beach, 50% in water, viking running in water (splashes).
Add dune grass, rocks in water, more leather helms and armor, dead viking hanging on side of Drakkar and in beach/water. make water choppier with special waves breaking.

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