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Lone Wolf
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Last artwork update : Dec 2017
The following 3-D renders were mostly done in various versions of Poser and
Vue by Roy Christopherson. The models supplied by various vendors at Daz3D and Renderosity.
The 'Ten Best' of my works are here.
Roy has thousands of other 2-D artwork such Print, Airbrush linked here.

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Created in 2017
  Scottish Viking.com
Some 3-D, mostly T-Shirt art at my new Store

Created in 2013
Diane's Shangri La
This piece was so personal for me, just now posting it here now after three years.
Karen's Birthday Card
'Mistaken Identity'
Another late present. Have both figures, now
for the backgrround and reposing.
Ver. 2.1
Tidal Wave Over Golden Gate Bridge
Created for one of my Political Rants pieces.

Study of model wearing this dress.

2013 Redesign of My old company logo
Love the snow added in by PhotoShop.
  Easter card made for my brother Ron
Lost Me Pot O' Gold Again
Was for ST. Patrick's Day couple years ago.
Just completed it Only created the figure, not the background photo
Maps - Click this link
Two graphics - Maps and Viking Drakkur, to compliment web page.
      My Aunt's Birthday

New Renderings 2012
Beowulf was here Beowulf Was Here
Being a relative, yet mostly mythical handed down by storytelling and the poem, poking fun at an old graffiti art take-off on "Kilroy was here"
  Land Ahoy Land Ahoy!
Follow the Leader Crypt Raider - Follow the Leader II
Rough Draft for Version 3 - In progress
  follow the leader Crypt Raider-Follow the Leader II
Version 2
Warning Rated Web PG
Berseker - Viking Raid
"One cannot choose their ancestors"
Our family had Vikings, Kings, Chieftains, and Russian Tsars.
Version 2 in Progress
Details, Layers 1, 2, 3, 4
  Python Snake

New Renderings 2011
Older Renderings 2011
Bruce Costello's New Book Cover
2-D, Campus Render in 3-D,
Now in Print at Amazon
Campus Render from Front cover
Fairies and the Huntsman
1st in a series of more light-hearted renderings
Splash   X-Files
Scully from the X-Files TV Show
Fall Forest
Fall Forest (was not too happy with it. It is what it is)
Racing the Orca
Racing The Orca
Best To Date
USS Constitution
U.S.S. Constitution - Old Ironsides Ship Dedicated to Admiral Bil. Cust at Fry's. Was in Navy in Sweden.
Done in 2010
  Irish Princess
Six 2011 Christmas Renders
(6 Renders completed for family members, 6 more to go!
  Danielle 1
Study for 'Danille on Chair'
and eventually Princess Melkorka
Enterprise refit
U.S.S. Enterprise Refit Star Trek
Ver.2.3 Lights too hot, 20% done
City Streets
(Magazine store by Mike/DocB, Jesse by Poser,
Bldg by ?

Emoticon Guy

Cheeta on the Hunt
- Daz Horse and Millenium Cheeta
Alienware Ad
Alienware Ad Created for Fry's Triple-Monitor Demo-not approved by mfg.
Based on Vue's Undersea 24 Scene
GT40 One Sweet Ride
- Daz Michael 4 and GT40
Life or Death
Life or death
Working on this one for years
- Victoria3, Daz3D Lion
North-West Derby
In Progress
-Ground from Vue
Mustang GTR - Wanna Race for Pinks!
Redid all the textures
Celebrating Honest Capitalism-Support Small Businesses
(In Progress-adding people)
Steve Jobs Tribute
Tribute to Steve Jobs
(10/19/2011) v.3 Updated
  Tribute to Steve Jobs
Tribute to Steve Jobs
(04/22/2013) V.3.2 Updated
Furry Wolf
Furry Wolf 10/2011



Welcome to Flight 774
(Work In Progress)
Family boarding stellar flight with futuristic city background
Savage 10/01/2011

Rated PG

Created in 2010
Warning Rated Web PG
Jasmine on couch
Now with Sub-Surface Scattering
Warning Rated Web PG
Danielle on chair
Warning Rated Web PG
Viking1 after battle
Suggestions were to remove the Chain Mail
  Warning Rated Web PG
Slayer (also see Saga of Thyra)
Roy's Warrior Woman 2 series
Warning Rated Web PG   Warning Rated Web PG
Brünnhilde seeks Revenge
Roy's Warrior Woman 1
Warning Rated Web PG
The Real Angelina Jolie
Real Angelina Photo used for reference
Roy's 3D of Angelina swim top.
Now altered to oppose Ms. Jolie on
Kony 2012

Created in 2010
afternoonflight   Plane 2
Intercept [Done in 2010] Unable to find original to render in high resolution, was called Plane2
UFO and P-51's Done in 2010
  Flame Out
Flame Out Done in 2010

Created in 2009
Maltese Falcon
Maltese Falcon Book Cover
Promised "my GREAT teacher" Joe Price, that one day I would complete this project, sorry only Draft 1 in 3-D. I would post the final 2-D version, yet I may be able to sell this 3-D one to a Publisher someday.
Model on desk is a stand-in for the one dressed in 30's clothing...once I find the right outfit.
Welcome to the Wolf Den
Strato 1 (Just a test)
Animal Hospital
Created in 2006
Sparta (work in progress)
Boss 302
1969 Boss 302 (work in progress)
Super Model
Dedicated to a Connie I knew