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Shawndi CassetteException: Including 10x10FT airbrushed backdrop in neon glow paint for Christine, Christine Band. Roy's brother Ron with Marilyn10x10FT Dracula Backdrop for Christine, Christine BandSteve Roney CassetteAsylum's First CassetteDON'T PANIC AlbumDON'T PANIC InsertRoadie For The Kinks AlbumBack of Roadie For The KinksTaunted CassetteAeylums 2nd Cassette3rd Asylum cassette. Watch by GinaRoy's Business Card at Ossum Possum RecordsH.M. Boys Cassette Never completedThe Living End: Evility Cassette One and Only Tommie Drew  1st Cassette1st of its kind CD labelTommie Drew CD: Never ReleasedTommie Drew Video: Never Released-PrivateRoy did NOT do the artwork, just the Layout and Pre-Press for this coverKim Carnes CD:Everybody Needs SomeoneTurn-around-time for Warner Bros., 2 days!Roy did NOT do the artwork, just the Layout and Pre-Press for this cover. CD color/layout by RoyPaul Godfrey BandHad to do a quick layout for this DemoI was against this project but the Funhouse Players are a great bunchThe Lobster:LaughercizeSet of cassettes for the master on Song publishing, Jay WarnerNever completed Wazzobia AlbumGroup never signed. Too badMy 1990 vision completed in 2014-Wazobia never signed, never went on Tour to my knowledgeSteve Roney's next groupRoy's Last Album coverVoyur Inner foldFixed Guitar that was cut off in neg work. This version was never released and done to show what it was supposed to be
Th Th Th That's All Folks
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All rights reserved by the Artists (Photos/Movie logo, Northrup, and Godfrey cover art ), Publisher (one owing me 20%), and especially, the designer, Roy Christopherson
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