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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Herman 'Alvin' Christopherson

Herman 'Alvin' Christopherson Herman was born Aft. 1908, [54]. Al was born March 1909 [3] . In the Grund Farmstead, Died after 1994, White Rock, Crescent, British Columbia, Canada . He was known as Al. He was born after Donald and before Johnnie.

Roy would be more than happy to post anything from their family. This is the same couple I knew as a child. Al had a great sense of humor and laughter. Eddie was always very sweet.
Roy Einar Christopherson, 12/2009

Herman Alvin was born after Donald [2]

'Interestingly, my dad was in the Philippines with his artillery unit at about the same time as your dad but I don't recall any evidence that they ever were able to meet given the terrain and circumstances. As you know communications were difficult as the letters were censored even to my mom about troop movements. They were both probably moving a lot.'
Mike Christopherson May 2013 , [54]

Mike received his middle name from Lorne being his Godfather as Stephanie & him were christened together in SF.

Harman Alvin Christopherson Canada Census, 1911
Name: Harman [Herman] Alvin Christopherson
Event Type: Census
Event Date: 1911
Event Place: Souris Sub-Districts 38-61, Manitoba, Canada
Gender: Male
Age (Estimated): 2
Marital Status: Single
Relationship to Head of Household: Son
Birth Date: Mar 1909
Birthplace: Manitoba
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John Signdour Christopherson Head M Manitoba
Valgnder [Valgadur-ck spelling] Christopherson Wife F Manitoba
Donald Christopherson Son M Manitoba
Harman [Herman] Alvin Christopherson Son [According to Hank Christopherson, a George Biles was a neighbor in R.M. of Argyle]
District: Souris , Household ID: 139 , Line Number: 12 , GS Film Number: 002417671 , Digital Folder Number: 007526727 , Image Number: 00268

Wedding of Alvin Christopherson and Edith Ireland
L-R: Theodore Christopherson, Al Christopherson, Edith Ireland, and probably Caroline, Ted's sister, Al's cousin.
Courtesy of Mike Christopherson and Edith IRELAND Christopherson

Image eddieAndAl_50th_89
Edith IRELAND and Al Christopherson 50th Anniversay
Courtesy of The Miriam Westereng Collection

Sources and citations:
1., Public Member Trees (Provo, UT, USA, Operations, Inc., 2006),, Database online. Record for Donald Christopherson. Record for John Sigurder (Sig) Christopherson

2. Email(s) from Living Westereng

3. 1911 Census

Herman Christopherson
married Edith Ireland
Son of John and Vala Christopherson
Grand Uncle of Roy Christopherson

1. Donald Christopherson, b. 23 Jan 1908
2. Herman 'Alvin' Christopherson, b. After 1908
3. John S. Johnnie Christopherson Jr., b.
4. Haldor 'Dorie' Christopherson, b. 21 Apr 1913
[Note: not to be confused with Sigurdur's brother]
5. Caroline Gudrun nee Christopherson Humber, b. 02 Feb 1915
6. Evelyn Sigurveig nee Christopherson Ruccius, b. 1919
7. Kathleen 'Kassie' Bertha nee Christopherson Carver, b. 1922
8. Elin Agnes Christopherson, b. 1926

1. Living Christopherson
2. Living Christopherson

Christopherson Clan Page

Christopherson Family

Christopherson Family
Courtesy of the C.I.O.H. Book


Sigurdur Christophersons Family & Spouses
Originally placed on the Clann Christopherson page

Courtesy of Edith Ireland Collection

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