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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Caroline Gudrun nee Christopherson Humber

Caroline Gudrun nee Christopherson Humber Caroline was born 02 Feb 1915. Died 11 May 2002. Caroline was known as 'Carrie'. Caroline married Frank Luke Humber (1908 - 2004), known as Luke. Luke and Carrie Humber live in Grandfather Sigurdur’s original home at Crescent.

Carrie was the first Police Woman

Image 3446
Sig and Hank Christopherson Collection

"In the photo I think it goes like this: Caroline: 3rd row, 3rd from right; Evelyn: 2nd row, 4th from right; Kassie: 2nd row, 2nd from right; Helen (mom): 2nd row, 5th from right."
Courtesy of the Carol Bratvold Collection

Caroline, Evelyn, and Kassie were John and Vala's children. When Mom was 5 (about 1928), the girls lived just down the road from Veiga and Tom. Dorie had a small house there too. There were also some cabins near the Dawe's and that's where Mom's family stayed in Crescent Beach. It's not a very long road and I believe it's now called, 'Christopherson Rd'. The girls played together and went to the same school, but only the school teacher stayed with the Dawe's.
Carol Bratvold

Carrie and Luke Humber's wedding day
Carrie and Luke Humber's wedding day
Guðrún Gísladóttir Collection
Guðrún Gísladóttir Collection

About 40 years ago, I met Carrie Christopherson when she visited Iceland. I was only a teenager, my father, Gísli Guðmundsson, organized the trips to Iceland and was the group's travel guide while there. He himself lived in Manitoba from 1927 to 1937 and stayed in contact with his Canadian friends throughout his life. In 1974.

I visited Carrie, who by then was married to Luke Humber...I found one I had taken of them at their home in October 1974 and now that I am going through some old photographs, I found a picture she sent to me, from their wedding day. And it so happens that it is was on this very day, in 1974 - the 15th of April. For me personally, that is a day to remember, since it is my confirmation day ;).
For Icelanders it is a special day, as Vigdís Finnbogadóttir was born on April 15th 1930. ..

I have enclosed the two shots I have, and a screenshot that shows how I am related to Sigurður Kristófersson. ...I think I saw my cousin's name on your site, Kormákur Högnason. He seems to have translated some text for you/the family.
Bestu kveðjur - Greetings Guðrún Gísladóttir

From Guðrún Gísladóttir

Photo of Cassie, Evelyn, and Carrie halfway down the page
Source: Crescent School Class of 1929, Evelyn, Kathleen (Kassie), and Carolyn Christopherson
Ed Fader was my first contact (in class photos lower down) in that area, who informed me of Ytranes.
Webmaster does not recall his parents ever mentioning 95% of what he know now (on this website), or of our cousins in BC.

Roy would be more than happy to post anything from their family

Sources and citations:

Caroline Gudrun nee Christopherson Humber
married Luke Humber
Daughter of John and Vala Christopherson
Grand Aunt of Roy

1. Donald Christopherson, b. 23 Jan 1908
2. Herman 'Alvin' Christopherson, b. After 1908
3. John S. Johnnie Christopherson Jr., b. after 1909
4. Haldor 'Dorie' Christopherson, b. 21 Apr 1913
[Note: not to be confused with Sigurdur's Brother, or brother-in-law, Halldor Briem]
5. Caroline Gudrun nee Christopherson Humber, b. 02 Feb 1915
6. Evelyn Sigurveig nee Christopherson Ruccius, b. 1919
7. Kathleen 'Kassie' Bertha nee Christopherson Carver, b. 1922
8. Elin Agnes Christopherson, b. 1926

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Christopherson Family

Christopherson Family
Courtesy of the C.I.O.H. Book


Sigurdur Christophersons Family & Spouses
Originally placed on the Clann Christopherson page

Courtesy of Edith Ireland Collection

Carrie Humber
Courtesy of Almanak

Caroline 'Carrie' Gudrun nee
Christopherson Humber lived in the house
at 2215 Christopherson RD.,
Ytra-Nes (It-tre-ness).
One of the First Police women,
then became a Teacher, like Veiga.
Photo Courtesy of Ed Fader

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