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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson-Costello Branch

Lilja Beatrice Christopherson Costello
Pictures graciously supplied by Roy's cousin, Bruce Costello, son of 'Bud' Costello and Lilja Beatrice Christopherson Costello

Lilja 'Lil' Beatrice Christopherson born 01 Mar 1915 at British Columbia, Canada, to Kjartan, son of Sigurdur. According to her son, Bruce, "My mother was named after this little girl [Sigurdur & Caroline's daughter]. she was born by midwife a few houses down Christopherson Road from the old house",
"She herself had come down from Manitoba in 1936 at the age of 21, married, raised two children."

"I am wondering if you have come across any photos of Hola school in Baldur? My mother taught all 12 grades there for 2 - 3 years. She was the only teacher, it being basically a one room establishment. Think that was for about 2 years, 1934-36. Grandpa K drove her to school during winter in a sleigh... Before coming to the states when the family moved."

According to Lorrie, she lived across the street of her brother, Ted and his new bride, Pauline after WWII in Broadmoor. Lil had taken the oath as a US citizen, after nearly 37 years of living here with green card only. Her job was as a secretary at the U.S. Department of Justice in San Francisco, at the Federal Building. This was during the reign of first LBJ and later, Nixon. Every day she walked into the Federal building through gatherings of chanting anti-war protesters, took the elevator to an upper, heavily secured floor, and did her job. Roy remembered Lil as shown below in the color photo. She was never called Lillie. Sigurdur and Caroline's youngest daughter was named Lillie. Lil passed away in 1973. Bruce Costello

Grandpa Kjartan's youngest sibling, little Lilja, is mispelt. She had the IDENTICAL name as my mother, which is spelt: L-i-l-j-a, as in the Icelandic. Grandpa K named mom after her!

Lil Costello lived on Westgate across the street from her parents until she passed away.

Wedding of Aunt Caroline Christopherson to Larry Clarke 1940,
L-R; Lilja Christopherson, Caroline (Bride to be), possibly Pearl Oddstad, and Eileen Christopherson

Courtesy of the Costello Collection
Lilja 'Lil' Beatrice Christopherson
Daughter of Kjartan and Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson Christopherson

Lilja married ‘Bud’ Costello.

1. Lilja Beatrice CHRISTOPHERSON Costello
2. Kjartan Lorne Christopherson
3. Theodore Evan Christopherson
4. Caroline Ingibjorg CHRISTOPHERSON Clarke
5. Sigurdur ‘Sig’ Thorsteinn Christopherson
6. Henry Christopherson
7. Eileen Emily CHRISTOPHERSON ‘Christie’ Keller
8. Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Guðrún CHRISTOPHERSON Cartwright
9. William ‘Bill’ Halldor Christopherson

1. Lorice 'Lorrie' COSTELLO McDonald, Reno
1a.) Lynee m: Anderson
Children: Roman, Alyssa

1b.) Colleen Garretson,
Children: Emily

1. c) Kathleen Sanchez,
Children: Briana, Devon

1.d) Pamela,
Children: C. J., William.

2. Bruce Costello, m: Lindy.

Bruce & Lorie Costello Collection
Disclaimer: All of these photos are 10 - 20+ years old. Children are fully grown now

Lil Costello
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15 3101
Roy believes this to be a young Lilja,
based on other photos in the C.B.M. Collection.
Click to enlarge
Photo courtesy of the Sig
& Hank Christopherson Collection
Sr. prom, April 1969
Lilja Bruce, Lorie,
Lynee, and baby Colleen
Easter 1964
Picture Sig took in 1964 up on Mt. Shasta.
From left-R: Bruce, his mother Lilja,
cousin Jana (Bill's daughter), Iva (Bill's wife),
Uncle Bill Christopherson in the shades
and a friend of Bill
Aunt Lil at her father K´s house in the hallway.
Facing the front door, the living room to the right.
Courtesy Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

Lorice Costello, daughter of Lilja
Bruce31   0626
Bruce's mother, Lilja Costello with Lorie in 1940   IMG_0626_NEG
Keith (Sig's son), Lorice 'Lorie', Unknown on trike, Unknown

287 302 Bruce28
Kay & Gudrun Christopherson's cabin - Brookdale
Back Row: Pauline, Bud Costello, Lorice, Lilja, Gudrun, Kjartan 'Kay'
Front Row: Bruce, brother Bob, Carol, maybe Ron, Dot and Rob.
Bruce and Ron has helped recall the cabin. About 3-4 years ago, Ron said he drove down there and it was all fenced/gated off. It was built up much more, as any place naturally tends to do.
Kay & Gudrun Christopherson's cabin
Image 2221 has Gudrun and Kay in front with John, Laura, and Bob
Should be L-R: Carol, Ted, Bud, Lil, Gudrun, Kay
Sitting: Bruce, Robert, Ronald, Dot, perhaps Rob
Brookdale - Carport Side - Boulder Creek, Calif.
Retreat for Kay and Gudrun and the family
"Hid'n Hut" as it was prior to 1955 when the addition and the enlarged front porch was build.
Possibly taken when it was purchased in the late '40's.
Still here in 2006. Gone is the great grove of trees cousins used to play in. The yard is filled up with outbuildings, giving a cramped 'industrial feel' and the property is surrounded by a tall fence. But the cabin and carport are still the same!

361 377 378 Group Photo at
Christopherson Clan page,
Possibly Lorice, Stefani, Theodore, Robert, Ron
Possibly Lorice, Unknown, Pauline
Sitting: Stefani, Bob, Ron
Lorne and Ron
Lorne took these photos

Bruce Costello, son of Lilja
Bruce16 Bruce30 Bruce21 Bruce Costello
Grand Grandparents; Gudrun & Kjartan dropping
Bruce off at H.S., 1963
Bruce in Germany 1971
just turned 20 yrs. old
Bruce Costello at
Tower Bridge, London
Bruce Costello - Guard Duty Germany 1972
They would not iissue M-16's to a careless soilder, so Buce got a '38 to defend the largest comm site in NATO

Bruce Costello, son of Lilja
Bruces Wedding to Lindy on
June 7 1980 with Rev. Swope. presided at your father; Ted's funeral and Bruce thought he did a pretty good job there so brought him in.

Lynee, daughter of Lorice, grandaughter of Lilja
Bruce26' Bruce22 Bruce25
1. Lynee with young Roman 1. Alyssa - age 8 - Lynee's Daughter 1. Alyssa Matt and Roman

Collen, daughter of Lorice, grandaughter of Lilja


Bruce6 Bruce20
Colleen, Lorice's 2nd daughter 2. New Mother Colleen and her daughter Emily 2. Emily Garretson and Pet Horse (er, Dog) 2. Emily Garretson-Colleen Garretson-McDonald's daughter and William O'Neil-Pamela McDonald's youngest son

Kathy, daughter of Lorice, grandaughter of Lilja


3. Kathy McDonald holding her Nephew Roman Hartze-son of Lynee McDonald, Lorie McDonald on the side.

Pamela, daughter of Lorice, grandaughter of Lilja


4. CJ - Pamela's eldest son tells Reno Weather


Bruce10 Bruce8  


Statue of St Francis at Ytranes, Surrey, B.C., CA Ytranes Jan 1991 Ytranes Sunset 1994 .  
Bruce2 Bruce3 Bruce27
Carrie and Luke, Ytranes, 1994
Note: Viking helm top right
Carrie Humber's Kitchen, Ytranes, 1991 Ytranes, Living room, Surrey, B.C., Canada - 1990's
Note: Portrait of Sigurur over fireplace.


Kenny's Daughter Wendy 1988,
Grandaughter of Sig Christopherson
At the home of Bruce Costello in SSF in 1988.
We all went to the Zoo that day.
She is now about 30.
William "Billy" James Christopherson, son of Dorie and Ranka. Other man is Al Ewen who had been
Bill's long time friend and who had traveled with
Billy to California - 1994
Greg Keller and sea dog
Greg is the eldest son of Norman
and Eileen Christopherson Keller
Indira/Stefanianna Christopherson
dressed in viking garb
Bruce's last pic of Eileen Keller and Thelma Christopherson together
with Connie (middle), William Christopherson's partner.

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