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Meet our Relatives - Christopherson Branch

Henry 'Hank' Christopherson

Henry Christopherson was born in Manitoba, Canada. Passed away April 11, 2014. He married Thelma Dale Bradford, she was born in 1921, daughter of William F. Dale Jr. (1926-1979) of MS.

Father: Kjartan Christopherson
Mother: Gudrun Runa 'Thorsteinsson/Stoneson' Christopherson

Individual Facts:
Residence: 1906 in Townships 19, 20, 21 in Ranges 25 To 29 Inclusive, West of The
2nd M, Assiniboia West, Saskatchewan, Canada

Children: Gary Christopherson
Hank lent Roy a calendar from Gary. He respects his cousins privacy and not posting any of the photos at this site without their permission.

From Nelson Gerrard
Henry Ellis Christopherson (b.Jl.1.1924 north of Baldur, Man.) was named for his maternal uncles, the Stoneson Brothers. Henry married Thelma and took over the family real estate business in San Francisco

Thelma worked for the government and a wiz with numbers. She did all of the accounting for the two of them. See the Dale Research.

Henry Christopherson
Added by skitang6 on 12 Nov 2007

Information from "Come into our Heritage RM of Argyle 1882-1982"
Henry lives in the San Francisco area and is carrying on his father's business.

By Roy Einar Christopherson
Henry has gone by the name of Hank as long as Roy has known him. Roy used to visit Hank and his father, Ted, up at Christopherson & Sons office in San Francisco, which was owned by Hank and Gary until recently, sold due to taxation. They now have an office south of San Francisco. Roy remembers May who headed up the office was their secretary. Hank said May was the nicest and most efficient person he had ever met. Sadly she has passed away. Ted would take Roy out to lunch over to the Red Roof Restaurant down the block on Ocean Ave.. Ted separated from Pauline when Roy was about eight, with Ted moving up to La Grange, which is just past Modesto, California. Roy last recalled Hank and one of his brothers stopping by the house saying Ted had passed away on July 4th, 1979. There was an incident during dad's wake.

Suffice to say, all that is 'water under the bridge'. Roy has since had visits with Hank and his son's family and since then numerous times with Hank. Hank was kind enough to show Roy a large white bin filled with old photos from his brother Sig, which was from their father Kjartan and Gudrun and some of Sigs. Estatic, Hank lent Roy all the photos and the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection was created from high resolution scanning. Roy now believes an album of Haldor and Ranka Christopherson's is included. All were dusted off and placed into an archival photo album(s), and returned to Hank. Hank has told Roy many stories of the family, about his brother Ted (Roy's father), and about his beloved wife, Thelma Dale Christopherson, who recently passed away, and a few of WWII. In a way, "Hank gave Roy back a piece of his father and helped him understand many things, for which Roy is forever in his debt." Like one quote "You could take the boy off the farm, yet you cannot take the farm out of the boy" Hank Christopherson 2010. Hank's reasoning why Ted wanted to sell property at lake Camanche and Lake Don Pedro, Modesto, as opposed to San Francisco was to be back out in the country. Personally Roy was very disappointed that Ted's family did not come first, luckily he was too young and just learned to become more independent by working at age 10, then full-time at 15 1/2.

Hank agreed to be on tape and since Roy respects his privacy, the lens cap was left on and it will NOT ever be placed online. That was a very personal recording. Hanks mind is like a steel trap at 86. Roy has hard time remembering last week, let alone 30-50 years ago. Hank has allowed Roy to voice record some conversations and on the drive home, Roy records notes on certain details which need to be placed online in regards to general family info. One instance was the "mentoring of Kjartan Lorne Christopherson, known as Lorne. Hank described the event when the Ellis Stoneson came up for a visit and Lorne left with one of the two brothers sponsored to go to San Francisco. When transcribed, Roy will place online so as to be succinct. Another is Hank's long lunch with Mrs. Stoneson (Bertha?) when she was about 96. I sure wish I was there with a voice recorder. We have lost so many of the older generation and the knowledge within them is vast. Unfortunately, some were too young to remember events at the time.

Roy's only memory of Hank's mother, Gudrun was in her open casket. Kay by that time had started to become frail and developed Parkinsons disease. Now with dozens of scanned photos of Kjartan, known as Kay or 'K', and Gudrun, their memories are forever preserved as long as the images remain available. Manning this website is in Roy's Will. Hank visted roy in the Hospital and lent him a copy of the Oval Stoneson family portrait to copy, which now on the Intro page.

Hank & Thelma were donors to the Seton Health Service Foundation

Page under construction

Paste MP3 of Hank saying his fathers name Pending (pronounced more like Key-erf-ten, not Cau-jar-tan).
Hank pronounce Veiga's name as Vega. [2]

append to page on Bill. To date Roy has only had contact with Bill once in a noisy restaurant. He hopes to visit with him. Actually Bill was laid up in the hospital and Roy spent a full day, as Bill took him on a journey of his time of marriage, through decisions he made that affected their lifes. Roy's plan was to dress in full viking grab, including a shield and sword, and carry in copy of Sigurdur's saga, reformatted just for Bill, wrapped in sheep or fur, into the care facility after the hospital. Unfortunately, finding a costume out of Halloween season proved imposible. Not one to wear some badly done one. Authentic viking helm from a read ironsmith is on Roy's to buy list.

Nelson Gerrard wrote:
I) William ‘Bill’ Halldor Christopherson (b.Ap.24.1933 at Baldur) was
named for his father’s brothers.He lived in San Francisco and Yuma,
Arizona. Bill is Hank's youngest brother.
1. Jana
2. Sue
3. Kathy

Roy would take voice dictation after visits with Hank, as most of the visits were conversations and not documentation. Roy was watching Avatar (Blu-Ray) and lost track of time, being expected to have dinner with Hank, and did not arrive until 7:45 PM and he was expecting me, so I jetted up from Union City to SSF until 1 AM.

All four Christopherson brothers served in WWII.
Hank was stationed at about four locations. 1st?, one being in New Jersey, the Carlton [1] Hotel room at Atlantic City (Boardwalk), the rooms serving as Barracks and completely stripped out for the GIs, as Hank called them, "would get the GIs Drill Instructors would say jokingly to the GIs, that the elevators were out, and they would have to walk up 12 flights of stairs to get to their bunks, to go to sleep. Hank said it was not Chanute, where his brother Ted was station, that he was ever at. Hank was in Radio School, in training learning about radios". Hank said the 4th station was an island. It was 125 degree temperatures there. They got off the plane, got into the building, where they were told to strip down to their shorts and go lay down on their bunk. Roy asks if they were ridden (plagued) with mosquitoes? Hank said "it was too hot to even support mosquitoes, so no, none were on the island. Locals would send out a flatbed truck to pick up the dead bodies each morning, because so many guys (soldiers) were dying from the heat."

I believe he was shipped to the Burmese island (will have to see if I have direct voice recording of Hank and not from my memory of what he said). Then Hank was shipped to Cairo, Egypt. Then shipped to India, said the dysentery was so bad, it was the filthiest place, and he would not even fly over it at 50,000 feet, then he went 'Over the Hump' in Shanghi (Few planes wever reached 45-50K feet, and Hank is probably using this as exageration of how bad it was). At his age he was having a great time


Hank served in WWII, first training on the east coast then going to China. Roy will get those notes online.
Roy only started with a photo of his dad's crashed plane in a Texas field and of the engine down field, which he meticulously drew in pencil for an college art class in the 80's. Roy now has 12,000 family photos which grows thanks to all of his cousins world-wide.

They would go out running, before departing on aircraft flying over India and The Hump, saying a Japanese Zero was tailing them, yet never did anything. Hank said more fellows died during the night in the NJ Hotel, as it was so humid. He said none of the brothers ever saw battle. Roy said they were all in harms way being overseas, some beyond the front line. (Map by roy based on story by Hank)

April 02, 2012: Hank verified off a map Roy brought to dinner that near Manor Drive in Pacifica, California, that in fact, Lorry Lane was named after Lorice Costello by Sig Christopherson. His brother Sig brought a deal to Hank and they both "created" Lorry Lane decades ago. Sig has since passed away and Hank said another developer was developing the other side, while Hank and Sig the slope side.

Lory Lane Pacifica
Lorry Ln Pacifica, CA 94044
SAT Maps Google, image compilation by Roy Christopherson

Hank drove Roy up to visit Lorry Lane. Originally Roy had the name mispelled. He took pictures of Hank and the sign, however, the fog was very thick (see below).

IMG_6568_PHOTO Hank Christopherson at Lorry LN
Photo of Hank in front of Street Sign by Roy Christopherson
If one follows the street behind Hank, it leads down onto Lorry Lane. See map above. Hank had not been there in years and was kind enough to show Roy the development. Sig, his brother brought him the idea and Hank signed on.

Unfortunately Roy's Cell Phone storage was full and missed recording him saying 'Kjartan', his fathers name!
He enjoyed immensly a WWII photo (right) from a negative he had of a bivouac [Temporary Camp: semi-permanent facility for the lodging of an army.] possibly in New Jersey at Fort Monmouth whereby he recognized Murray in the top back row, NO. 3, and another fellow (FT. Row NO. 5. We dined over BBQ chicken Roy brought and conversed for a few hours. The long list of questions Roy had was too late to address.
Roy looked over Hank & Thelma's wedding album which has some great photos of Henry Stoneson, along with a pristine copy of the group shot on the Clan page with all the wives are on husbands laps, and two addition ones in same setting. Being late, Roy forgot to ask to borrow and scan along with his tavel visit.

Hank confirmed people in a photo of Thelma as Minister Thorlakson (Icelandic) and his daughter sitting in front of him. To be precise, Rev.S.OctaviousThorlakson, confirmed from source image from Logberg.
Image here. Thelma standing to the right of the Reverend. Unsure of the women, Hank did think the couple to the right sitting was Icelanders, possibly Dr. Eymondsson (standing 2nd from Right) and Thorlaksson's wife. The large fellow in the back IS NOT Willy Dale SR.!

In a photo of Roy's father of Ted holding three horses, Hank identified them as 1. Bessie, Bobbie and Queenie, then Queen, from their farm, and Ted was probably visiting the farm or whomever now owned them. This was the Image of the Month awhile ago, part of Ted's teenager album.

We discussed Andy Oddstad's death which I will not print here, and Lorne's, as Roy was suprised to find out it was 1982?. There are conflicts which I have been trying to go over. Gave Hank a great photo of himself, which he identified as...about age 13 at Joost ST, SF with Alvin 'Al' Christopherson and his 2nd wife; Leslie visiting Carol, Miriam, and Bev, they graciously allowed Roy to photograph 800 photos during stay in B.C. last year. includes Lilja, Caroline and Dorothy 'Dot'.

Used Cell PH to photograph a few great photos of Willy Dale Jr., along with letter Hank sent to Dot regarding her and Bill's birth at the "Stone" farm house " outside of Belmont, Manitoba. We discussed iPhones and Google maps. Roy spent one night virtually trolling every house in Belmont now realizing the stone house was outside that perimeter of the town. Hank also showed Roy their property they just finished renovating south of Daly City. A beautiful view from the San Bruno Mountain all the way to San Mateo on that clear day, which is rare for that area. There should have been a line of buyers that day.

Discussed GF Kays horse, which did not ring any bells. Roy now believes the horse is in MANY photos and the blurry rider, that of Kay and an unknown co-rider. The B.C. cousins have some beautiful ones of Kay on the horse.
Did not get anywhere on the research of Sig's 100th Division tour in Germany. Roy wrote down Training: Fort Jackson SC?, Graduation: FT. Brag, NC?, Africa (Pith Helmet photo), Germany, Lorne and Ted and SEPT 1944, Fort Brag Closes. Hank did not comment. (Update: Roy pieced together Sig's military tour and created a whole slideshow showing his route on Sig's page)

Hank and Thelma Wedding
Wedding of Hank and Thelma nee Dale Chritopherson
Just one of the photos from Hanks wedding album
Courtesy of Hank Christopherson Calendar

Hank wrote a letter to sister Dottie about the old stone house,
"about 1 1/2 miles from Baldur, where you (Dot) were born". Also William. B&W photos taken about 1982. These are in the Grund visit set. Couple from AUS were owners at that time. "It was probably considered a fancy farmhouse in it's day but I remember it as being cold in winter because the only heat we had during the 40 degree cold in winter was one Pot Belly Heater on the main floor that constantly had to be stoked with wood. I can't recall any kind of heat upstairs.". Hank mentioned Kjartan would place coals in a foot warmer that he would rest his feet onin the seigh then cover their legs with blankets in the dead of winter.
"I remember the house had a fairly small rat infested dirt celler that produced plenty of rats. Brother Sig and I used to trap the rats and sell the tails to the town of Belmont for maybe a nickel each which was a program to try to curb the rat population. I am sure that we didn't make any "big money" but it was better than nothing during the depression.
While living there, I had a thrill that I have never forgotten when I heard a double wing bi-plane in the distance. I ran as fast as I could to the house screaming that an airplane was coming following the thrill of my young life when the open cockpit "aviator" circled our pasture and landed right behind the house so he could go to the little town of Belmont as well as some neighbors from adjoining farms to come over to "see an airplane."
A great thrill for a six year old kid that has never been forgotten...." Hank Christopherson
Circa 1931
Photo of the stone house is in the Hank Christopherson Collection (Grund Visit)-scanned and Ted Christopherson Collection in Roy's possesion

Roy hopes Hank may consider upgrading from old cell phone to an iPhone4S. Maybe even an iPad (never happened, he believed in speaking to one directly over the phone). He could then use video conferencing (Facetime) with his grandchildren, and Roy could show him more of this website, and all the photos. Roy gave Hank a Digital Frame of all his 1910 vintage photos, unfortunately it went into a drawer. Even Roy is adversed to certain technological changes, so he understands.

Hanks siblings
Hank and his siblings
click to enlarge
L-R: Lorne, Dot, Bill, Sig, Hank
Front: Eileen and Caroline, not present is sister Lilja "Lil"
Courtesy of the Hank Christopherson Collection

After Roy's mother and brother passed away, his cousin Gary (Hank & Thelma's son) invited him over for dinner. Then Roy spent next five years having dinner at Hank's favorite restaurant, and bringing diner over. Often we talked throught the night and ate little. Hank helped Roy understand his father a little bit better (see Ted's page), and in turn, perhaps Roy bridged a gap of over 35 years between us not seeing each other. Sig & Hank should be thanked by every family member for saving so many precious vintage family photos, now in the family Photo pages, and with Gary.

Carl lent Roy a pouch containing photos of Thelma's life with Hank all the way back to being a baby, which is online for his son and family.

Roy's last visits were the night cousin Mike came for a visit, and bringing his friend Zee down, as we were at the dentist same time, yet left early calling Hank from the SF Beach, then going back. His concern for Caroline and my future. Keep in mind Uncles & Aunts are always there for their Nephews and Nieces. and ironically where I might settle down next at, as I was looking at properties in the Antioch area. Took his advice with my own twist, that of a chalet in the PNW, yet in a well developed area, as opposed to "a house with no lights around it, meaning city" that would not gain value over time. Not a house far in the woods or country. I was selling my townhouse not realizing just how sick uncle Hank was over course of three days. I was fortunate to still be able to visit him in those last days.

Hank has a great son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Plus a devoted wife. You will always be remembered!

1. Voice Notes after visit with Hank (Voice0006_CarNotes_Hank Stationed).
2. Voice0007_CarNotes_Taxes and Sale of Ytranes

Henry Christopherson, son of Kjartan Christopherson and Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson Christopherson

Married Thelma Dale

Thelma & Henry Christopherson
Courtesy of The Hank Christopherson Collection

1. Lilja Beatrice CHRISTOPHERSON Costello
2. Kjartan Lorne Christopherson
3. Theodore Evan Christopherson
4. Caroline Ingibjorg CHRISTOPHERSON Clarke
5. Sigurdur ‘Sig’ Thorsteinn Christopherson
6. Henry Christopherson
7. Eileen Emily CHRISTOPHERSON ‘Christie’ Keller
8. Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Guðrún CHRISTOPHERSON Cartwright
9. William ‘Bill’ Halldor Christopherson

1. Living Christopherson (m. Living .)
1. a Living Christopherson
2. Living Christopherson

Uncle of Roy

Thelma Dale RnD
Christopherson Clan

Henry Christopherson
Henry Christopherson
Courtesy of Ted Christopherson Collection

Hank on Pony
Henry at Kjartan and Gudrun's Shanty
on a pony (Shanti Slideshow-Pending)
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hank Christopherson
during WWII
All four brothers served
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hanks Unit
Recently found negative
Hank's Unit
See far left, it is Hank
Courtesy of Hank Christopherson Collection

Christopherson & Sons1

Christopherson & Sons2
Christopherson & Sons Real Estate
1735 Ocean Ave., San Francisco (Map)
Has two palm trees out front.
Courtesy of Roy Christopherson Collection

Kjartan and John had gone into Real Estate
business decades before in Vancouver.

Roy could still recall his visits there as a child.
The Red Roof Restaurant just down the street.
The sign is hanging on the
right side of the bldg., above
the gas station, missing the "o".
All changed now. High taxes!

Hanks Wedding 0674
Image 0674
Wedding of Hank and Thelma
? (Rev.?)
?, Hank, Thelma, and brother Sig/Sigurdur
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hanks Wedding 0675
Image 675
Wedding of Hank and Thelma, ?
His mother sitting in back. Girl possibly Lorrie.
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hanks Wedding 0676
Image 676
Eileen, Hank's sister and Norman Keller at the
Wedding of Hank and Thelma
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hanks Wedding 0677
Image 677
Wedding of Hank and Thelma
Hank, at top left of stairs, his uncle Henry Stoneson
Sig kissing the new bride, Thelma.
Woman top right is ?
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Hanks Wedding 0681
Image 681
Wedding of Hank and Thelma
Thelma with Henry Stoneson toasting them
Courtesy of Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Also see Christopherson Clan Page

Ted, Gudrun, Kay, ?, Thelma?, Hank
Courtesy of Ted & Pauline Christopherson Collection

Hank and family
Nephew Keith, His brother, Bill, Hank,
Keiths wife, Brenda, Hank's wife,
Thelma Dale Christopherson
Courtesy of Hank Christopherson Collection

Hank and Thelma
Thelma and Hank at Seton Hospital event
(From Seton online newsletter)
Roy tracked Hank down and found this.
Courtesy of Seton Hospital online

Hank and Dot
Image 4735
Hank and his sister, Dot,
a.k.a. Dottie, Dorothy Cartwright
Courtesy of Gary Christopherson Calendar

Image 4736
Image 4736
From calendar given to Hank
from his son and family
Courtesy of Gary Christopherson Calendar

Roy and Hank
Hank and Roy
Courtesy of Roy Christopherson Collection

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