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Revised: Feb 25, 2019

Meet our Relatives - Taylor Branch

Elizabeth/Eliza Mehitabel JONES/LESLIE Taylor

Elizabeth or Eliza Mehitabel JONES Taylor (1), a.k.a. Elizabeth Mehitabel Taylor,79, born March 31, 1792 in Barbados [1, 31]. Died March 31, 1860, Ernestown, Kingston C.W. [Canadian West] [1]. MAJOR BREAK-THROUGH! Thanks to The Stranks, Vern Austman, Ms. Cadue, at Cataraqui Cemetery, and especially Mary, we have monuments and marker inscriptions in Cataraqui Cemetery, here at the family website! Great older historical facts on Richard and Elizabeth Taylor.[1] They were one of the first share holders at Cataraqui Cemetery. Read more.

Very possible she was living with her son John in Ernestown. See John Taylor for map.
According to source, her maiden name was LESLIE.

Richard Taylor maried Elizabeth M. Taylor a.k.a. Elizth [Elizabeth or Eliza] Mehetabel [Mehitabel] [Jones] who was born Barbados, NOT England, born 31 Mar 1797 was the beloved mother of a large family of sons and daughters. Died near Kingston C.W. on her 63rd birthday.[1]

He lived in the West Indies for many years. Elizabeth was visiting her parents in England when William was born. William grew up in the West Indies, and when, he was 18 years old he came to America with his older brother and settled at Kingston, Ontario, Canada around 1848. Richard and Elizabeth went to Kingston Ontario, Canada with them or visa versa.

Miriam sent Roy some documents written by one of the...Hearns about the Taylors. 6 page typewritten copy.
Pg 7 was a handwritten family tree. I've been meaning to track down who had the original, as it is very hard to read. It goes back to "John Taylor married Elizabeth M. Haines"

This document has been moved to it's own page, titled The Tale of Bowman Leslie.

While her lineage back still remains a myster, one goal of Roy's is to crack this case, and find her paternal and maternal lineages back to England and Scotland.

This proves her paternal names is JONES. Eliza [Elizabeth] Mehitabel Jones.
See left page, Column 2, middle. Robert Burnett Jones has been in the running as a father.

Family lore states she was a daughter or a cousin of then Duke of Norfolk.

If she was born in 1790 as opposed to 1792, this might be her Baptism record. Correction: This Eliz Jones was born 1773 and baptised 1790. Not a match.

Letter Dated April 21 from Susie Briem

E-Mail on 12/22/2014 to Jane Foster, Manager Museum and Archives
Hello Ms. Foster, I would like to request an Obituary look up and printing requests: $5.00 per look up. Elizabeth M. Taylor a.k.a. Elizth [Elizabeth or Eliza] Mehitabel [Jones] who was born Barbados, NOT England, "born 31 Mar 1797 was the beloved mother of a large family of sons and daughters. Died near Kingston C.W. on her 63rd birthday".[1] According to source, her maiden name was LESLIE.
[link to this web page]
According to Ms. Cadue, at Cataraqui Cemetery, she died APR 3 1860, Ernestown. Her index card states died Age 68, which would equal b. 1792. Ms. Cadue believes it was 1863 and b. 1797. Minister: Rev Rogers. Internment No. 427 Barbados has no birth record for her.
The main goal is to find her Maiden name.
Thank you, Roy Christopherson

From 02/03/2015
Good morning Roy -
Thank you for contacting the Archives with your research request. Unfortunately, we searched both the Napanee Standard and Digital Kingston over the early 1860s and couldn't find an obituary for Elizabeth M. Taylor/Leslie.
Regards, Karen Reference Assistant
Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives
97 Thomas St. E.
Napanee, ON, K7R 4B9
613-354-3027 ext. 3523

Guess a trip to the microfilm library at the courthouse will be required. Perhaps she died elsewhere. Elizabeth has always been a brick wall. If others in the family have letters or documents on her, could be the key to unlocking her lineages to Scotland & England.

Searches should be on Eliza Mehitabel Jones with maiden name 'Leslie'. On her gravestone it shows an abbreviated Eilzabeth.
Now this one might indicate her parents. The name is identical except middle name. That would be odd. It is about four years before our Eliza. Barbados Library said she was not born on the island.
Name: Eliza Barry Jones Gender: Female Christening Date: 04 Jan 1786 Christening Place: SAINT JAMES,BARBADOES,CARIBBEAN Father's Name: John Jones Mother's Name: Sarah, born blank Instant, Pp 597, left page, under December. source #2
Dies couple months later...Infant.

There is also an Mehetabel Elizabeth Jones who married Gabriel Reeves Event Date: 04 Apr 1793 Event Place: Saint Michael,Barbadoes,Caribbean

What if this is Elizabeth's mother?

Burial 1800 Died in 6 days. Could this be Eliza's sister and parents?

Name Mehetabel Ann Jones (No image)
Gender Female
Christening Date 20 May 1800
Father's Name John Jones
Mother's Name Sarah [Nurse?]
Caribbean Births and Baptisms, 1590-1928," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Mehetabel Ann Jones, ; citing CHRIST CHURCH,BARBADOES,CARIBBEAN, reference ; FHL microfilm 1,157,931.">Source
Same Parents
Sarah Jones 15 Feb 1767
Benjamin Woodin Jones 09 Feb 1775
Richard Michael Jones 19 Dec 1776, CHRIST CHURCH,BARBADOES,CARIBBEAN
Elizabeth Rogers Jones Christening: 20 Aug 1797, CHRIST CHURCH,BARBADOES,CARIBBEAN
Mehetabel Ann Jones 1800 see above image
Robert Frere Jones 13 Sep 1801

Burial place of Richard and Elizabeth Taylor (NOT the Hollywood one) in Ontario, along with dau.-in-law Isabella/Isabelle SLEAMANS/SLIMMONS? Taylor, wife of William Stewart Taylor, and Richard and Martha.
To see headstone and inscription, click here.

About Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk
"Norfolk was related to Queen Elizabeth I of England through her mother's family and was trusted with public office despite his family's history and, although he claimed to be a Protestant, his prior support for the Catholic cause."
Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk Also Known As: "4th Duke of Norfolk" Birthdate: circa March 10, 1536 Birthplace: Corby Castle, Kenninghall, Norfolk, England Death: Died June 2, 1572 in Tower Hill, London, England Cause of death: Beheading Source

Not sure if same Elizabeth. Keep for reference
Name: Elizabeth Taylor Gender: Female Burial Date: Apr 1856 Burial Place: Barbados

Name: Elizabeth Taylor
Gender: Female
Burial Date: Aug 1865 Burial Place: Barbados Source

Name: Elizabeth Taylor Gender: Female Burial Date: 26 Aug 1869 Burial Place: Barbados Source

Name: Elizabeth Taylor Gender: Female Burial Date: 19 Sep 1870 Burial Place: Barbados Source
Hard to imagine that many Elizabeths. Here are more.

Elizabeth Taylor, "Caribbean, Marriages, 1591-1905"
Name: Edward William Jones
Birth Date: Birthplace: Age:
Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Taylor
Spouse's Birth Date: Spouse's Birthplace:
Spouse's Age:
Event Date: 19 May 1836 Event Place: Christ Church,Barbadoes,Caribbean

Interesting 1733 you have a Richard Taylor married to an Eliza, 52 yrs before our Eliza was born. Source

FEB 2019: Thanks to our Barbadian cousins, progress is being made on Volume One of Four. New book by this webmaster
Here is the Mystery Cover


[ ] is text added by Roy

[1] Taylor RnD July 26, 2012 Update
[31] THFS 31.

Elizabeth Mehitabel Taylor,79, born 31 MAR 1792 in Barbados
daughter of Unknown Jones
and Unknown Leslie

Married Richard Taylor (1), born 2 Mar 1786 in Barbados m. 1807, d. 1 May 1859 Kingston, ONT

1. ?

1. Taylor, RichardBirth/Chris: ... 1808
2. Taylor, GeorgeBirth/Chris: ... 1810
3. Taylor, ElizabethBirth/Chris: ... 1811
4. Taylor, John - 1812 - 1884 (Listed as 12)
5. Taylor, AbelBirth/Chris: ... 1815
6. Taylor, AlfredBirth/Chris: ... 1818
7. Taylor, MaryBirth/Chris: ... 1821
8. Taylor, FrancesBirth/Chris: ... 1823
Frances 'Fanny' TAYLOR Moore (1821-1909)
9. Taylor, HenriettaBirth/Chris: ... 1825
Henrietta TAYLOR Noble
10. Taylor, CarolineBirth/Chris: ... 1828
11. Taylor, William StuartBirth/Chris: ... 1830
William Stuart Taylor (1830 - 1903)
12. Taylor, JaneBirth/Chris: ... 1830
As many as 21 children, many died young-see Taylor RnD

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