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Revised: October 18, 2012
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Arni and Diane Taylor Sigvaldson on the right.
Arni is the son of John Sigvaldson, shown in the bottom right photo, listed as Jon.
From the Pauline Christopherson Collection

3 Arasons


Benedikt was Arni Sigvaldson's brother
From the Lilja Kernested Collection
L.K.C_007_thumb_UnknownFamily_Arason, Bergman_or_Hanson_or_Kernested_Web L.K.C_007
Unknown Family_Arason, Bergman or Hanson
or Kernested
From the Lilja Kernested Collection
Mary Sigvaldson Mary was Arni's daughter,
whom married Gudbrandur Einarson,
son of Einar Einarson
From the Pauline Christopherson Collection
Sigvaldson Family Arni Sigvaldson and his family
Why the family is not in one portrait is a mystery.
Mary is in the ctr photo to the left.
Skapti was a pioneer and farmer.
Roy has done a compilation of the
three photos in 2011, see here.

From the Lilja Kernested Collection
We have four Skapti´in the area
Skapti 1 Skapti "Skip" Arason, b. June 9, 1919 - November 9, 2011
Skapti “Skip” Arason formerly of Glenboro, MB. Parents were Oli & Olga Arason and had sister Esther Ingaldson.
Now June Image of the month at our family website.

Skapti 2, Skapti Aaron SIGVALDSON, Son of Arni/Ernest, born ...

Skapti 3, Skapti Arason, born in Iceland in 1850, PIONEER

Skapti 4, ARASON, SKAPTI, Born MAR 22, 1888, Soldiers of the First World War - CEF, His father was Benidict (sp) Arason