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Meet our Relative - Christopherson Branch

Gudrun 'Roonie' STONESON Christopherson

Thorsteinsson, Gudrun Sigridur [3] 'Rooney' born Feb 25, 1897 at Point Roberts [4]. Died 1963
Father: Þórsteinsson, Þorsteinn name changed to Stone Stoneson
Mother: Einarsdóttir, Ingibjörg

Residence: 2314 Victor ST, Bellingham, WA
Residence July 26, 1910: 2330 William ST, Bellingham, WA
Death: 1963 in San Francisco, CA, United States
Shared Facts: Christopherson, Kajartan
Marriage: 1914 in British Columbia, Canada [1]

According to Kay and Gudrun's Wedding Cert (see Kjartan's page), her middle name might have been Sigridur. They were married 32nd and Crescent RD in Crescent, B.C., Canada, at Gudrun's parents home.

Composite of what 13410 Crescent RD hight have looked like, where kay and Gudrun were married.

Gudrun (means "god's secret lore") met Kjartan and married in 1914. They had nine children together while living on a couple farms and one Shanty. After they were married, Gudrun, also known as Rooney, was stepping out of a model T car buckboard and stepped into a badger hole. She broke her ankle and the doctors up north never set it correctly. She had trouble the rest of her life with that.

The Stoneson brother; Ellis and Henry Stoneson, Gudrun's brothers, sponsored the family when the men traveled to San Francisco and Gudrun and the others were brought down a year later. Initially they brought down Lorne. Roy has a voice recording of the story by Hank.

According to Hank, [Ellis] came by the farm near Baldur and Lorne left with one of the brothers (transcribe voice recording) which offered to educate Kjartan Lorne, known as Lorne, and the family followed about 1935/36 leaving Canada for San Francisco. It was a sad day for the whole family, yet due to the generosity of the Stonesons, the whole family relocated only to be interrupted by World War II. All four sons of Gudrun and Kjartan, known as 'Kay', served through 1945. Lorne continued in the Reserves becoming a Major (ref. source 2) . Lorne later became an Architech

June 2011, Roy drove up HWY 5 throygh Portland, Seattle, obtained his passport, then stopped at Bellingham (Fairhaven and New Whatcom into the one city now called Bellingham). Hank had some postcards with ____ Victor ST, Bellingham as Gudrun's address. Roy drove to the house, yet could not find the address. Possible it was at the end of that street, which did not extend to what is there now.
Roy also visited Stafholt, later obtaining emailed copies of Ellis and Henry Stoneson, Gudrun's brothers.
Another stop planned was the Blaine Memorial Statue Roy wanted donate for a family brick which never happened.

Research: first Norwegian Lutheran Church in Bellingham.

Read the story of Gudrun´s friend, Runa Thordarson, author of Échoes of the Past´.

Marriage record at BC Archives
Groom Name: Kjartan Christopherson Bride Name: Guduron Sigridu Stoneson Event Date: 1914 5 17 (Yr/Mo/Day) Event Place: Crescent Reg. Number: 1914-09-077693 B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11378 GSU Microfilm Number: 1983706

Gudrun 'Rooney' and Kjartan 'Kay' are visiting Kay's sister, Susie in Chicago in this PDF slideshow. In the beginning you will see Kay and a woman who is also photographed with Gudrun visiting her mother, possibly at her home in Blaine. This is not Bertha Stoneson. Identity unknown.

Person Notes: Gudrun's brothers, Henry and Ellis Stoneson, built Stonestown in San Francisco, Lakeside, Park merced and many house tracts down the Peninsula.

Canadian Pacific
July 26, 1942
Locate photos of their road trip with postcards back to the children, Teddy, etc.

Gudrun Christopherson

Hank Christopherson identified his own mother, Gudrun STONESON Christopherson in these photos.
In Roy's opinion, Gudrun changes over time, and after 9 children, most women would.
Obviously photo 2 has to be before 1914 as that was their wedding date.
Photos courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Possibly Gudrun Stoneson
Notice the watermark says Bellingham. This is where GM grew up. Must be her.
Roy thought it might be Vala, yet cousin Miriam said she does not recognize her, so could not be her GM.
Photos courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Image 3452
IMG_SCAN_3452 Post Card
Possibly Gudrun Stoneson. Compare her hair
Roy feels probability that this is Gudrun would be about 50%.
Since photographers travelled, possible this is a family member in Grund, MB
Photos courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Map to Rpnney's House
This is about where Grandmother Gudrun Christopherson lived at Whatcom, WA
Roy was unable to locate. Possible house was on outskirts and gone now. In 2009, on way to visit three new cousins, Miriam, Carol, and Bev, Roy stopped at the end of this block in Victor Street. One could easily enter the two residences list top of this page into Google. The house number was not there, and felt too funny looking around there, so I departed. At the Museum was older maps, and her house would have been at the outskirts of the existing town at the time.

One goal is to visit the Blaine Cemetery to pay respects to GGF Stoneson, and spend a day at PT. Roberts.
Possibly Gudrun Christopherson
Possibly Gudrun Stoneson. Compare her hair and features to Image
Shadows could alter ones features. Look beyond those.
Only Gudrun and Kay would have been able to confirm
Photos courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Gudrun Stoneson
Identified by her son, Hank
Photos courtesy of the
Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

DEC 1962
sitting with his grandmother, Gudrun
L-R: Uncle Bill, mom, Gary, uncle Hank, Aunt Eileen, Aunt Thelma, dad, ? looks familiar though. Paulin should be 'Pauline'
As important as they are, family bibles,
Roy hopes this family website will be next best thing since it goes back 1,000 years.

[1] mentioned by Hank Christopherson, son of Gudrun Christopherson


[3] Almanac 1925 Translated roughly by Vern Austman in Feb 2011. See image file of Icelandic.
[4] Affidavit County of Blaine by Gudrun's mother Ingibjorg Stoneson on immigration and birth of Gudrun. IMG_7145_Stoneson.jpg

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