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Family Tree showing Stoneson to Oddstad connections Click to Enlarge

Emma STONESON Oddstad
Joe Stoneson
1. Stephanie (Stoneson) Pashley > ? > Sue nee Pashley Graham
2. Eunice > ?
3. Douglas Stoneson Sr. >Leslee STONESON Crawford >Leanna Crawford
3. Douglas Stoneson Sr. > Living Stoneson Jr.

Stephania Ingibjorg Maria Emma Stoneson Oddstad

ELLIS ( 1893 - 1952)
Donald Henry Stoneson
Mildred Elaine STONESON Bakhtiari > Karl
Louise Stoneson Detweiler > Bruce

Henry 1895-1958
Eloise Preston
Helen Claire STONESON Schumacher> Diane Claire SCHUMACHER CANESSA Powell

Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson Christopherson

Linda hammer...
relationship with the Stoneson side of your family only extended to Stone Stoneson through his mother Jóhanna who was my great-grandfather Kjartan Einarsson's half sister.
...What I had called  a mystery that I had wanted to solve when I knew that my Thorstein who was my grandfather's brother and the Thorstein whose family moved to the US  and changed their name to Stone (or actually Stoneson as I later found out) was not really a mystery - just a misunderstanding somewhere along the line with the change of names. Great uncle Thorstein changed his to Anderson and continued living in Victoria BC until his death in 1949

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Jon Sveinbjornson Oddstad Family

Union of the Christophersons
and the Stonesons

Stoneson Report by Caroline Cartwright

View Stoneson Buildings on Ellis' page and here
Stonesons & California Relatives
Roy just spotted right photo out of the 6,000 here on OCT 9th after seeing Sue Graham's submitted one (Left). Note little 14 with his tongue out.

Johann SkuladottirChart
Roy dropped the ball in 2010 AND 2011 by forgetting to add the photo and chart to this family site or the chart to Ingjiborg Stoneson,
if you are related to Ingibjorg Einarsdottir, then you are related to Johanna.

Since the Clan pages are by Recent to Oldest, this photo is here due to connection of Einar Skeggjason.

Oddstad & Stoneson Picnic
Possibly Nick's Rockaway Beach in Pacifica
Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

You will see the same wooden tower behind #2 below.

Next fellow is NO. 5 below
Next is 16 or 9 below
right side is 10 below
Rest are all unidentified.
Recognize one, email Roy

Oddstad & Stoneson Picnic (Click to Enlarge) (View Whole Image)
Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Possibly Nick's Rockaway Beach in Pacifica [3]
circa 1937-1940
AWESOME! The man 2nd at far right (#10) is in a 2nd photo; Image 2255 (New Window),
along with the wooden tower behind Andy #2 is in Image 2256 (New Window)
The other 9 people are not in above photo!
Vern Austman recognized Leona and Sylvia at the beach with other children
in Image 2256 (Click to Enlarge Faces) Hank thinks #2 and 3 from left
may be Eileen with brother Bill in front possibly taken at
Nick's Rockaway beach in Pacifica nad the Point being Nick's Restaurant [1].
Hank ID'd Andy and his mom, Gudrun. [2] Update 10/2011 Hank Identified more [3]
UPDATE APR 2012: Hank Christopherson said 1 is Sig Christopherson in hat
01. Sig Christopherson
02. Andy (Andres Fjeldsted) Oddstad Jr. (18-25 yrs old),
Roy: "That's the Andy that died in the car accident?"
Hank Christopherson: "Yes that is Andy". [2]
04. Unknown, bent over-will never know.
09. Bertha Stoneson. [3] Sixteen and Ten are related.
11. Andy Oddstad Sr. [3]
12. maybe Elsa
13. Emma STONESON Oddstad, Left of Bud, wearing White hat.[2]
14. "Bud" Halderon? Hank's sister, Caroline Christopherson's boyfriend (left in tie & Black Vest). [2]
15. Gudrun C. (I was right, Roy's grandmother) is the 3rd woman from the right according to Hank Christopherson. [2]
16. Looks familar to Hank [3]
17. Elma Mendola?, Andy's sister, kneeling in front of Andy-hard to confirm with face turned.
17., Unknown facing Left, Ft. Row, far left?
18. Mildred Stoneson, (Don's arm is around her} [3]
19. Donald Stoneson [3]
20. Leona ODDSTAD Gordon, Opera Singer , she is below Bud,
21. Sylvia ODDSTAD Haskins to the right of Leona,
22. Roy: I believe Caroline is facing towards Dot.
Hope to show Hank better copy and number them and verify.
23. Dorothy C. Cartwright, Hank's sister, far right,
View Closeup 1
View Closeup 2
Far Right: Stone Stoneson
Grandma Stoneson 3rd lady, 2nd line from top on the left. Little old ladies to her left and below, possibly her aunts.
Note by Sig
Rest are family? We may never know

Ellis Stoneson
Ellis Stoneson
1893 - 1952
Ellis and his brother Henry built
Stonestown in San Francisco.
Photo from Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Bruce Detweiler

"My husband Bruce is a grandson of Ellis Stoneson"
Bruce is our 2nd cousin. His mother was Louise Stoneson Detweiler
Keith Bakhtiari
My maternal grandmother : Sigridur Kristbjorg Thordarson
(I believe she was Thordarson; I will check)
My maternal grandfather: Ellis Leo Stoneson (Left)
My mother: Mildred Elaine Stoneson (Bakhtiari)
Henry Stoneson
Henry Stoneson
1895 - 1958
Henry in his later years
Photo from Stafholt Good Samaritan Society, Blaine WA

Deanne Powell

Great Granddaughter of Henry Stoneson. daughter of Helen.

Henry & Ellis's sister Rooney (Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson), married Kjartan Christopherson, son of Sigurdur Christopherson.
Henry Stoneson

Baldwin Stoneson. Died as infant

Photo Caption Backside: "Emma, with Pearl and Andy Jr."
Circa 1919-1920

? Collection

Back Row L to R:
Boy 1 Might be Donald Christopherson, Boy 2 Possibly Groa's son, Boy 3 Groa's son, Boy 4 Runa's son

Front Row, L to R:
Girl 1 Helen Claire STONESON Schumacher? ( Henry and Hazels 2nd daughter), Emma Stoneson Oddstad,
Baby Possibly Andy, Groa Simundsson m. Rev. Colbeinn/Kolbeinn

Girl 2 Runa's daughter, Woman far right is Runa nee Thorsteinson Thordarson
of PT. Roberts verified by Pauline's PT. Roberts Newsletter.
Runa is the daughter of Helgi and Dagbjort Thorsteinson.
She married Ben Thordarson and they started up Ben's Store.
Read The Tale of Guðrún and Runa

Vern said: "Andres and Emma (stoneson) were just starting their family and living in South Vancouver;
he was in the directories as a carpenter.
Charlie had remarried and had 3 more children and also a carpenter, living in South Vancouver.
Charlie and father Jon still owned the quarter section and a nearby lot on Nicomekel river."

Stoneson House
Sue nee Pashley Graham was kindly informed by Douglas who is in the photo: L-R: Mica (family friend), Jean (Stoneson-widow of Joe) Chisnall, Stephanie Stoneson (Lil Girl 1), Stoney Stoneson, Eunice Stoneson, Joe Stoneson and Douglas Stoneson (Boy sitting on bannister wall)
Picture taken in Blaine Washington at the Stoneson house

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Stoneson House
Blaine Washington at the Stoneson house.

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Roy beleives this is Emma,
Stoney Stoneson or Joe or Ellis, Mystery woman Nellie? Image 3461,
and two unknown sitting on huge rock

Uploaded a LARGE version which shows barnacles attached to the rock.
Ruling out White Rock in Gimli, MB and Crescent Beach, BC.
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection
Roy has one more photo of Gudrun about age 11 or 12 here.
Too bad the photo was torn. Emma and Guðrún are sisters of Henry & Ellis.
Woman in front might be their grandmother, Leopoldína Níelsdóttir or Jóhanna Einarsdóttir seen below Left.

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Emma Stoneson Oddstad in to the rear left. Guðrún (Rooney) Stoneson Christopherson is to the rear right.
Stoney Stoneson in front left.
Photo from Henry Christopherson copy lent to Roy while in the hospital then scanned
Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection

Stoney Stoneson or officially known in Iceland as Þorsteinn Þórsteinsson, son of Þorsteinn Þórðarson, son of Þórður Þorsteinsson, and his wife Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir, daughter of Einar Skeggjason, who was the son of Skeggi Jónsson, whose ancestor was Skeggi Atlason, born 1620 in Iceland. Online has him as Stoney Stoneson, that is an ERROR. Taken me four years to get that straight.

This vintage photo verified against one Nelson Gerrard has in his collection of that area.

Courtesy of the Sig & Hank Christopherson Collection