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2. Halfdan shows
Guðjón Jóhannsson, 18 May 1857;i=68058

You list her as Sigurdson?

I want to connect Living you first.

We then start with Illugi Gudmundsson (abt. 1530-abt. 1609) a pastor at Muli in Reykjadalur, South-Thingeyjarsysla.
His wife was Malmfridur Jonsdottir (abt. 1520)

Jon Illugason (abt. 1550) a law-speaker and a member of the legislative assembly Althing, residing Storu-Laugar and Einarsstadir in Reykjadalur
with his wife Gudrun Thorgrimsdottir (abt. 1560)

Gudmundur Jonsson (abt. 1580-after 1647) farming at Storu-Laugar and also a member of the legislative assembly Althing.
His wife was Sesselja Arnadottir (1585)

Thorgrimur Gudmundsson (abt. 1607) farming at Krossavik in Vopnafjordur and also a member of the legislative assembly Althing.
His wife was Margret Jonsdottir (1600) but it is most likely she is not Hogni´s mother.

Hogni Thorgrimsson (abt. 1635-after 1681) farming at Strandhofn in Vopnafjordur
with his wife Steinvor Jonsdottir (1637)

Magnus Hognason (1673) farming at Strandhofn with his wife Lisebeth Willemsdottir (1665) we have to look at her later

Jon Magnusson (1703-1774) farming at Hamundarstadir in Vopnafjordur
 with his wife Margret Magnusdottir (1702)

Sigurdur Jonsson (1742-June 29, 1812) He was a carpenter and first farming in Vopnafjordur.
From 1788 farming at Grimsstadir in the Mountains
and also a reeve there.
His second wife was Gudrun Jonsdottir (1764-Jan23, 1840 in Hof´s parish Vopnafjordur)
They had 14 children.

One of their daughters was Sesselja Sigurdsdottir (1800) resided at Hardbakur in Prestholar parish, North-Thingeyjarsysla,
with her husband Steinn Hakonsson (1799) farming there.

Their daughter Gudrun Steinsdottir (March 23, 1827)
married Jon Jonsson (1829) from Snartarstadir in Prestholar parish. They were farming several places in that parish.

Their daughter Sabina Stefania Jonsdottir (May 25, 1861-July 29, 1938) became a fourth wife of
Sigurbjorn Fridriksson (1828-1900) and they resided at Svalbardssel in Thistilfjordur.

Their only son was Fridgeir Einar Sigurbjornsson (Nov. 6, 1896- Jan 27, 1983) a cabinet maker and later a music instrument maker living in Akureyri
with his wife Halldora Johannesdottir (June 22, 1906- Dec. 7, 1995)

Their daughter Living , . Married Living Sveinsson, Kennari á Blómsturvöllum í Kræklingahlíð

Roy believes there is also a connection to Arni Sveinsson, yet has not been determined.

Henry 'Hank' Christopherson mentioned he went to school with Anna Sveinsson, here is a reply from Ed who helped me find Ytranes.

Hello Roy,
The Anna Sveinsson you referred to would be Diana's first cousin — She was the daughter of Jon (Diana's Uncle) and Veiga Sveinsson. She was the Aunt of Laara Lindo. Jon was the son of pioneer Arni Sveinsson.
As you can see, Anna passed away very recently also. Hope this explanation helps!