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Meet our Relatives Best Friend's Parents

Dagbjort Thorsteinson

Dagbjort Thorsteinson, born 18 Oct 1862, Died 1941
On May 19th, Roy had information from many cousins and family all come together painting a picture of the family.
Imagine your great grandparents
taking a train after leaving Iceland and forming a bond with another couple that lasts their whole lifetime,
and more importantly continues with their children. Here is an example of just that, Lifetime Friends.

The older Runa, a friend of your grandmother, is Runa Thorsteinson of Point Roberts. Runa is the daughter of Helgi and Dagbjort Thorsteinson. She married Ben Thordarson and they started up Ben's Store. The latest Historical Society newsletter has a feature on Ben's Store. She did a lot of photography and we have her to thank for a lot of historical images of Point Roberts in earlier years

The Tale of Runa and Gudrun & The Pipers
By Roy Einar Christopherson

Here is a whole diary by Dagbjort Dagbjartsdottir (Victoria Dagbjört Dagbjartsdóttir), b. 1862 in Iceland.

Here is a family photo verified by Richard "Rick" Castellano, 4th son of Hilda Thordarson.
Great shot of the family!

"Our chlidren and all eleven grand children. Home together for the first time this summer "
circa ___

Standing - back row, L to R:
Steven Castellano [14],

Mike Castellano [16],

Philip Thordarson [16],

Helgi Thordarson

women seated: Margaret THORDARSON
Kragness, holding Amy [2 1/2];

Hilda THORDARSON Castellano, holding Rick [3];

Charlotte Thordarson, holding Dorothy [2].

Standing left: David Kragness [6],
Verna Kragness [8]

Standing right: Kristina Thordarson (blond hair) [12]

Runa Marie Thordarson (dark
hair) [13];

So the Tale of Gudrun and Runa has come full circle. This photo was probably sent to Roy's GM, Gudrun STONESON Christopherson from Runa

  Dagbjort Thorsteinson m.

Not related. Best friends with the Stoneson family, Stone & Ingibjorg, and Gudrun


1. Runa 'Thorsteinson' Thordarson, b. 17 Mar 1895
2. Groa Þorsteinsson
3. Laugi
4. Jonas
5. Elsa Þorsteinsson

Generation Three
Dagbjartur Hafliðason married

Generation Four
Victoria Dagbjört 'Daga' Dagbjartsdóttir m. Helgi Þorsteinsson
born 18 October 1862

Source: Findagrave
Here is Helgi´s lineage back in time. Courtesy of the great Helgi Helgason, who Roy is greatly appreciative of his work in genealogy in Iceland. Visit his website to make requests.

Generation Five - Six
1. Runa 'Thorsteinson' m. Ben Thordarson
Image 3460
  1. Helgi Thordarson    

Helgi Thordarson
Charlotte Thordarson, holding
Philip Thordarson [16],
Runa Marie Thordarson (dark
hair) [13]
Kristina Thordarson (blond hair) [12]
Dorothy Thordarson [2]


  2. Hilda THORDARSON Castellano    


Hilda THORDARSON Castellano
Mike Castellano [16],
Steven Castellano [14],
Rick Castellano [3]


  3. Margret Thordarson    

Margaret THORDARSON Kragness
Verna Kragness [8]
David Kragness [6]
Amy Kragness [2 1/2]


2. Groa Þorsteinsson m. Rev. Kolbeinn Simundson
  1. Leonard Simundson    
  2. Jonas K. Simundson    
  3. Dorothy SIMUNDSON    
  4. Marjory SIMUNDSON    
  5. Luther (Gary's father) Simundson    
  6. Daniel Simundson    

3. Laugi
  1. Robert (deceased) - twins    
  2. Sylvia Schonberg    

4. Jonas
  1. Living X    

5. Elsa Þorsteinsson m.
  1. Nancy Dagna Piper

"The home built by Helgi and Dagbjort Thorstenson in 1900 still standing near the home, erected by their son,
Laugi, and his wife, Ella, in 1932, in which their daughter, Sylvia Schonberg, now lives."
Our Crystal Water Beach lands were settled by William Taylor in 1897
1. RECOLLECTIONS by Arni S. Myrdal. Six pages. First published in an Icelandic newspaper in 1953.
A short account of his 1894-1908 years in Point Roberts. He retired as foreman of Alaska Packers cannery in 1930 and died in 1966.

2. ECHOES FROM THE PAST by Runa Thordarson. 27 pages. Printed in 1975. The story of two Point Roberts pioneers, her parents,
Helgi and Dagbjort Thorsteinson (later the family name became Thorstenson). Contains excellent descriptions of Iceland from which
her parents came, selections from her mother's diaries describing the journey to Canada, an account of their life in Point Roberts from
1894 until their deaths in the l940s and references to the births of their children, Groa, Runa. Laugi (named for a son lost earlier),
Jonas and Elsa. (Runa married Ben Thordarson and they established Ben's Store which many of us remember).

3. A SHORT STORY OF A LONG LIFE: EIGHT DECADES OF MEMORIES by Laugi Thorstenson. 63 pages. 1985.
A remarkably well written story of his home and family life and his challenging adventures in farming, dairying, travelling and
creating a subdivision. Much of the book is devoted to his experiences in the difficult and dangerous work on the commercial fish-boats,
often as skipper, in mainland and Alaska waters. A gutsy book.

4. POINT ROBERTS, USA: THE HISTORY OF A CANADIAN ENCLAVE by Richard E. Clarke. 137 pages. Teletype Publishing, Bellingham, WA, 1980.
A history of Point Roberts from the time of the first known inhabitants, the Pacific Coast Salish Indians, through the period of the squatters
and early settlers, then on to the heyday of agriculture and fishing to the uncertain 1970s. Much of the material is derived from the first two books
mentioned above. Clarke describes Point Roberts as "A community that struggles and survives from one generation to the next with a strength
and stability of its own".

The four books mentioned above are available from the Point Roberts library.

5. CEMETERY RECORDS taken from Richard Clarke's book with an update by Ernie Loreen. 2000.
Thumbnail sketches of all persons buried in the cemetery, indicating those who were born in Iceland.

Google Search
CEMETERY RECORDS and Clark, Richard E. Point Roberts

Blaine (Whatcom County)

APA Cannery )Google=
Alaska Packers Association

Couple photos of what is left of APA after burning down by fire and Salmon net fishing was outlawed and they moved from Fraser River
up to Alaska until it was made a State.

Something Roy is working on. Not related to this subject at all. Consider deleting
Runa Thordarson
Echoes of the Past PDF
Page 9 and 10 her or Laugi mention that Helgi and Runa's mother befriended Stone Stoneson, yet are not related. It details where they moved to,
evntually PT. Roberts, then to Blaine.

Have related family then
All Icelanders are related
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