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Skógur Chalet- Home of Great Grandson Roy

In 2014, Roy sold off his Townhouse of 4 years, many possesions, and bought a Truck/Camper, He then set off for a once in a lifetime adventure to the unknown.
After eliminating a move to TX, he focused on 4 US states, and 3 other countries. One thought was to remain in the camper for a few years. It proved to be too small, and far too many items still in storage.

Roy travelled non-stop from SF Bay Area to Victoria Island, BC, then through Sigurdur's 4th homestead to visit cousins along the way, and new-found family at cemetrie's, most of GGM Caroline TAYLOR's sisters, and Grandparents, Richard & Eliza Taylor who left Barbados for Ontario. Then connecting up with his cousin Mike in Toronto. From there, then the two of us ventured two weeks in Iceland, parting ways in Toronto, Roy carried on throughout Ontario, then back to WA through the northern United States.
This became known as The 2014 Cousins Tour with the adventure chronicled at Scottish Viking blog. Slideshows of most of the journey has been posted here.

Skógur Chalet- Home of Great Grandson Roy - 1st View
Source: Photo by Roy Christopherson

Having lived in California, in the cities of Millbrae, Burlingame, Filbert Street S.F., Fremont, Mountain View, Union City, moving to Iceland nearing retirement age seemed too far. The Canadian countryside with "no fences" between neighbors was top of the list. Especially since both parents were born in Canada, along with Gimli, and Baldur. Colorado and WY were appealing for finding a small cabin with a view of a lake, near a small town. Listened to uncle Hank ("buy property where there are lots of lights" meaning neighbors),

Idaho and WA started taking top choice after looking at 2,000 properties online in 5 states. A stop at a family BBQ of Kay's brother John Christopherson's family, led me to the coast, then Sheldon, camped SW end of Puget Sound (Pron. Pew jet), and Olympic Nat Forest. A chance real estate posting viewed at 1 am, brought me to finding this Chalet in the hamlet of Peaceful Valley, nestled in the misty foothills of the North Cascades of the Pacific Northwest. Bidding on the Chalet (above) the same day, and with Icelandic tradition, naming it Skógur means Forest in Icelandic.

View from fire pit at Skógur, some of the 150 Pine & Redwood trees on little over 1/2 acr, and mountain ridge on left Sept. 2015

Skógur Chalet- Home of Great Grandson Roy - 1st Winter
Source: Photo by Roy Christopherson

Advice on moving... find a job at new location, rent an apartment, then find a house.

Peaceful valley is ironically about 90% Russians. If you have visited the Great Ancestors page, our long ago, 23th Great Grandmother Elisaveta, wife of Haraldur Sigurðsson; was a Rus' Princess of Kiev and a Norwegian queen, wife and queen consort of king Harald III of Norway, so we are actually part Russian before Russia existed. Albeit a very small part of our DNA.

Map of Kiev before Rusiia

Obviously there is more of Roy's parents and GGF Sigurdur in him, then he realized. Like his father, country living suits him, and perhaps upon retirement, a cabin on 50 acres overlooking a lake deep in some forest might, be on the horizon. By then, Amazon should have their food drone service in place. Like his mother, he now understands why she gardened her entire life, now working on getting his own Green thumb. And like GGF Sigudur, moving about, although nothing compared to the hardships they experienced!

With an Ex-Sheriff, and other neighbors next door, the Pistol and full alarm system do not seem needed. Took three years to slow down from the California pace to this area's much slower pace, and how casual people are at leaving things about, and doors unlocked. A childs bicycle was on Smith RD for almost a year, and nobody stole it. In the bay area, it would have been stolen in minutes.Washing off the Camper, and geting it ready to sell.

Daily Commute with Mount Baker in the background

Minutes away from MT. Baker, and two lakes. This is Lake Whatcom near work

As for Charlie the Trekking Norwegian cat, he could not be happier! Charlie's Blog