All in PDF PDFformat unless noted otherwise and open in a new browser window.
Some of the Great Grandparents below have their stories on our Great Ancestor Page.
New relation discovery - See PDFs reports on Arngrimur Jonsson relation to Christophersons branch
(New) and Einarsons branch and Both.
Family Tree AUG_2009 10 Generations 1Page
Family Tree 2008 PDF
Family Tree 2006
PDF Pedigree Chart
Snorri Sturluson Related to Christophersons and Einarsons
Blank Pedigree Chart for you to fill out, scan then

If related and you would like a PDF Kinship Report, email me (see above) You will need to include your family line up to one of my four major branches.
Avg is 160 pages long. Any Icelandic family would be the decendants of the 1st settlers of Iceland.

Here is an early spreadsheet outlining the relations to the Kings

Very good Research reference for anyone doing Icelandic Genealogical research here.
After doing 5,000 scans, a tip; use underscores, not spaces. Keep a consistent nomenclature (naming scheme).
Caps or dots work too. More Suggestions from Roy.

Relationship Chart - Relationship_Roy-Godwulf.pdf

Relationship Chart - Relationship_Roy-Odinn-PaeganGod.pdf

Relationship Chart - Relationship_Roy to Eochaid Muinremur_KingsScotland.pdf
Individual Report of Sigurdur Christopherson 08.09
180 Fan Chart of Sigurdur Christopherson 08.09
Kinship Report for Roy Aug 2009 Related and Unrelated (112 pgs)
Kinship Report March-2009
Relations of Roy
Kinship Report 06-27-08 Relations of Roy
Pedigree Chart - Mathew & Adam (Ron's sons)
Pedigree Chart - Kjartan (Indira's son)
Register Report for Sigurdur Kristofersson 18 pgs
Register Report - Kjartan christopherson
Relationship Chart - Ingolfur Arnason (1st Settler of Iceland and our Great Grandfather) and Grieper
Relationship Chart - King of Sweden - Sigurdur Christopherson to Halfdan Olafsson b. 704 & Hrolf of Normandy
Relationship Report - Roy Christopherson to Þórður Víkingsson
Haraldsson known as Harald I of Norway or King FairHair
Relationship Chart - Cousin Nancy to King Fairhair
Verical Pedigree Chart - Roy Christopherson 5 Pgs 06.2008
Relationship Report - Roy Christopherson to Ronan Rigfhlaith (King) of LEINSTER Ireland
Lilja Christopherson Costello
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello to Grimoald Duke of Asti.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello to Karlsefni.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello to Rollo.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello to Sigurðsson.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello SkullCleaver.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello Cearbhall.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello to Brian Boru.pdf
Relationship Chart - Bruce Costello to Egill Skallagrímsson
Relationship Chart - Roy Christopherson to Harald III King of Norway

180 Fan Chart for Porsteinn Porsteinsson (Stone Stoneson) 08.09
180 Fan Chart
Gudrun Runa Thorsteinsson (Stone Stoneson's Daughter, Roy's GM)
The Stoneson/Oddstad Report Rev3 by Caroline Cartwright circa 1980
180 Fan Chart for Henry Stoneson (shows many branches)
Relationship Chart - Deanne Powell to Skeggi Atlason b. 1620 AD
180 Fan Chart Thora (pora) Magnusdottir who decends from King FairHair
Individual Report Thora Magnusdottir Daughter of Magnus Olafsson King of Norway,
Pora is a major connection throught the nobles.
Pora is Deanne's 24th Great Grandmother.
Releationship Chart - Sue nee Pashley Graham
Relationship Chart - Sue nee Pashley Graham To Jón Stefánsson b. 1750
Relationship Chart - Sue nee Pashley Graham To Jon Arnbjornsson b. 1610
Relationship Chart - Sue nee Pashley Graham to Johanna Skuladóttir

Relationship Report - Sandy Nathan to Harald 1 King of Norway
Relationship Chart - Sandy Nathan to HaflidiMasson.pdf
Relationship Chart to Yxna-Þórir Ásvaldsson, 32nd Great Grandfather
Relationship Chart to Snorri Narfason, 18th Great Grandfather
Family Tree Chart of Snorri Porfinnsson, Sandys 25th GGF (1st European child born in Vinland)
Relationship Chart - Sandy to Andrés Fjeldsted Jónsson to Olvir Barnakarl b. Abt. 810 AD
Relationship Chart_Possibly Sandy Oddstad Nathan's 87th Great Grandfather Tefnalchte
Blog Article 1 - A Father's Day Tribute to my dad (Andres Fjeldsted Oddstad Jr.) by Sandy Oddstad Nathan
Blog Article 2 - My Dad Sold a House by Sandy Oddstad Nathan
Mark Twain Tree, Sandy thought they were related, yet Roy has not found that connection yet.

Relationship Chart Sandy Oddstad Nathan to Vern Austman

Elena Haskins/Sandy (Oddstad) Nathan
Relationship Chart - Elena Haskins to Ingolfur Arnarson
Relationship Chart - Elena Haskins/Guðný Andrésdóttir Fjeldsted Oddstad to Aud The Deepminded
Relationship Chart - Elena Haskins to X Hunda-Steinar is the 29th Great Grandfather
Relationship Chart - Elena Haskins to Harald III King of Norway

Jon Sveinbjornsson Oddstad
Helgi Lavergne Austman Fan Chart
Jon Sveinbjornsson Oddstad from the Halfdan Helgason website Last name changed to Oddstad, not Oddstead.
|Relationship Chart Jon Sveinbjornsson Oddstad to Tefnalchte 87th Great Grandfather.
Take this lineage with a BIG grain of salt
PHOTOS: Group of Photos from Vern Austman
180 Fan Chart for Andres F Oddstad Jr.
Relationship Chart Helgi Lavergne Austman to Harald III King of Norway (NEW)

180 Fan Chart for Ingibjorg Einarsdottir
Relationship Chart Stone Stoneson's wife, Ingibjörg Einarsdóttir to Harald III King of Norway (NEW)

180 Fan Chart of Einar Einarson 08.09
Kings Pedigree Chart
180 Fan Chart for Soffia Gudbrandsdottir
Relationship Chart Emily Einason Enns to King FairHair of Norway
Relationship Chart Emily Einason Enns to Grimur of Norway. His son, porir was a Chieftan in Iceland
Relationship Chart Emily Einason Enns to Snorri Sturluson
Relationship Chart Emily Einason Enns to Rollo (Hrolf) of Normandy France - Viking Chieftain
Relationship Chart Emily Einason Enns to Ingolfur Arnason - 1st Settler of Iceland
Relationship Chart Emily Einason Enns to Cerball mac Dngaile, 32nd Great Grandfather
Relationship Chart of Alysha to Maddy
Relationship Chart Florence Anne nee Enns to Harald III King of Norway (NEW)

180 Fan Chart for Arni Sigvaldason
Relationship Chart - Roy to Grimur of Norway
Relationship Chart Arni Sigvaldson To Ingolfur Arnarson

Olafur X Relationship Report Roy > Gudrun Arradottir Sigvaldson > Olafur 5 Pgs
180 Fan Chart for Gudrun Aradottir Sigvaldson
GudrunSigvaldson from Halfdan

Relationship Chart Lilja Kernestead (Arason) to Harald III King of Norway (NEW)


The Emigration from Iceland to North America The Newsletter Index

[NOTE: + equals In Roy's home library]

Nyja Island
by Gudjon Arngrimsson, Excellent source on Sigurdur and New Iceland! No longer at Amazon )-:

Historical Sketches of Argyle Municipality +

The Baldur High Scool Centennial Committee, 1967? +
Blue cover possibly compiled and photocopied by the Baldur High School
students. 50 - 100 pages, in good to mint condition.
2 staples and a masking tape type of binding.
Page 2 gives credits, but no dates. One. One drawing/comment leds Roy to believe it was done in 1967.
Many crude drawings and 10 pages , 28 pages of photos with captions.
Maps of the old/current settlements and descriptions of them, like Rock Lake.

History of Ireland (Google books)

Warlords and Holy Men by Alfred P Smyth (Googlebooks)

Beneath the Long Grass +

Pioneers and Early Citizens of Manitoba +

The Culinary Saga of New Iceland +

"Mikley - The Magnificent Island" One of the original immigrants, Sigurður Erlendsson,
shares his story in "Mikley - The Magnificent Island",
written by Ingibjörg Sigurgeirsson McKillop in March, 1979

Come into our Heritage

Thanks to Sig & Hank Christopherson, Roy now has a crisp copy of excerpts from "Come into our Heritage".
Update: Thanks to my cousins, Carol Jarvie, Bev, and Miriam, Roy has the whole book on loan in his library

Want to buy a copy of Come into Our Heritage. R.M. Of Argyle 1882-1982. Centennial History of the Argyle [Hardcover],
Rural Municipality of Argyle (Author), As of Aug 2013, you may purchase the book here, ARGYLE, R.M. 132 - 2nd Street North Box 40 Baldur, MB R0K 0B0 Phone: 204-535-2176 Fax: 204-535-2505 E-Mail:, or
The Eye of Odin by James Richard Larson - About Thordvaldur Asvaldsson and his son Erik the Red (GGF)
Olafur Thorgeirsson's Almanac which was published from 1895-1954.
59 Volumes. Check here.

Has GGF Ravonald in it.

Vesturfaraskrá, 1870-1914 A record of emigrants from Iceland to America, 1870-1914 by Júníus H. Kristinsson. Published by Institute of History,
University of Iceland, Reykjavík, 1983.

book Vestur-'Islenzkar Æviskrár

VIKING SOCIETY FOR NORTHERN RESEARCH, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON. Many issues here on academic papers on evrything Norse

Google book with lots of names and birth dates
Diplomatarium islandicum: bd. 1265-1449 By Jón Sigurðsson, Jón Þorkelsson, Íslenzka bókmentafélag

Einers Thattr Sokkassenar or Greenlandings Tells the story of Einar Sokkesson of Greenland, one of Erik's descendants still living at Erik's home there.

Library Collection The Icelandic Canadian Club of Edmonton (PDF list of the library)

Saga-book of the Viking Club, Volumes 5-6

The Tricking of Freya by Christina Sunley

Bodvar Gudmundsson, Where the winds dwell, Turnstone Pr, June 30, 1997, ISBN-13: 978-0888012548.
Recommended reading by our relative Sheila Spence, Review, Libraries, Amazon.

Emigration and mythmaking: The case of the Icelanders in Canada;col1

Einarsson, Magnus. "Oral Tradition and Ethnic Boundaries; 'West' Icelandic Verses and Anecdotes."
Canadian Ethnic Studies/Etudes ethniques au Canada 7 (1975): 19-32.

Gerrard, Nelson S. Icelandic River Saga. Arborg, Manitoba: Saga Publications, 1985.

Gerrard, Nelson S. The Icelandic Heritage+. Arborg, Manitoba: Saga Publications & Research, 1986.
Brian Wear-Eylmann was kind enough to obtain a numbered copy from Nelson and ship it down to Roy.

Gislason, Don. "Emigration from Iceland to North America." Scandinavian Forwn (Winter 1987): 22-24;
(Spring 1988): 21-24.

Greenway, John L. The Golden Horns: Mythic Imagination and the Nordic Past.
Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1977.

Hermannsson, Halldor. Islaenderne i Amerika. Dansk-islandsk samfunds smaaskrifter 12.
Copenhagen: Host & Son, 1922.

Kjartansson, Helgi Skuli. "Emigration from Iceland: The Backdrops to Integration."
The Icelandic Presence in Canada: Stories of Integration. Ed. Daisy Neijmann.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, [forthcoming]: 45.

Kristjanson, Wilhelm. The Icelandic People in Manitoba: A Manitoba Saga. Winnipeg: Wallingford, 1965; rpt. Winnipeg: R. W. Kristjanson, 1990.

Lewis, Bernard. History: Remembered, Recovered, Invented. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1975.

Lindal, Walter J. The Saskatchewan Icelanders: A Strand of the Canadian Fabric. Winnipeg: Columbia, 1955.

----. The Icelanders in Canada. Canada Ethnica 2. Ottawa: National Publishers; Winnipeg: Viking, 1967.

Marlatt, Daphne. "Entering In: The Immigrant Imagination." Canadian Literature 100 (1984): 219-223.

Neijmann, Daisy L. The Icelandic Voice in Canadian Letters: The Contribution of Icelandic-Canadian Writers to Canadian Literature. Nordic Voices 1. Carleton: Carleton University Press, 1997.

Norman, Hans, and Harald Runblom. Translatlantic Connections: Nordic Migration to the New World after 1800.
Oslo: Norwegian University Press, 1987.

Plumb, J. H. The Death of the Past. London: Macmillan, 1969.

Simundsson, Elva. Icelandic Settlers in America.
Winnipeg: Queenston House, 1981.

Sommerville, S. J. "Early Icelandic Settlement in Canada." Papers Read before the Historical
and Scientific Society of Manitoba (1944-1945): 25-43.

Thorlakson, P. H. T. "The Shaping of the New Canada." The Icelandic Canadian 19.3 (1961): 15-27.

Tomasson, Richard F. Iceland: The First New Society. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1980.

Porsteinn P. Porsteinnsson. Saga Islendinga i Vesturheimi. Vols. 1-3, Ed. Tryggvi J. Oleson, Reykjavik and Winnipeg:
Pjooraeknisfelag Islendinga i Vesturheimi and Menningarsjpaur, 1940-1953.

Google Book: Islendinga Saga: A History of the Old Icelandic Commonwealth By Jón Jóhannesson, Haraldur Bessason


Recommended reading by cousin Dorothy Christopherson - Tytgat, author Halldór Laxness'.

BOOKS BY FAMILY MEMBERS "We are Icelandic - publishing is in our blood"
Halldór Eggertsson Briem was born September 5 1852, husband of Susie TAYLOR
BriemHalldór worked as a teacher until 1908 and published three books on How to learn English, wrote books on
Geometry, Nordic Mythology and History of Iceland. His most popular book, on the Icelandic Language was reissued in five editions. He became assistant librarian at the National Library, when the University of Iceland was founded he became the first librarian at the University Library a position he held until 1925 [Translated by Kormakur Högnason]

Textbook, The History of Art, written by H. H. Arnason

Here is his whole collection
Father of Jón and Eleanor Arnason, their relative who married into the Blondal family (that of photographer Jón A. Blöndal of Winnipeg). Source: Nelson Gerrard

Sandy Nathan (Oddstad/Stonesons). Author of Lady Grace: Book II, The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy, Tecolote, Numenon, Stepping Off the Edge

Eleanor Arnason 3rd cousin, daughter of Harvard Arnason, grandson of Arni, brother of Jon Sveinbjornson
Bio, Books

An illustrated history of Lyon County, Minnesota (1912) by Rose, Arthur P., 1875-1970,
reference from Laurel Zellner (Mathieson...Teigland...Amundson) Sigvaldson Branch (Online-The New York Public Library)

Bruce Costello (Costello/Christopherson) K:1000 Into The Bowels Of Hell (Amazon) More under JAN 25 2012 News
Proof-reading/editing by Elena Haskins, Cover render by Roy Christopherson

Caroline Cartwright - The Stoneson/Oddstad Report - See Stoneson above

"Echoes Of The Past" by Runa Thordarson about 1980

Diary of Dagbjort Dagbjartsdottir

'The Hearn Family Story' by Mary TELFER Hearn+ , About the Hearn and Taylor Family. Linda Hearn was kind enough to loan Roy a copy which is now digitized for reference.

List of many Icelandic Sagas some compiled by Roy

(Sagas Online) English

Early Kings of Norway by Thomas Carlyle

Viking Age Arms and Armor